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Has there been a fix for this? I can play about 15-20 minutes then I get intense lag...usually happens when a Stalker is coming at me. Yay :) I love lagging so much I wind up going from 100% health to around 20%. This was right after I decided to start a New Game (survival without hunger or thirst, think it was freedom) something like that. Play on Creative and I dont have nearly as much what gives?


  • TheDarkSunTheDarkSun United States Join Date: 2016-10-25 Member: 223364Members
    This is completely unacceptable...can we get a performance fix BEFORE YOU ADD MORE CONTENT??? I'd like to be able to enjoy the content we ALREADY HAVE, and wait and wonder what will be next. But this is becoming hard because with the lag, it makes the game downright unplayable at times.
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    Performance updates will be added near the end of development, with some more minor fixes along the way.
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    Performance updates will be added near the end of development, with some more minor fixes along the way.

    Well that's great, but what are we supposed to do in the meantime? Close our eyes and pretend we aren't lagging horribly??? There is a lot of things they can do to make the game more compatible with Xbox One. I mean, look at ESO. Look at Star trek Online. They have about 10x the stuff that Subnautica does, but for some reason they have lag but not as much as what I've seen in this game. Oh well looks like back to another 3-4 months of not playing to come back to the same stuff again
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    TheDarkSun wrote: »
    look at ESO. Look at Star trek Online. They have about 10x the stuff that Subnautica does,

    1) ... and 10-100x the staff and funding

    2) Are those Game Preview titles?
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    Patience young Subnauticon, patience...
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    I can understand "Under development" as I have bought 2 other "Under Development" games and even they do not have this much lag. I can play ARK for example with lag only once every 30-45 minutes. And they are still developing it :) And I am only getting frustrated because I get lag every 2-3 minutes. I could be just swimming around and suddenly...massive lag. And its like watching a jerking two step dance. Amusing in some instances, frustrating in others when I've died for the umpteenth time to lag.
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    Obraxis wrote: »
    Hi there. There is a lot of this kind of thing going around, and I want to make it clear we've very focused (and aware) of performance issues.

    Firstly, you're playing an in-development game. Normally, the game would be behind closed doors and you would not see a game at this stage of development. I can safely say that most games at this stage in closed development, run bad. Performance is not normally a focus until near the end of development, as things get added that slow down the game, and constantly optimizing would take all of the programmers time and the game would not progress.

    Secondly, we cant just 'stop adding content' - we have a diverse team who all need to keep working. The Artists can only do minimal work towards performance, and we have work for them to do. We need them to keep moving, you don't want staff sitting around doing nothing.

    Thirdly, we've recently hired a programmer specifically doing performance work on the game, while everyone else is continuing what they are doing. We've also scheduled 3 months of performance work once virtually all the art is in the game, and we're 'content complete'. This will allow our programmers to really iterate very fast on performance now that they don't have to fight against new content being added and constantly playing catch-up.

    There is no magic wand. Only lots of hard work. By buying an Early Access/Game Preview, you're agreeing to come on the journey and understand that the game isn't done and there are issues. We understand it's frustrating, but submitting bug reports and places where framerate hurts the most online helps us a lot to get the game running better. We're in this with the players who want to help. If you're getting frustrated, I suggest you wait for 1.0 before playing again.

    Thank you! This is SO good to hear. It's so frustrating to be kept in the dark and it's extremely useful and appreciated when developers flat out tell people A) They are aware of a problem and B) They are actively working towards a fix, in an honest, factual manner. This should be standard policy for ALL video game developers, instead of the BS communications blackouts or false apologies so many other companies employ.
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    Personally I don't really get horrible lag unless I'm trying to continue a save from a previous version. That and in mushroom forests, but I'm certain that's already a known issue.
    Also with massive seabases. It helps to build up and down more than outward.
    Maybe my hardware just agrees with Subnautica more than other peoples'. But it probably helps that I used to play games on a crappy prebuilt Walmart computer that could barely get me 30fps in Half-Life 2, so I'm a little desensitized to low frames, heh.
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    Think about it. Bethesda/ESO probably has a lot more people and a higher budget to work with. Unknown World's is trying it's best to work with what it's got. You need to realise that. To help them more you should maybe even see if they will hire you or just support them in a more financial way. Ranting does not help anyone. Programming takes time. This is still early access at the point of your initial post. And there is a disclaimer when you're buying it.
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    still lagging badly
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    I have the bug where the vehicles come out of their bays and go back in and it lags me so much, even when I just am building 1 piece. I am on Xbox can you pls help me figure out how to fix it???
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    Why don't you try something new?
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    2021 here. Still laggy.
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