Help! I broke the game like an idiot!

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Here's what happened. I was playing in Creative, and decided to spawn a Reefback in the Neptune Rocket's base to see how much the game would break. Turns out that it broke it a LOT. The rocket got teleported away somewhere, and the option to interact with the console on its base appeared. When I look around, new rocket-related options come up (climb ladder, pull switch, prepare time capsule, etc). When certain options appear, using them teleports me into the rocket, which is apparently at -264536921 meters, but upon opening the F1 menu, the player position is apparently NaN. I can teleport away just fine, but the options for the rocket continue to appear so that when I click, it usually allows the mouse to move freely outside the game window, essentially breaking the game. That wouldn't have been so bad had I not been utterly stupid and saved the game multiple times afterward. Does anybody know if there's a file that I can delete to get rid of the rocket, or some other way to remove it?
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