Should the story continue in space after you are rescued (If you are)

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Click Yes, No, or "There shouldn't be a rescue"

Please explain answers in comments below
It helps other players to see the development of the game in a new perspective.


  • FireclawFireclaw oopboop Join Date: 2015-02-06 Member: 201235Members
    SubNautica really isn't a story based game, I mean I think there should be *some* backround story, but in terms of being rescued, no.

    Now maybe there could be a part in the game where you send out a rescue signal, but no one ever comes, but other than that, eh.
  • ZundyZundy UK Join Date: 2015-03-26 Member: 202589Members
    I like the idea of a possible ending you can pursue. It's either that or continually add new content to keep it fresh. I mean, there will come a point where there is nothing left to build/explore without going over old ground (oh look, another cave filled with glowing mushrooms and gold which I no longer need...etc).
  • tarektarek lebanon Join Date: 2015-04-10 Member: 203241Members
    no rescue we are here to prepare the planet for colonization and nothing has changed
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    I dont think there should be a rescue, as if the rescue is just the end of the game, then you just get a sudden stop. All the stuff you built? Gone. The resorces you collected? Gone. All of your work would just be undone. If, on the other hand, the story continues on other planets, then unless the other planets are also water worlds (which seems unrealistic), then it would defeat the whole point of the game. Keep it on one planet.
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    As already mentioned in the initial title sequence of the game, you are an advanced colony ship going to colonize the planet. This planet has been pre-selected as a habitat for your people, why on 'Earth' would you need rescuing from it??
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    I think you should be able to use a rescue signal and get someone to come but the new person should have something go wrong before you can leave. You should then receive news that human civilization collapsed then you decide to explore and discover the new world with your friend who brought a whole bunch of new technology along with the ship. Then a friend would be able to play as the new character or you just play by yourself with an NPC.
  • Mr.PeeperMr.Peeper Florida Join Date: 2015-04-11 Member: 203289Members
    I think it should because then you could go to another planet and universe.
  • ThatOneGuyGamerThatOneGuyGamer Join Date: 2015-04-17 Member: 203536Members
    It's literally the title of the game that you are on a water-based planet. Going off in space would defeat the thing that makes this game stand out. What you could do is maybe be able to get other people (NPCs) to the planet by means of distress signal or beacon and once they come you can command them to do certain task and maybe start a little colony in the ocean. It could also add the opportunity to put in a multiplayer mode (if you do put one in). :P
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    We don't really know the state of the story and the state of humanity.
    Has I understand the game so far, it was a colonization mission. But was it for the sake of humanity or just another boring mission ? I don't know.

    So to really answer the question above, I will state that humanity colonized 3 or 4 planets. This mission was the latest and the best humanity can aford and send on the galaxy waves.

    But it crashed. And then, on Earth, by the slant of the first colony, humanity encounter some species that are not very friendly to it.

    So we are alone, maybe one the latest human in the universe.

    (I'm not for massive multiplayer, but human npc will be a great add, and coop with 3 or 4 will be good too, but for that, we need some mechanics and crafting that require absolutely to be more than one, otherwise it will broke the mood of the game).
  • AreadonAreadon Walker, Mi Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203489Members
    I think there should be a rescue, or if there isn't a rescue, perhaps have other people come and settle with you. This is your ultimate mission anyways, so why not have someone come investigate what happened to the original ship, then come to colonize like the original mision?
  • alsteralster Join Date: 2003-08-06 Member: 19124Members
    The devs have this already planned out from the beginning. You get rescued by a passing ship carrying Frontiersmen (Marines). Unfortunately all of you arrive at a docking station being invaded by Khara. Forced to fight you must destroy their hive.

