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    Stalker Tooth: I build my 1st hab in the NW Safe Shallows near the large green tube. Many resources near. The Stalkers are <100m away. I bring along salvage (TI), get next to a stalker and drop the TI as I surface, if the stalker grabs the TI, there's a good chance it'll drop a tooth, I usually beacon large groups of stalkers and keep dropping TI near them. When a Stalker leaves with salvage I'll follow, good chance you'll find more teeth there. Sometimes I'll build a scanner nearby and search for teeth. With a HUD mod, you can get additional teeth easily. You'll need 1 tooth for Moth depth upgrade, 3 for Cyclops, 1 for PRAWN (Exo-suit), 1 for Neptune Cockpit. And I can't remember if any more than that will be needed.
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    Nevermore; Edger Allen Poe? Narfblat is right about Stalker and no chance of multiplayer.
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    I agree, there should be multiplayer because it would be so fun to play with your friends. I would only say make it 2 player but it wont be that hard as there is another chair in the life pod for begging animation and really the only thing you would need to do is the characters appearance and animations.

    plz try to do it

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    Keep up the great work!! My friends and I love this game. Ya'll are genius for making a great survival game like this. Can't wait for more Xbox One and for Below Zero which we know will take some time.

    Thank you - From a very happy customer
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    I can't justify buying another game until the first one works correctly on Xbox. I can't even finish my first playthrough because the framerate is so bad. Anything under 700m and the game is almost unplayable and takes 10 minutes to save. Is there a plan to fix this issue? Last week i fell through a wall in the aurora and had to starve and die to respawn because i was swimming in the wall and couldn't get out The game has been out for 2 years now for God sakes
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    Hello I am currently playing your game on Xbox one, I have been playing it for 15 hours however when I tried to load my save today, the game said “save data loading failed (broken uncompressed block) try again ?”
    I have tried multiple times to erase my local saved game to see if the one on the cloud would work with no chance.
    Does someone know how to get back my save or do I have to launch a new game ?
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    LordDuncan wrote: »
    Still waiting for console commands to return as well. I beat the game on survival more times than I can count. Beat it faster and faster each time.

    You can, press LB + RB + A at the same time

    Also you can press LB + RB whilst paused and it gives the 'developer' option.

    Hope this helped
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