Any chance of proper full screen? Framerate drops until I alt+tab

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So, I recently built a new gaming PC along with a gsync monitor. This monitor has a refresh rate overlay option I use to monitor if gsync is working.
Now, for gsync to function in Subnautica I have to enable gsync support for windowed applications, it doesn't work for full screen only. I've taken this to mean that Subnautica DOES NOT do proper full screen.
Is this a problem? Well it shouldn't be, but here is the problem I'm having:
Randomly while I'm playing the framerate will drop from a pretty steady 70-80fps (Ryzen 1700 + gtx1080) to around 20fps. While this happens, I'm watching the GPU usage (using Rivatuner and Afterburner) drop from the usual high 90% down to about 20%. This will continue until I alt+tab out of the game, then switch back. When I do this, the framerate immediately jumps back up to normal.
I'm almost certain this is linked to the fact Subnautica doesn't run in proper full screen but I could be wrong.
If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated!


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