Creepiest part of Subnautica



  • dalestumpdalestump usMembers Join Date: 2017-03-02 Member: 228504Posts: 2
    for me it is the game itself it just makes me shiver
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    For me it wasn't any of the sea creatures that freaked me out. It was when I first started playing (before I obtained any vehicles), when I had to dive for my materials the old fashioned way. The Kelp Zone (creep vine areas) really made me shiver. They reminded me of some murky fresh water lake that could easily conceal some really unpleasant nasty monsters. Then once I ventured out beyond those, the Grassy Plains I found utterly terrifying. For me, they were so open, deep (although shallow enough that you could kind of see the bottom), and foreboding. That area induced a gasp from me, like looking over the side of a really tall cliff. It just gave me this sense of how massive the ocean was and how tiny and vulnerable I was in it.

    The other biomes haven't done much for me though-- most of them are so deep and dark, that I barely have a sense of "swimming" anymore, and even though the vehicles can be damaged or destroyed, they really make me feel much safer. Plus I've been playing it for so long, I've sort of desensitized myself. Even gone so far as to build a few outposts in heavily infested Reaper biomes.

    But I still won't forget that first "oh crap" stomach sinking moment when the sea floor dropped away and there was a lot of blue nothing-ness between the surface and the bottom.
  • EstebanLB01EstebanLB01 Members Join Date: 2017-05-09 Member: 230377Posts: 56 Advanced user
    The most terrifying part of Subnautica is when you try to save the game and never know if it's gonna get corupted or not
  • gbuzz1216gbuzz1216 Members Join Date: 2017-03-09 Member: 228771Posts: 45 Advanced user
    Seeing the end of a Reaper's tail ( hell just seeing/hearing one ), Crabsquids, Crabsnakes, When u cant see anything below you, Warpers, Sea Dragon, Bonesharks, Crashfish, River Prowlers, and 100 of other things
  • Who_needs_ArmorWho_needs_Armor Members Join Date: 2017-06-23 Member: 231295Posts: 49 Advanced user
    This is going to sound really weird, but a well-timed (and more importantly unexpected) groan from a reefback has never failed to freak me out. Maybe more than any of the enemies. Something about those things just weirds me out. Their tenctacles, the "holes" that flare and kind of look like nostrils, and those deep, loud groans.... *Shudders*
  • DaveyNYDaveyNY Schenectady, NYMembers Join Date: 2016-08-30 Member: 221903Posts: 1,336 Advanced user
    The new O2 tanks...
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    Being in a spot where you can't see to the bottom. Or to the surface. Or any walls. Who knows, you're either seeing 200 meters or just 2 meters in front of you.
  • Timelord_FredTimelord_Fred Members Join Date: 2017-07-05 Member: 231596Posts: 264 Advanced user
    Dying without having a secured inventory
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    Besides any zone that makes you descend into eerie darkness (blood kelp, grand reef, ILZ corridor, etc) and the entire game at night, being near an area where Leviathans spawn.

    More specifically, being near one's spawn point or territory without any sign of it around makes me extremely jumpy and on edge. Spadefish have almost given me heart attacks in those areas...
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    Player model.
  • PawPaw DeutschlandMembers Join Date: 2017-07-28 Member: 232108Posts: 16 Advanced user
    Seriously, after i found out how to deal with a reaper... They are cool af now.
    But the most creepiest think for me are the mountains. I can't explore this biome without strong nerves, these darkness fml.
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    Ok, not to brag or anything... ok, I'm bragging. The first time I played, I never died. For about fifteen hours I lived. Then died of starvation ;-;
    But the first time I played, I was scared of Stalkers. Once I got a Seaglide, I was over it. But then it was time to visit the Aurora with my trusty Seamoth. At this point I have watched many videos of the Reapers, and I was terrified. Not too long later, I had to go out and grab some stuff. But that stuff (whatever it was) was right near the back of the Aurora. And what came to greet me nearly gave me a heart attack. For out of the blue, a Reaper snagged my puny sub.

