[BUG][VR] Spawned in the lower level after docking into the cyclops [59783 steam]

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How to reproduce:
  1. play in VR mode (seated, in case it makes any difference)
  2. get a cyclops and a seamoth (prawn not tested)
  3. pilot the seamoth and dock it to the cyclops

To repeat from a docked seamoth:
  1. enter docked seamoth (seamoth exits dock)
  2. exit seamoth
  3. re-enter seamoth
  4. re-dock

This exit-and-re-enter-seamoth step seems to be the one triggering the issue most reliably.

Once docking animation finishes, player gets spawned in the world, but not on top of the seamoth.
Out of 4 tries, I was spawned:
  • 3 times in the bottom half of the cyclops, with the cyclops rolling (in pitch/yaw/roll sense) more or less severely to the right
  • 1 time I got spawned outside of the cyclops, and the cyclops launched into the air. To give an idea about how "launched" it got: I was above the jellyshroom cave entrance closest to the aurora, on the border with kelp forest, and the cyclops landed on top of the aurora, between the engines, a overhanging a bit from the back of the aurora. Too bad I did not think to screenshot...

Entering the seamoth seated and standing up right before docking does not improve the result: viewpoint is higher above seat/ground both before and after docking, and I still got spawned in the lower cyclops level.
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