    Honestly did anyone not see this coming?
  • AliBAliB Join Date: 2015-04-21 Member: 203699Members
    Tough one... Space would give a wide expansion to the size of the game whithout the need for many Assets and the Physics aren't that different too. Also I'd love to see the Designs. BUT Subnautica, like the name sais, is an underwater-game. I've got no good feelings when it goes too far away from the initial goal.
    When it comes to the Rescue it depends, in my opinion, on either will the Game be Coop or single Player. When it keeps beeing a Single Player Game than I'd love a Story about simply beeing rescued. Maybe you get a Device at the End to call for Help... after this, since it's been a Terraforming Mission It could Focus on Building Bases People can Live in. Build and defend the Bases, Produce Food and Water, Build Bases in different Biomes (Some People might prefer one Biome over another) and the necessary Infrastructure to connect them. Maybe even ZOOS where you can show your Citizens the Animals that are living on this planet, the Big Bad ones two. Could be very interesting trying to catch them and Games like Pokémon showed that Collecting things keeps the People interested.
  • SeldkamSeldkam Join Date: 2014-01-01 Member: 191213Members
    Formous wrote: »
    There should be a rescue. I do not see how our survivor will not try and get off a warning. There are a TON of ships on the way, all of which, will die if we do not warn them. Honestly, this game without a story will fall into the same problems all my friends are saying crop up in sandboxes. There is no reason to care, there is nothing that will hold you. There is no investment, and no long term reason to act. When I play, I get the feeling my guy doesn't think "Oh the ship crashed, Hermit life for me!" That is untrue, and I doubt a scientist like the player character is so egotistical that he won't do something. A rescue should occur, because that is what Humans do. Space faring ships would want to rescue you, because your a trove of information and a surviving human of the Mysterious wreck of the Aurora. Please, survivals get so dull after awhile because there is no significant reason to be. The Forest, Stranded Deep, Rust, Nether.... We aren't on the planet to muck around. People will remember a story, not their saved game that time over. Skyrim is a sandbox, but is remembered by it's story and setting. All the great Xbox and Ps2 titles are remembered for story. Please don't make this game feel like a paperweight when it comes to remembering it. A year from now people will start seeking a investment in the game, and having none will end up being more harmful. Further, rescue is a perfectly logical end-game goal. This is something to strive for, a purpose we can pursue at our leisure. Those that want to sandbox, can sandbox, those with a purpose will be capable of pursuing a purpose like rescue. Both can be achieved with a in-game rescue and continued story, because the Sandboxes won't have to worry and those that care have a path they can follow.

    Id prefer the devs focus on the world itself and not an arbitrary story that may or may not work for some people
  • misterawesomenessmisterawesomeness USA Join Date: 2015-10-12 Member: 208434Members
    I know that this discussion is practically over but I have an idea for this. Perhaps maybe when you explore the Arora if you decide to. You could find its radio damaged but transmitting. IF you listen in the transmission would state that another colony ship is on its way to investigate the Aroras disappearance. Upon hearing that the AI that talks to you would warn you of how mutch time you have before the ship reaches the planet and that the energy pulse that brought down the Arora is still active. The player would then half to repair the ships radio or build a radio of his own to warn the incoming ship to not approach the planet. What happens next? I don't know maybe the ship would stay in orbit and send you supplies or maybe you could find a way to destroy the source of the pulse and allow this ship to touch down. Should the game continue into space? NO
  • Rodrigo_MartinezRodrigo_Martinez Join Date: 2015-09-28 Member: 208202Members
    This planet is a new home and The Aurora can only help to colonize it.
  • ShuryCZShuryCZ Czech Republic Join Date: 2015-07-07 Member: 206047Members
    As said before; signal to others - maybe, why not. But the game must stay where it is and honestly, that is the way how it is going to be. There is no reason to move it elsewhere at any stage of "story".
  • mariotusekmariotusek rotterdam Join Date: 2015-05-27 Member: 204939Members
    There should be involvement with other people from outside the planet, like he does warn the other colonies of his crash and the situation. But because the guy can already make bases and farms i cant see why he would leave his mission to fail since its going very well. The guy is an expert and wants to fullfill his duty towards his leaders in making the planet inhabitable. So my opinion is no he should stay on the planet.

    So once you got a going base and some other things i would like it that you could get some npc's. The could enter your base and use the facilities. There would call you by radio and tell you the will send in some people.

    1:The come in with drop pots and you come to them to collect them and bring them to the base.
    2: A big ships comes down to bring them to your base..... but i dont know what caused the crash so maybe the will crash as well and that might not be such a good idea.

