Xbox One Subnautica Issues

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#1 Cyclops Bay Prawn or Seamoth both get stuck character won't exit the cockpit of either

#2 Cyclops Outer bay doors won't open resulting in Issue 1

#3 base Moonpools won't allow vehicle to dock unless you hop out deconstruct a window reinforced wall etc then you can dock.

#4 Bulkhead doors sfx and animation are missing camera shakes

S.B: Mikro 17 BulkHead doors 2 moonpools Use to work fine in Preview Builds before dec 4th 2018
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    # 1 really makes the game unplayable in creative
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    Hi Unknownworlds,
    I am really hoping that the developers are reading some of these bug reports and working on solutions.
    I'm playing on Xbox One S running ver.
    1 - Game had really slow rendering as you progressed further into the game. After building a base the game struggled to render the map, especially when driving the seamoth.
    2 - Saving since the full game update has been an issue. Saving the game takes forever and then the game sometimes doesn't even keep my saves. I lost an entire 3 hour play session after saving the game twice, it just didn't hold the data.

    * I have purchased an SSD external storage device and transferred the game to there to increase load speed. It didn't help with the rendering issues a little, but the saving problem is really annoying.
    I am by no means one of those haters, I really enjoy this game and I am very happy that you even considered porting to consoles. I just really want a game that saves my progress and runs reasonably.
    Hope there are some more updates soon.
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    Thank you for listing the Xbox issues you've seen on, this is exactly the kind of feedback we need. To answer some of your questions:
    • We are testing a fix for the cyclops/moonpool docking issues and hope to have that in the next patch.
    • We are also testing some tuning that seems to solve the issue of outrunning the world streaming in while you're moving in the Seamoth.
    • The extra saving time is intentional, as there are some technical reasons why saving may not be complete sooner than that. The time added is only during the "unlocked" saving portion so you should be able to continue moving around. I realize this also affects how some of us play, I was finding myself "playing it safe" and waiting until the final save icon disappeared.

    As for the saving game but reloading and not finding your progress in the game, we're still looking into this issue and trying to get some leads on PS4 where we can transfer over the saved games to the Panic Button team. I'm really sorry you lost progress, and we're taking it very seriously. I appreciate you and others sending us your bugs and issues, we know people have busy lives and appreciate every note we get(even frustrated ones), it means we have a community that cares and wants us to succeed and it means a lot to the whole team.
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    it would be awesome if you would add split screen nothing big just for 2 players for now
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    I bought subnautica a few days ago and i love the game but it seems each day i play it it breaks down more and more and i am begining to feel like i wasted my money which i really hope isnt the case.

    First issue is rending and not just the seamoth outpacing the map render i have to be so close to things to get resources rocks and plants to render in under water its ridiculous. It makes gather needed supplies futile

    The moonpool suddenly not docking is also a pain but it has a small work around, if you have a vehicle mod station built into it deconstruct it and it will reset the moonpool. If you have nothing built in your moonpool slightly deconstruct it then construct it and it resets the moonpool.

    Random fish swimming in my base not game break but not exactly immersive.

    When fabricating with an inventory full of materials if any of those materials are the more important kind like diamonds they will vanish even if you fabricating a battery.

    The scanner room is a great feature...... when it works the load time to access the cameras is lengthy and the list of resources around your base sometimes vanishes down to three and even after the list returns it doesnt mark more then one or two in the radius and some times those are inside the terrain.

    Resource spawn rates ( this could also be tied to the rendering issue but listing it as seperate just in case) Sometimes i cant even find a single limestone rock let alone any of the more needed resources, fragments are also not showing up like they did on day one of playing and wrecks render in ten minutes after i have been in the area sometimes.

    Lastly occassionally when i load into a saved game my health food and water will be half gone even when i know i ate marblemelons before saving, and also i will get the computer voice saying low power oxygen supply offline etc. Even though my base is solar, biomass, and thermal powered so a lack of power is not likely.

    I really hope there is a fix to at least the rendering and moonpool issues soon as i really do enjoy this game and would like it if i didnt waste my money.
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