What do you most want to see in the future?

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I personally want to see more depth and much, MUCH bigger creatures. Probably the most horrifying thing I can imagine is being in the deep ocean surrounded by darkness when suddenly I see a strange shape drifting towards me. Also, multiplayer so I can actually play the game without pissing myself.


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    Most of all? A food chain. No, really, I would to see how every creature in the world feeds (not just the predators), perhaps even how they reproduce and other common behaviors (for example, how the hell do Crash-fish survive or build their nests?). I would like to see more little creatures on the sea floor doing various stuff other than eating and being eaten. I would be even in favor of seeing the food chain so complete that we see what the animals give back for plants to eat, yes, I am advocating for adding *beep* in the game! :smiley:

    Beyond that, a complex research system with lore, using mechanics that is more than just stamp-collecting various samples. Like taking photos, solving puzzles and maybe even things like actually building and testing theories.

    More of the Aurora, with you coming back to do more elaborate salvage missions.

    Another thing would be multiplayer.
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    There are a ton of ideas in here I would love to see implemented, like the weather suggestion above.

    One smaller feature I would love to see is some sort of rare creature spawns. Someone submitted an idea regarding a predator mother, which I thought fit perfectly with the idea.
    These creatures wouldn't necessarily be mandatory to kill or find, but could add a level of 'treasure-hunting' to the game. Maybe they drop a reagent for a difficult-to-craft recipe, or perhaps they drop food you can cook that gives you some sort of temporary boost, or even something as simple as a rare fish for your fish tank that glows different colors.

    I think having to actively search for a certain creature, and having to interact with other players via the forum on where they spawn and what factors affect the spawn would be fun. Factors such as; location, time of day, weather (if implemented), depth, amount of light (hand in hand with location I suppose) or even based on a piece of equipment you're wearing could all play a part.

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    or even something as simple as a rare fish for your fish tank that glows different colors.

    Albino fish? its like pokemon with shinies... say albino fish have a 1 in 10,000 chance to spawn and if you see them you can catch them and put them in an aquarium and they would show as albino in the tank.
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    Weather changes, especially global-level storms that affect the seabed layout (i.e. shift sediment, damage reefs, ect.) Also, maybe we can toss in a potential for meteor/comet crashes into the ocean, change the game landscape by heating/cooling parts of the ocean in general..
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    I'd love to see lots of additions to Subnautica, but most of all probably multiplayer. I would love to explore the ocean depths of the game with my friends and work together to build massive bases and go on cool adventures. Although I don't really agree that the game has enough in it yet to bring out multiplayer.
    Before Multiplayer I'd love to see additions such as weather (as said above), more creatures (land, air and sea), extensions made to exploring the aurora (as said above) and adding more gadgets like mechs, subs or even above-water vehicles like hovercraft!
    To go along with this I'd to love see an actual functioning eco system (as said above), where different creatures interact with each other as well as adding more to the AI of creatures like stalkers so that they may even attack your base in swarms of 5 or 6!
    The possibilities for this game are really only limited to imagination. I'd really love to see it expanding and adding more awesome stuff!
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    land creatures couldn't really thrive on whatever this planet is, not sure one small island is enough... flying creatures are coming though, I believe there is two types of flying fish to be added, when i say flying fish i literally mean flying not gliding.
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    I'd like to see more different equipment options to figure out your prefered playstyle even better. I love when a game makes you feel like you made the best possible choices with your equipment even when there is no "best setup"
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    Sorry to poke my head in...but the main thing (almost the only thing?) I have with the game would be a lack of characters. Not saying human characters, but things like a submarine or a massive base almost beg for some sort of interactive characters within the base. Allow the base to have a computer with a holographic interactive image with some personality (A face in the moon look would be nice, and could reference some old space works)...or have an amphibious or crab-like species which you can gene-splice and modify to have telepathic communication or command, and have them scurry about repairing the base or submarine. Let them be part of the reward for the Floating Island maybe. King of the Squirrels Crabs. (Lithodes glaucomys)
    Heck, a similar (but far less ambitious/advanced) game (Farsky) had you collect and rebuild defense droids.