    Now i cant really think of any use of the npc's but the mission was to make the planet inhabitable, so it would make sence that actual npc's would come to inhabit the world.
  • LinfomaLinfoma Portugal Join Date: 2015-09-07 Member: 207791Members
    i think the reason all of uz started playing subnautica is because it was a underwater survival...just because of that all of you should stop asking/having ideas for rescues and going to space or islands and continents...u are in a water planet to make it suited for more ppl to should we be able to make contact whit a home planet or base...YES ...but to ask for help, have another ship come and bring more tech or manpower, not to take you away, cuz probably the home planet is overcrowded whit no resources and you are here to save your ppl by making this planet your new home...

    maby this is a good idea for the start of multiplayer ( in the distant future :( ) we send a signal and another ship comes and brings more tech and ppl and BOOM...multiplayer starts.....
  • lorcogothlorcogoth belgium Join Date: 2015-09-14 Member: 207943Members
    if there would be an ending to the game it would probably be you repairing the long range communications of the aurora and sending a message and then slowly going black or the other side answering and then slowly going black since the game is more about the survival and the discovery then about the job you were send to do on this planet.
  • TerraBladeTerraBlade Join Date: 2015-05-25 Member: 204886Members
    SPIRIN1224 wrote: »
    Click Yes, No, or "There shouldn't be a rescue"

    Please explain answers in comments below
    It helps other players to see the development of the game in a new perspective.

    Maybe this should be more clear. What do you mean story should continue, like an epilogue?
  • arpatarpat India Join Date: 2015-09-21 Member: 208074Members
    I think story should end with player knowing that some help is coming from home but he should not be saved and 'lifted off' the planet. It would take years for help to come to the planet and we should be allowed to play in wait of the help, forever.
  • PeZookPeZook Poland Join Date: 2015-10-09 Member: 208373Members
    The mystery of what happened, and the promise that you will be allowed to uncover it, is part of what makes Subnautica good, at least in my opinion. It means you are exploring this alien world for more than just its own sake, and the natural progression of goals does not hurt the experience at all.

    Moving gameplay into space would be a mistake, as it would need an entire new set of assets and would detract from the core selling point of the game.

    A good and satisfying story that concluded on the planet would, on the other hand, benefit the game immensely. It must center around exploration of the map and the wildlife, of course ; Your eventual discovery of the source of the energy pulse, and a big, thematic choice like what Dinkelsen suggested, followed by an epilogue.

    The epilogue should naturally be structured in a way that let you keep playing. A voiceover, outlining what happened after your Big Choice, and the challenges ahead, and how your character was affected by it.

    Should there be a rescue, your character could very reasonablyd decide to stay and help colonize the planet - after all, he or she has the skills and knowledge painstakingly gathered: then you could have the epilogue describing advance parties landing on the planet, some NPCs could spawn in your bases, and there could be a cool little gameplay element or two added to underscore that you're not alone anymore, but still exploring: some sort of central research post could request data, or give you quests occasionally, perhaps?

    If you chose to keep the planet pristine, you simply continue as you were. Or maybe you do chose to retire back to a cushy post on Earth, and the game ends then?

    Either way, no space. Space portions would be implemented hastily and hurt the core gameplay.

    You could say that Subnautica would be...watered down by it.

  • MyrmMyrm Sweden Join Date: 2015-08-16 Member: 207210Members
    I say no. If I wanted to play a space game I'll play Elite Dangerous. I wanted an underwater game so I chose Subnautica.
  • FocusedWolfFocusedWolf Join Date: 2005-01-09 Member: 34258Members
    It would be cool if you could be travel to nearby planets that offer different terrain/experiences. It fits with the games theme of making specialized vehicles to visit different biomes.
  • TerraBladeTerraBlade Join Date: 2015-05-25 Member: 204886Members
    Since I got no answer here is my full response. I wouldn't mind a sort of 'epilogue' section where you are debriefed or some such on the colony or rescue ship. But I don't think the game should move much past that. This is about the world of subnautica, while moving on to other planets might be cool I think it would be better suited for a sequel/expansion and not the core game.
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