Cyclops Docking Bay Concept - With 3D Model

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Hey! I made this little project for fun after brainstorming it while half asleep.
I'm not entirely sure how practical a cyclops docking bay would be, unless your base could use power to repair the sub's hull. I'm also not sure if Subnautica's game engine can handle a vehicle docked to a vehicle docked to a base.
Regardless, here's the design I came up with. I tried to keep it as close to the Alterra aesthetic as I could.

Concept 1

Concept 2

If you want it to be able to seal and drain while the cyclops is not present, you could always have a separate segment which can seal over the hole. Could also have a mini moonpool in that bottom opening. This thread is mostly to demonstrate the base concept (pun fully intended), though.

I decided to dub this design the "Starwall." :P

Here's my cyclops model on its own. It was done pretty quickly so it's not perfect. :)
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