This is fine (Subnautica ratings vs reading forum bug reports)

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I know this is (probably) mainly due to the fact that a lot of people only reach the forums when they are at their wit's end looking for help with a problem, but the extremely rare input doesn't help the feeling much.

How it feels looking at Subnautica ratings:
How it feels reading the Subnautica bug report forums:


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    It's as you said, people rarely go through great lengths to complement developers on the game they've made, but are willing to put in that little bit of extra effort to show how upset they are.
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    For me, this game being absolutely amazing is exactly what makes the gamebreaking bugs so frustrating. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be here asking for fixes. I’d have just quietly moved on to something else. If anyone wants me to gush at length about every individual aspect of Subnautica, I’ll happily indulge them. ?
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    I have been using the in game bug reporting tool and have not had any "Feedback"
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    It's the best game I have ever played! Over9000BPM got it spot on, it's such a good game it's annoying when it's let down by bugs. Im still on my first play through and have already found a great improvement from a few select modifications which really add to the game. I am really starting to get disheartened with the FPS drops I am experiencing. The first 10 hours or so were fine but as my base is now getting bigger and with more vehicles the performance really is diminishing to a concerning level.
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