    If you want to really make a stretch, imply one or two other people survived, left hints/traces on the ship, and find/rescue/work with them. (I am well aware that is likely against the idea of the game, so the above is probably more viable)

    Only other thing I could think of would be giving function/smooth out some things. Maybe tie the terraformer to the vehicles and make it more planar...or make the vehicles able to defend base/hunt leviathans/map the underwater landscape/research lab with helpers (as above) and the like (admittedly, then you will need something to counter the age old "ranged attack trumps close combat" thing...which is where things like the Crash/Shocker/Warper/any mass of small hostile creatures could prove hazardous)
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    Allow the base to have a computer with a holographic interactive image with some personality

    I think that AI companion could become important part of game. Starting as simpe mechanical voice commands dictor it can develop to become more complex through selfstudy algorithms, as you build bases, give it more computing powers, it can gain some personality, emotions, it can react to what player does, move the plot forward, give access to more research options and reverse engineer parts of equipment. As you become commander of the mission since everyone else dead it will try to assist you in every way, though in mid-late game parts it may not be happy about what you do, like, if you kill too much creatures, or disrupt the eco-system. This would fill the lack of communication, while leaving this "lone human on alien world" feel. Also would make even more sense to build bases.
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    i would LOVE to see more options for interiors. Beds to recover some health, toggle able lights and a few purely aesthetic things like decorations, panel variations. a central control board in the big room would allow the use of mapping tools and tracking entities.a 4th game mode that is effectively creative mode, no oxygen/health, infinite resources.i know there are commands to do this sort of thing but a game mode where all those are defaulted to true would make testing that little more fun, and besides, could having a GUI based creative mode at all be a negative?. Make small fish (peepers and such) attracted to the windows of sea bases and observatories. Exterior flood lights need to be a thing and some sort of late game mass storage system. a snap toggle control would be cool too, that would allow optional snaps to be added to interior items for ease of placement. Make the Aurora more worth wile, the point of the game is explore and salvage so let us salvage the Aurora's wreckage and explore it further than just "fixing" the reactor. perhaps make it (to a certain extent) repairable, after all, you DID go there with a mission so let us take on that mission. thousands of resources and max tire tools and machines later and we can "finish" the game (in the same sense that minecraft has a "finish" to it)
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    Lightdevil wrote: »
    Most of all? waves, rain, storms, weather. Imagine being in your Seamoth, water is relatively chill, but on the surface huge waves and a storm is going on and you can watch it from below. The world would be much more believable with weather, and i just think.. more alive, and thats what the game needs. No matter how many creatures swim around, the world itself seems frozen to me, water is almost always in motion. WEATHER PLS, I beg you, developer gods :(

    Hadn't thought of this one, but I love it!

    A few ideas I had recently were tools like a harpoon or cage to hunt/capture Stalkers, Sand Sharks, Bone Sharks, and anything else of that size that gets added in the future. It would be pretty sweet to have a huge aquarium filled with sharks just like the villain from The Spy Who Loved Me (Bond film). Naturally, you would have to feed them smaller fish.

    Another neat idea would be a critter cam type of device. You would attach a camera to creatures you captured, and could observe their daily life by watching on a display in your base or Cyclops. It would be pretty uninteresting, but imagine if you somehow got one onto a Reaper Leviathan.

    Beyond that, I of course want co-op at some point. In fact, I'm having trouble getting my friends interested in the game due to the lack of or promise of co-op. I understand that they have a lot of higher priority milestones to reach by the end of this year, but if they could get close enough to finishing the single-player that they could announce it, that would awesome.
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    I'd like to see the reasons behind the crash, adding a sort of overall goal or finding out why and what caused it.
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    Soich wrote: »
    I'd like to see the reasons behind the crash, adding a sort of overall goal or finding out why and what caused it.
    I mean I have a theory.
    Warpers, man

    They're supposed to be sentient, right?

