LOADING... Start Menu Issue!!

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So I just got this game. I thought I'd give it a try and actually really loved it. Then, I saw all the terrifying posts of all the bugs contained in the Xbox One version. Haven't encountered any yet I saved and exited for the night. Today I got on and at the very first part of the menu screen where it says "Press Start" or whatever... I pressed the Start button and i've been staring at "loading..." for 20 minutes. Anyone else have this problem? Also, It's a shame a good game like this is plagued with bugs. think the devs really should have their main focus on Xbox right now and fixing all of these game breaking bugs. if you're gonna charge people money, make the priority to fix the bad things instead of constantly adding new content to an already broken game. Love the game, just hate how it seems as though Xbox is left in the dust..

*UPDATE* Well didn't want to but I deleted all my saved data for Subnautica andddd IT'S STILL STUCK ON "LOADING..."


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