Plea for a Farming Mod

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Not sure if this goes here or in suggestions. Anyway it seems like the vanilla farming mechanic is really OP, making a lot of other key habitat items redundant.

Some seemingly do-able ideas for a farming mod came up in an unrelated thread, so let me regurgitate them here:

1. Slow down grow times by a factor of 10 or so and/or reduced how much water you can get out of Bulbous Trees. @Wintervoid
2. Require all indoor plants to use 1 bottle of water to plant (& respawn?) @Wintervoid.
3. Require all indoor plants to use 1 lump of Sea Treader poo to plant
4. Allow growth inside the two glass compartments where it's well lit. Say, at less than 100m.

So far this mod rescues the need for:
- the water purifier
- the Sea Treader
- the two other reactor types
- the two glass compartment types
- the 3rd law of thermodynamics (currently powering lights to make fuel to run a bioreactor to power the lights)

Naturally these may need tweaking or adding to. Any thoughts?
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I've got my objections to the World, certainly. But I'll be very sorry to see it ruined.


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