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    1: Mortal Henry (escape pod)

    I think this would be interesting, but in survival mode have the escape pod tech harvest-able, or rather have it on a timed usefulness type of scenario. flotation devices wont last forever, eventually old Henry there is gonna sink, and when he does it would probably be best to try to clean up the mess and get loads of material from it.

    2: Floating bases/larger sub (with ability to charge with solar panels)

    floating bases or the utilization of ballasts, for a floating base. I know this reeks of moon-pool complexity, but one could get research points from air sacs, farm silicone, and make ballasts. Then a majority of your time could be spent reinforcing it making docks, solar arrays and there would always be some sort of vulnerability to larger creatures (adds to the role playing aspect and immersion. Eventually, you could surface during ample day times for energy and submerse the base when needed.

    -- Humans can't live underwater in the deep dark depths .. we need that vitamin D :P

    Another note here is that instead of a floating base, there could be a next level submarine (either through upgrade or a whole new watercraft) that could function more as a floating, moving base/sea-lab. adding the ability to deploy solar panels and recharge energy cells during the day without replacing them, and having the space and functionality of a base.

    3: PhD research in Xenomarine biology (research and wildlife observation purely conceptual with minor gameplay elements)

    I have mentioned this in other threads but I would love the idea of a tagging, cataloging, research, taxonomic classification of the planet. Also, the ability to tag, track, and use probes to observe, feeding habits migration patterns, breeding rituals etc.

    - How would this be fun for the player?
    -- Collectibles.... that is all :P . Seriously though, cataloging wildlife per biome, would give that "Gotta catch them all" aspect to the game.

    - What would the player get out of it?
    -- Players could be rewarded with research and new tech for cataloging, analyzing and researching different forms of wildlife.

    -- EX: analyzing your first peeper could allow you access to the (fast flippers). Kinda like how one eats an air sac for the first time and you unlock the ability to use them to construct personal flotation devices

    Also, continuing with this idea, as the player reaches their technological apex, they can eventually monitor animal activity planet wide, creation of satellites and the use of satellite tracking. Eventually this could end in an apex event of you finally taking all of your knowledge and sending it into orbit with a beacon, or finding some way to send it home.

    4: The Deep

    I want to see the scary stuff deep down below, release the kraken and all that nonsense. amazing resources that are near impossible to get initially, mid game and even late game. with a slew of new creatures, plantlife etc.

    5: Cryo sleep (purely conceptual)

    Eventually the game will get to a point where you did everything saw everything now what do you do. well for future expansions one can take a cryo nap for a few hundred/thousand or more/less years and wake up to see how badly you destroyed the planet making it change depending on, how much you harvested, how much you killed, where you killed it, where you built and how long you let the radiation spread ( aslo think their needs to be a rush option to repair the ship before meltdown occurs)

    6: Farming equipment and base upgrades.

    I think I said this before but the ability to plant and produce isolated sustenance is something that is going to be awesome. Yes you wont have to work for it as much, but make it really hard to do, and make it hard to produce alot, until you have played a metric ton of the game and you have an undersea kelp farm where you can eat seaweed crackers and never have to worry about your food as long as you are close by.
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    Oh! and an Arctic type biome, requiring an insulated diving suit to swim through.
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    04Leonhardt is a genius xD I always love his ideas. Exterior lighting and beds are a must btw
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    I'll try not to cover anything other people have entered because they're all excellent ideas.

    - repairable distress beacon on aurora which brings other NPC colonists to the planet.
    - Larger base construction which those NPC's inhabit and interact with.
    - This could spawn a conflict with the civilization responsible for the destruction of the aurora
    - Conflict outcome becomes dependant on choices of player/players (co-op or multi, I don't care, either would be fantastic)
    - Additional tech extracted from the aurora could include drones for resource gathering, I hate farming but I love big bases.
    - other base modules could include
    - desalinization plant for water and salt automated creation.
    - hydroponics bay
    - map room
    - xenobiology lab
    - interstellar communication room (resource requests, colonist requests, story development etc..)
    - research labs for equipment, vehicle, and facility improvements.
    - medical facility, gastropods could make you sick etc..
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    I recently posted a short suggestion thread of what I'd like to see.
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  • TheF0CTORTheF0CTOR A Galaxy Far Far AwayMembers Join Date: 2015-08-09 Member: 206945Posts: 32 Advanced user
    1. Exosuit (already on the way, but still worth mentioning)

