[Bug] Equipping PRAWN upgrades in specific order = docking issues with the Cyclops [40062 Oct 2016]

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I discovered that fitting two specific upgrades to the PRAWN suit then docking with the Cyclops causes it to go a little crazy. Specifically it tilts to the left and if left alone or you attempt to travel it will send the Cyclops into a slow spin. I haven't tested all combinations only two so it may happen with others.

I've had it confirmed by one other person with the following steps.

1. Spawn Cyclops.
2. Spawn PRAWN suit.
3. Equip grappling arm upgrade.
4. Equip torpedo arm upgrade.
5. Dock with the Cyclops and enjoy the madness.
6. Attempt to get back to the docking hatch while the sub spins and undock to fix the issue.

I have to point out that the order of those upgrades is important because equipping the torpedo arm and then the grappling hook gives no issues. It's also worth pointing out that even if you can undock after running into this issue there is a high chance that the Cyclops is not on an even level where the forward section is higher than the rear as if it has a heavy load in the rear dragging it down. When I discovered the bug I had other upgrades fitted but removing them did nothing to fix it nor did they cause it when fitted without arm modules. For completeness they were the pressure compensator mk 3, jumpjet upgrade module, and the hull reinforcement module.

I grabbed a video of it happening. Two things to note on this are that the Cyclops is a newly spawned item as is the PRAWN suit. I set the upgrades up before I recorded in the order I mention. The spinning starts around 50 seconds if you want to skip but it's worth watching the whole thing.



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