Depressed Reaper Leviathan

JamezorgJamezorg United Kingdom Join Date: 2016-05-15 Member: 216788Members
So one day I was in the Dunes, looking to see if those new vents had been added, when I came across a Reaper. No surprise there. Then I watched it spiral into the dunes. Again, not surprising. I waited about a minute for it to resurface but it never did. I went into freecam, I looked down beneath the Dunes and there it was, spiralling downwards, never seeming to stop.


It keeps on going, so I decide I need to break him out of this. I try and spawn a Seamoth as he's passing the Lost River, but it's ignored.


It doesn't seem to snap him out of it. Eventually I begin to wonder if he's near the lava zones so I go to the surface, spawn in a Seamoth and check the distance...


[The closer Seamoth was the one I spawned to try and snap him out] ... That's double the distance to the Active Lava Zone. At this point I'm slightly worried for the guy, but I know there's nothing I can do, so I have to leave him...

Some say he's still spiralling into the void to this day...


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