    2. More realistic power consumption:
    a) Lighting and air filtration draws a small amount of power per Corridor, slightly higher for each Moonpool and Room.
    b) Drainage system requires power.
    c) Sections sealed off by closed bulkheads should be powered off (unless the player is inside that area) so as to not draw any power.
    d) Powercell recharging module that works at just under a 1:1 ratio.
    e) Seamoth should also recharge at just under a 1:1 ratio.

    3. Update Cyclops:
    a) Functional lockers in the lower deck.
    b) Autopilot between beacons.
    c) Make computer monitors dynamic (like the one that always shows a depth of 194m).

    4. Cyclops should dock to - but not be recharged by - Seabase via clamps.

    5. More objectives inside the Aurora (possibly on the way already).

    6. Fauna and flora should respawn after a few days.
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    i want multiplayer more than anything that is going in to subnautica right now
  • CMonster0125CMonster0125 United StatesMembers Join Date: 2015-09-09 Member: 207850Posts: 34 Fully active user
    Things I would like to see in Subnautica:
    1. Random weather patterns/effects that force you to dive/live deep (60m+) for a limited duration. Any structures on the surface and less then 60m below water take damage.
    2. Larger sea life in the deeper waters. Make a food chain from the bottom of the oceans to the top.
    3. Cyclops docking bay, or connecting airlock structure.
    4. Specific function rooms (food farms, water reclamation, storage, power, kitchens, etc.)
    5. Vertical tunnels (or diagonal) that use stairs instead of ladders.
    6. Room devices for mapping, xenobiology, medical, etc.
    7. Automated base defenses to drive off unwanted sea life (fences, turrets, etc)
    8. Abandoned alien structures, leading to the belief that we're not the only intelligent life on the planet. Tech and materials could be salvaged from these sites.
    9. End quest of salvaging the parts and blueprints necessary from the Aurora to build a ship that could leave Subnautica. Using a Cyclops arm attachment to move a Dark Matter drive to the building area. Making an underwater hanger/workshops would be a good first step. The player would decide if they want to leave the planet to end the game, or stick around and see how it all plays out.
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  • GryphorimGryphorim South of the ReefMembers Join Date: 2015-09-10 Member: 207864Posts: 33 Advanced user
    I would love to see bases and furnishings fleshed out a lot more, like the suggestions above.
    Vertical tunnels (or diagonal) that use stairs instead of ladders.
    I really like this idea! Spiral stairs in rooms or vertical tubes, with upgrade-able metal and glass versions for vertical.
    Perhaps a powered lift version in future also?
  • CMonster0125CMonster0125 United StatesMembers Join Date: 2015-09-09 Member: 207850Posts: 34 Fully active user
    Was thinking about room devices/specific room idea, and a kitchen unit would be a benefit. Taking a wall area (like a reinforcement or window), the robo-kitchen would cook fish and plants into food to stave off hunger/thirst. The unit would be two elements, a cooker (similar to a fabricator) and a storage unit (what the cooker pulls from for ingredients). The player would load fish and plant material into the storage unit, and access the cooker to create the desired meal (some recipes would hold off hunger longer then others, some could be for hunger & thirst).

    A build-able xenobiological scanner could be used to scan fish and plants to make use of them more effectively when making food (like making refined materials out of raw materials in the fabricator). The end goal would to make nutrient packs that attach to the player's suit that would feed them while out in the wild, limited the need to constantly look for food/water while exploring (sort of like the upgrade modules for the SeaMoth & Cyclops). You would plug in the nutrient packs (up to four) in the inventory screen.

    For thirst, a desalinization/purifier station that cleans water and stores a set amount for use by the player. This unit would also create nutrient packs (including standard and enriched water) for drinking on the go.

