Vehicle naming theme ideas

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Here are a few of my naming themes I've used / come up with:

Baby Blue and Fuchsia (Seamoths) (Sinfest)
Alvin, Simon, and Theodore (Seamoth, Prawn, Cyclops) (Alvin)
Peeper,Rock Puncher, Reefback (Seamoth, Prawn, Cyclops) (Subnautica)
Subway, Jersey Mike's, Penn Station (Seamoth, Prawn, Cyclops) (Sandwich shops)
Selene, Ze'ev, Rampion (Seamoth, Prawn, Cyclops) (The Lunar Chronicles)
Peisinoe, Aglaope, Thelxiepeia (Any order) (The sirens)
Polyphemus (Cyclops) (The Odyssey)
Actaea/Tethys (Seamoth / Cyclops) (Nereids)
Meka (PRAWN) (Overwatch)
096,513,106 (Seamoth, Prawn, Cyclops) (SCP: Containment Breach)

*Note* For some reason, the seamoth usually gets female names, the prawn gets male names, and the cyclops can go either way, but is usually male.

Post yours, if you feel like it.
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    You'll never have my precious mwhahahaha
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    Hmm lemme give it a whirl...

    Sea glide, water bike
    Seamoth, water car
    Cyclops, water bus
    Prawn, water stilts


    Um... There's also the VOX I call Bitching Betty and Blabbering Billy. And perhaps, the escape pod... Water caravan...

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    Aunt Bee (Seamoth)
    Ripley (PRAWN)
    Seaview (Cyclops)

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    Seamoth: Sealion
    Cyclops: changes, was boatymcboat, in my latest game is Tardis.
    Prawn: The Vorp
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    I name my vehicles from the Avatar cartoon series. Kyoshi for the Cyclops, Roku for the Seamoth, Aang for the Prawn suit, Korra once we're able to build the rocket.
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    Cyclops = Big Tom
    Prawn suit = Tommy Boy
    Seamoth = Richard
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    USS Curiosity/Zippy = Seamoth
    USS Endeavor/Intrepid/Dauntless = Cyclops
    PRAWN... = prawn (I don't usually name this thing for some reason)
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    Thanks to a user on Reddit, I always use the following names:

    Scooty Puff Jr. = Seaglide
    Scooty Puff = Seamoth
    Scooty Puff Sr. = Cyclops
    Scooty Lagann = Prawn (Its always reminded me of some kinda megazord or mecha or something)
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    Seamoth: S.S Crikey
    Prawn: Sea Strider
    Cyclops: H.M.S Explorer
    Neptune: LazarLazar
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    Seamoth is STALKER 02, Prawn is WARPER 01, and Cyclops is REAPER 01. All painted to resemble their namesakes. And yes, STALKER 01 was destroyed at some point. I’m gonna come up with a more original set of names for my current play through later, and I’ll add them along with some ideas for the Seatruck and Snowfox.
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    I name my vehicles from the Avatar toon arrangement. Kyoshi for the Cyclops, Roku for the Seamoth, Aang for the Prawn suit, Korra once we're ready to manufacture the rocket.
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    Never forget Sally, Pepper, and Maria (Jacksepticeye's vehicles names)
    Thank you all for this wild ride life has been.
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    Okay then, here's mine:

    Seamoth: Destructor Mk.I
    PRAWN: Destructor Mk.II
    Cyclops: Destructor Mk.III

    Certainly brought this thread back from the dead, eh?
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