When will Subnautica be fixed?



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    lilmousten wrote: »
    probly will never get fixed they can't even fix the prawn suit bug that fall thru map even after 2 years. They don't even answer the threads man. Like buy my fucking game even tho isnt working properly and you cant complete it but hey i dont care, i have your money in my pocket!

    This bug is fixed in the next update, which is already fixed on Xbox and in the experimental steam beta.

    If NS2 fails, follow my Nuke From Orbit Guide.

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    Subnautica Discord: https://discord.gg/subnautica

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    Wow, that was toxic. This guy shouldn't even be a part of the community. :/
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    A: If you are announcing to everyone on a thread that your "leaving Subnautica". Just leave, you don't have to announce something that is off topic and frankly nobody really cares. B: Why are most of the people in this thread annoyed that they aren't getting the "direct response " THEY needed. Hardly any game I've known has this much of a direct response and transparent game design I've seen ever. They listen to the entire community and are working almost every day on releasing new bug fixes and patches. C: As far as I know the entirety of the 1st game Subanautica is completely playable with hardly any game breaking bugs. Any bugs you experience can be fixed momentarily by just reloading an old save. Also don't act like you guys know what happens to the feedback you send off to the dev's. They most likely ARE reading and responding silently. D : If you want to know whats new to Subnautica below zero just go on there twitter page. The one that says whats new big or small. Its called 'Subnautica Changes'. So as a summary, stop being toxic and hold it together. Whenever your mad or annoyed about. They are most likely are going to or ARE working on it. I feel like a lot of the community are taking Unknown Worlds strategy with the transparent approach for granted and where just seeing that more than ever before. people need to chill out and be calm when talking about bugs and frustrations when talking about a game they all enjoy. Enough anyway to make an account on this website and write a post on the issues. Sorry for the essay. Just thought it needed to be said
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    There has been a new update
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    RuthFoster wrote: »
    There has been a new update

    Can you provide a link? I can't find the update information.
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    Has the epic version been updated to fix this yet? cant see any update information or if the version on the epic store has changed
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    I am making this comment so that I can post a new thread with a series of bug reports in it, as I cannot make these bug reports without making a comment.
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    akc wrote: »
    I am making this comment so that I can post a new thread with a series of bug reports in it, as I cannot make these bug reports without making a comment.

    For the love of God, stop making this comment. Make a comment that has some relevance. There's a LOT to talk about in this game. This is exploiting the intent of why the rule was set in the first place and borders on spam. You're gonna force UW to make it so that you can't make a post until your first comment passes a threshold of positive ratings.
    This is dumb, but a click a day helps me out a little.
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    Hi all, dont know where to post texture problem, so it will be here. Gaming on build 63668 i5-2400 + HD7950 + 20.5.1 AMD driver and i see this
    Can anybody fix this or say where to post this bug?
    the same was on the previous versions
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    Guys, don't you really see the dark color problem in the lava area? Lava zone is completely dark and nothing is visible. I can't open a subject. The producer is also not interested. Please report this problem. I don't understand how you play. There are no complaints about this in the forum.

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    Experimental patch 65780 is broken, can't pick up most items (except copper for some reason) and cooked fish show up as black squares in the world. I'll upload a video when I can make a topic.
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    So I just bought this game today and I tried running it, and by that I mean the game wouldn't even start. So I went on the trouble shooting tab and saw for AMD Radeon users there's trouble with the 18.5.1 version of it (which is what I'm running on) so I just wanted to know when it should be fixed or if it's being worked on to be fixed?
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    Still happening in July 2020! Prawn suit pushed through floor by monster.
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