    I see a player making the two units side by side, with an aquarium nearby stocked with fish for later use.
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  • SanctusLupusSanctusLupus USAMembers Join Date: 2015-08-30 Member: 207600Posts: 74 Fully active user
    There are some good ideas. So forgive me if I restate some of them

    1. Cyclops - There should be more upgrades to increase the power; decrease in power consumption; armor; mobility; lights on outer hull for better visibility and intensity; and increase storage. The lockers on the bottom level should also be usable. Now that Sonar Terrain mapping, Electromagnetic Defense and Vortex torpedoes are added to the Sea moth, I would like it also added to the Cyclops.

    2. Sea moth - I like all the new upgrades so far but I would like to see these additions if possible. Upgrade for speed/thrust, increase the power; decrease in power consumption; increase light visibility and intensity.

    3. Surface - Waves; currents; weather; tidal waves; waterspouts; tidal waves; rain and thunderstorms; blizzards and snow; maelstroms and whirlpools. Movement of floating islands due to weather, current and wave conditions. Possible volcanoes above sea level. Since there is now land that can be above sea level, it doesn't exactly make sense to have just things that can make a sea base. It would also need to include building structures that can be better presented and used on land. Walls, railings, stairs and etc. Things that would be more of a fit for an aquatic world that is above the waves. The same for building a landing platform and a colony for those that are following you to this world.

    4. Alien life - Island alien plant and animal life. A few different species of alien birds that can be predatory and not. I still believe that different alien merpeople should be in the game. Nothing overly technically advance, more primitive. More of a living ecosystem for the plant and animal cycle that can be seen. Many would like the addition of pets and I would also agree. An alien seal, sea lion, walrus, sea turtle, dolphin, orca, otter, beaver, platypus, crocodile, snake or something like this should be added as possible pets and/or just additional creatures. Many would of course like more variety of the coral aquatic life as it is usually quite vibrant and colorful here on Earth so would like to expect something like that in the game. Also much talk of bigger creatures in the great depths as well as more variety of aquatic life so it would be nice once that comes into game.

    5. Sea base - Additional rooms for communication and resting. Upgradable reinforcements to increase hull integrity. A power life up and down instead of ladders. Possible diagonal halls that are either with stairs or just a ramp that can be used to moving up and down the base. Devs have talked about lights being placed on the outside of the sea base so I am looking forward to that. There has also been talk from fans and devs for a dock for the Cyclops. So in hopes that will be added. A hatch that has four arms much like for grabbing the Sea moth could be used to pull the Cyclops to a hatch. The Cyclops then can be charged and docked to the Sea base. Since torpedoes have been added to the Sea moth, it would be nice to see some kind of base defense that also can be used with these Vortex torpedoes and Electromagnetic Defense. Sonar should be added to the Sea base to be able to see things that are there and around the base.

    6. Equipment - I would really like to see is a spear and/or harpoon that has variations much like the knife. This would not only be useful underwater but also on the surface if plant and animal life would be added for islands. If birds are added, a plasma net gun would be of use and could also be used in catching fish. A fish pool to farm fish for food would be of a great benefit and progress to the game. I know the devs have some kind of thought on this but this would be definitely of use in the Sea Base. Much like the fish, there would have to be a way of planting and growing plant life like planter capsules. I know the LED lights are on the way which would be nice to have. Upgradable power cells to be self charging would be nice to have. Air tanks that can be combined into a better more efficient tank that gives you more oxygen. Combination of the suits with additional resources to give the benefits of both to make you as the player more efficient. The equipment as it stands should continue to be upgradable to use less power consumption, have an increase in power and more efficient action. There will have to be a suit for the magma biomes and artic biomes. Also ways to swim faster with better fin, glove and suit wear.

    7. Aurora - Many have said it needs more to explore and I agree. There should be more to explore and gather inside the Aurora. There should also be more wreckage that should be salvageable from the Aurora as well as the tech. The trail of wreckage should be more massive and the explosion should make it more widespread.

