Natral Selection Keeps Crashing

ZenLibraZenLibra [email protected] Join Date: 2016-02-19 Member: 213205Members Posts: 11 Fully active user
Bought the game, downloaded and installed.

Ran for a few minutes then crashed. Restarted and played a round of veil up till around the end and then crashed again.

After disabling/ enabling all the different settings and features from inand out of game (radeon( controls), still no luck.

Did a fresh reload(Formatted just for safety ) , as I am really keen to get NS going, Reloaded latest drivers from amd direct.STILL NOTHING!

Core 2 Quad
3GB DDR2 (egh)
Radeon HD 7970 (beast)

Please give me some actual fixes. I have been reading thread after thread for the past 3 days and am so fed up.

Be my hero :)

Ps. I even redownlaoded the entire game just for incase a validate wouldn't work.


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