Hit ground at 3000 meters ?

SlinkySlim666SlinkySlim666 Panama City, Florida Join Date: 2017-02-27 Member: 228333Members Posts: 76 Advanced user
So I went on a quest to see if there is a bottom of the map... I left northwards from Sandy Shores A.K.A The Quarantine Enforcement Platform (QEP), in the uss infinity 2 (my cyclops). I booted up and departed from there allowing FISTO (My P.R.A.W.N) to fall downwards. I hit ground at exactly 3000 meters below surface level. I proceeded northwards then found a drop off. I was able to repair fisto to full health then lept off falling to over 6500 meters without hitting bottom. I ended my journey there when fisto imploded as I had no seaglide with me. I wonder if there is going to be more things added deeper or if there used to be plans to. Id like to hear some input on my findings or any other information someone may have..ka13y662ib4b.jpgq53ost13a197.jpg



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