    8. Biomes - Still looking forward to the magma and artic biomes. I also believe that certain rare ecosystems should exist in these biomes. I also think there should be clusters of certain resources in certain biomes instead of just scattered about. The vents should be harder to swim in with pressure trying to push you out.

    9. Seaglide - Should also have an upgrade to be faster and have less power consumption.

    10. Objectives/Missions - There needs to be objectives and missions that help the gameplay along. It is great to survive and explore but to what purpose? From what the story states thus far, there should be objectives to stabilize yourself. Explore for threats, food and what resources there are for those that are following. There should also be an objective to build a colony as well as a landing pad for those that are following. Planting a space beacon that will direct them to the land platform. There should be some kind of faction that is not only the natural predators that can hinder your progress but also something more that doesn't want you or your kind to be on this world. So the mission being is to defend your base and colony for you and your kind from the threats. There should be logs of why were you and your kind exploring space in the first place. And what took the Aurora down and why are you the only survivor? To that end why isn't there more of your kind that is spread out among the wreckage?

    11. Game - Terrain needs to stop disappearing along with aquatic life and other objects. Collision needs to be fixed a bit better between the objects of the terrain, vehicles, aquatic life and the player. Saved games should be able to be renamed and dated with time stamp without collision. Map needs to be expanded greatly by width and depth for more and better playability.

    12. Mother Sub - I really would like a mother sub that is really a mobile base that can hold the Sea Moth, Cyclops, Exosuit and etc. It could go into greater depths. It could have better power supply progression as well as hull expansion and defenses.

    I know that there is the analysis that will be extracting plant DNA but have yet suggested as to what purpose. By extracting DNA of any plant or animal life. Will this give us as the player to be able then to grow these so called plant or animal life? What part of this research will be used and for what purpose? Many have speculated on mutating your own DNA to enhance adaption to this world. I don't really know the purpose as none of the devs have really spoken on the matter. But to date, this is all the things that I would like to see done in the future without stating all of the obvious stuff like polished graphics and menu and etc.

  • The_Flash2001The_Flash2001 AustralindMembers Join Date: 2015-06-23 Member: 205694Posts: 6 Fully active user
    i like your thinking, and on top of these ideas, i have a few.

    terraformer- there should either be a version of the terraformer you can make with the table that can modify items (i cant remember its name) that makes its land editing more fine tuned so that it isnt in small spheres like it is now.

    bases- there should be some sort of defense system yo can install in bases like there is in seamoths, like if somethuing gets near a part of the base, a eletric field pops up and stuns the animal. also, make the AI in animals and such hostile to your base, like they are to seamoth. also, there should be a warping room you can make that can be used for going between bases.

    (possible) gameplay- there should (maybe) be a way to pass the game, like, you get a long ranged transmitter from the aurora like the story popups say to do in story mode in experimental, and you send the distress message and then they come save you if you can surviva a little longer.

    exosuit stuff- i know the devs are working really hard on exosuit and everything else. but i think there should be a moonpool style like the seamoth has, except for exosuit, and then a place for the exosuit in the cyclops, or maybe what the guy above me said, a mother ship. and adding onto the moonpool thing for exosuit, there should be one that you can also make on the sea floor like a foundation, except with a small docking port that charges the exosuit when it is in the dock port.

    cylops- there should be a thing so that the cyclops can be hooked up to your base and act as the way you charge your base. fir example, people are making there own cyclops docking ports already, maybe there could be something so you could go down to your little exit/entry port, and when you dock up your cyclops, there is a tube that comes out from a base corridor (maybe one that acts like a connector does?) and connects to the port, so when you go down though the port, instead of going into the ocean around you, you go into your base, and then your cyclops is charged up whilst being docked... i dunno, just a thought.
  • CMonster0125CMonster0125 United StatesMembers Join Date: 2015-09-09 Member: 207850Posts: 34 Fully active user
    Just thought of this one...

    Range indicator for Beacons. It's great knowing where a beacon is, but knowing how far away it is helps too! It's a pretty straightforward inclusion, and maybe in the name edit panel, this feature could be toggled on/off as the player prefers.
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