    Well I eventually got over it. A few hours of playing later, and I was in desperate need of silver. This was before the update, so silver was still needed to craft computer chips, and you couldn't tell the difference between limestone and sandstone. Taking a risk, I went with my P.R.A.W.N. suit to the kelp. Suddenly, a Mesmer. Those things scared the sh*t out of me. To this day, I still hate their guts.
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    Your probably going to laugh but the creepiest part of subnautica is when your in your cyclops and you head too deep (void) and it tells you "warning maximum depth reached, hull damage imminent" and along with that those evil alarms go off just about giving you a heart attack.. I remember when markiplier got his first moonpool and his power got completely drained after docking his seamoth and when those alarms went off i felt fear just through the warning and repetitive noise. :s
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  • SouthernGorillaSouthernGorilla United StatesMembers Join Date: 2017-07-26 Member: 232057Posts: 156 Advanced user
    The creepiness of the game is what me and my wife both love most about it. The blood kelp is my favorite biome. I want to find crabsquid eggs so I can raise them in my aquarium. But what gives me actual chills is being in a cave and not knowing for sure if I will be able to find my way back out. Even simple caves bother me.
  • londonsmartlondonsmart anderson south carolinaMembers Join Date: 2017-05-26 Member: 230782Posts: 58 Advanced user
    going beyond the void safe distance and precursurs
  • londonsmartlondonsmart anderson south carolinaMembers Join Date: 2017-05-26 Member: 230782Posts: 58 Advanced user
    sayerrules wrote our charecters apperance i say AAAAAAHHHHHAAHHAHAHAHAAAA
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    For me it’s the edge once i was happily chugging along in my seamoth when i get a pda message telling me i am entering an ecological dead zone and that exploration is ill advised. Note that i had not been playing the game for a long time so i ignored it thinking there was going to be someting cool i also did not know that the ghose leviathan existed (till then). After about 30 seconds out in the craters edge 6 meters below the surface i hear a screech and look down in time to see the screen get engulfed by a glowing blue monster, i jumped out of my chair and screamed, when it hit me i got a clear glimpse of it’s horrifying face (now burned in my mind forever) it launched me out of the water and i flipped around till i hit the water. I immediately paused the game and got someting to drink, i came back and was still terrified i quicky hightailed it out of there as fast as i could but at that moment I realized i could not outrun the leviathan. I was like 600 meters out (mostly because when i ran i went the wrong way than realized my mistaked and died a little inside) and more spawned i knew my seamoth was a lost cause so i left it but it was low on durability so it broke almost immediately and the leviathans can after me. Long story short i died (also forever traumatized i litteraly had nightmares). Now i look back at that and laugh (and cry).
  • NoJusticeNoJustice Members Join Date: 2019-03-10 Member: 251633Posts: 8 Fully active user
    Honestly my scream is normaly like what you would think a girl would scream like but that was like one million decibel. Also i swam in the jelly shroom biome and got grabed by a crabsnake (i thought that was the scariest think in the game till i saw the reaper, but then the scariest thing happend to me. i even cried)
  • NoJusticeNoJustice Members Join Date: 2019-03-10 Member: 251633Posts: 8 Fully active user
    I wish someting big and scary like the reaper existed not all the ocean has been explored and scientist have come to the conclusion that the mariana trench is an ant compared to a mighty dragon, i wish something big with beady intiminadimg eyes, sharp teeth, and fins big enough to sink a yacht. I mean ever heard of the ningen i will post a pic at the bottom of this. Anyways i like big stuff that wants to kill you, honestly i dont care if i die i just want people to know that i descovered and was the first to be eaten by this new monster. I cant post pics yet so look up ningen if you want to see a Ningen look up giant humanoid sea creature from arctic ocean.
  • AltaziAltazi Members Join Date: 2019-01-16 Member: 248807Posts: 45 Advanced user
    In Subnautica, the void edge is the creepiest thing for me. I was tootling along in my first Seamoth, and all of a sudden the water around me turned an eerie, empty blue. I didn't like this in the least bit. Then I saw the ghostly shapes of the leviathans. I got the Hell out of there ASAP.

    In Sub Zero, places such as the Glacier biome are the creepiest to me, where you are navigating in narrow channels in a thin layer of water sandwiched between the sea bottom and meters of solid ice above you. Turn off your lights and you are in pitch darkness. Perhaps it may be that this biome is unfinished, but there are virtually no landmarks, and it is devoid of all visible flora and fauna.
  • JAZZYFORSUBNAUTICAJAZZYFORSUBNAUTICA Members Join Date: 2018-05-01 Member: 240453Posts: 129 Advanced user
    Mine is the bone fields, its too dark :#
    Hey lets be honest that Reapers gonna getcha. (Im Jazzed for subnautica, im not going for president)
  • vuatsonvuatson Members Join Date: 2019-03-10 Member: 251649Posts: 9 Fully active user
    That one fucking infected crabsquid who hangs out near the 500m Degassi base. That motherfucker jumpscared me so bad, I climbed into one of the observatories and looked up and there it was hanging about two feet in front of my face, the bastard. AND THEN it followed me around through the whole base while I explored, god that guy was the worst.

    I haven’t gotten too far in the story yet so i expect to see much worse later! :D
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    Man, talk about a hard question...

    First of all going into the wreckage of the Aurora triggered me hard on my fears of uncontrolled fire, entrapment, oh and yes RADIATION. My first time entering an alien base I was absolutely sure that something horrible was going to pop out of the walls for trespassing, it took me a half hour to explore it peeking around every corner and ready to run. There's a half dozen predatory/dangerous fish larger than me but the literal fireball-breathing dragon takes 1st place for "Creature most likely to make me soil my pants on sight".

    Oh yes and the cutscene where you get to the last stage of the infection made me physically sick in real life. Urrrrgh the green things growing from your skin is just pure "NOPE" material right there. My hat is off to the devs for breaking the fourth wall good and hard. Speaking of which, a fair bit of the PDA dialogue does exactly that by playing on real-life fears like a piano at a concert. The one that triggers for entering the Disease Research Facility really make you ponder "is going here about to make me die horribly?"

    The prize for "Scariest Biome" absolutely goes to the Lost River. "Brine" that melts your Seamoth (!!!), skeletons of Godzilla-scale creatures including one that broke an alien base, cliff dropoffs deep enough to fit a skyscraper and oh yes the baby Ghost is by far the biome that most drives home the point that you are even more of a puny little human on a planet full of things so big your bones would be too small to use as a toothpick.
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    Sand sharks the way they move and their roar it made me scream IRL the first time I saw it
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    I was leaving the Aurora in my seamoth, and had never seen a reaper up close because:
    a) I knew a good route to and from it.
    b) I was scared to death of them.
    I could hear a reaper roaring, then I heard a snap of jaws. I continued for a few seconds, turned around and saw just a live stalker and a green cloud.
    So, the scariest thing in Subnautica for me is a certain stalker.
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    Starting the game with my escape pod home in super deep waters, next to even deeper waters. Its supposed to be my safe place!

    No man, its better if its in deep waters, you can easily park your cyclops and its closer to some crappy biome with lithium

    NO THANKS I WANT MY LIFEPOD IN THE SHALLOWEST OF SAFE SHALLOWS. Right near that coral tube thats poking out of water, surrounded by super shallow space.
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