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    Those ideas from the original forum not only seem to be pretty commonly asked for. but the recipes actually seem really balanced! All I know besides that is that I think Gravspheres should be stationary, becasue I keep losing all of my Gravspheres when they drift away, and I end up losing a lot of copper to Drifty Gravsphere Syndrome. ;)
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    my biggest wish for this game is a MASSIVE earth sized map and almost endless creature/plant variations with artifacts and ruins and caves and amazing stuff to explore all over the game world .....

    probably wont happen :P
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    A continent (or maybe a real isle) may be possible, but I think the age of the planet is really young, like the mid cenozoic and mid jurassic, before aquatic creatures become landed creatures.
    It would be cool to have a real land, but a small one, like the top of an inactive volcano (or not so inactive hehe).

    Also, I would like to join my voice to those of us talked about more variety on fauna/flora. I think it's an important core of the game. For now, there is some interresting critters, but we need a much more content on that, especially small ones. Big one are great, but looking at the chain food on Earth, there is much more little ones than bigger ones. I know we are not on eath, but still. I think this kind of life thing work nearly the same way on every planet in universe (but I'm maybe totally wrong ^^).

    A thing we do not have for the moment (yes I know it's too early for that but still :) ) is infos on the planet. Since it's an exploration/colonozation mission, I think it will be a good idea to implement such infos in datapad wreck arround the crash site (and in the ship of course).
    Getting crafting recipe is cool, but infos on the planet will be cool to.
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    @Obraxis thx, what a great honor and awesome feedback! thx alot!!!

    PS.: i'm up for hiring ;)
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    Totally agree with water filtration system. It should be difficult to build but would seem a logical and realistic addition. Biospheres likewise. I would prefer to find new bioms at greater depth rather than Islands, perhaps a diving bell could be included and the option to carry either it or minisub in cyclops for deep exploration. Minisub would then be able to have lesser hull integrity to limit depth to 250m for current exploration.

    I also like the idea of a time limit to the availability of the escape capsule which should be destroyed after enough time has elapsed to build a basic base. Being able to fabricate two coridoors to form a room with extra titanium and perhaps another overhead would also be useful, it should also have an overhead to structural integrity requiring more reinforcement, or have this built into the construction requiring enamelled glass and plasteel.

    I love the game and play it to 'relax', I think weaponising the game excessively would destroy the experience but a harpoon would be a good addition.

    Thanks for a great experience so far.
  • tarektarek lebanon Join Date: 2015-04-10 Member: 203241Members
    now im jealous im gonna make some base modules suggestion and u are free to use them as you see fit devs just finish this awesome game ASAP :D
  • tarektarek lebanon Join Date: 2015-04-10 Member: 203241Members
    devs how many creature types are you planing to add? 100... 1000.... 1 million :D (yes plz)
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    I know this is probably addressed before but there needs to be a 2 player Cooperative Multi-player. I say two because any more might be too easy. I'd love to play with another friend where you spawn in different pods away from each other and you have to craft a radio or sonar device that has enough range to contact the other each other. Flares would also serve another purpose as well. Heck it would be an even more surreal experience if both of us have the Oculus Rift with hardcore mode on! Now that would be a true survivor experience.
  • Shovel_FighterShovel_Fighter UWE PT Team Join Date: 2015-03-22 Member: 202443Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow, Subnautica Playtester
  • EliriumElirium Russian Federation Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203464Members
    Dear developers! Firstly I want to thank you for the wonderful game! Secondly I want to offer an idea about strengthening the base:
    1. Change the strength of which adds more reinforced panels 7 to 8.
    2. Make a small reinforced panels that can be placed as well as the small windows - on the upper and lower parts of the corridor and at the crossing point, and set them to increase the strength of four. This will help to diversify the base construction.
    I hope you enjoy my idea. Please forgive me for my English, I use a translator.
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    hey everybody :D ,another newcomer to the forums
    I have a few idea's for the game, such as:
    • a sleeping system so you can skip night time where it is dark as ....
    • a more enhanced mining system such as drills, ground stompers, or a combination of the two :)
    • more vehicles I know, I know, I am asking a lot (especially with this one), but what I would like to see is helicopters, boats (no, the Cyclops is a sub-marine), planes, cars (off-road of course) and hell even dirtbikes, more sub-marines are optional (if you want more sub-marines, give this an awesome, if not, give this an agree)

    I know this will not be in the next update or the following, but I do know if you (and the developers) think these are really good idea's then it will probably be in-game in about 3 months maybe (I don't know how long the coding of this will take, nor how many coders the developers have employed)
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    I already said this in another post but

    Hello, I am new to posting on a discussion so bear with me. I would absolutely LOVE more submarines. I'm talking about different subs for different preferences, like a HUGE one for Base maneuvers and so big that you could dock the Cyclops in it. Sub can vary as to terms with exploration, speed, One could have a arm grappler and being able to DECK OUT every one of them with colors and fonts. THE ABILITY TO NAME BASES and DOCK SUBS WITH BASES, would be awesome. I trust the debs in doing things like this and also to big time come out WITH A MAC VERSION. MAC VERSION. MAC VERSION. MAC VERSION. (Minor Sidenote) The ability to close doors on subs and with docks and in bases.
  • ConnorFTWConnorFTW Mum's Basemenr Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203470Members
    Since the devs said thery were going to make depths of up to 10,000 metres deep, there needs to be something to fill that massive space right? My answer is this: A giant monster. And by Giant, I mean something that'll make the Cyclops look like a Paper-clip. Something that'll eat Reefbacks like a stalker eats a peeper. There would be only one of these giants in the game, but it could be the final boss, and you could use it to tie up loose ends: It could've fired the energy pulse that shot down the Aurora. I imagine finding these ancient stone tablets in ruins around the map that when translated using a translator (a machine you can make in the fabricator) tell of the "Bringer of Waves", an ancient creature old as the planet, that brings death by causing tidal waves and tsunamis that buried the lands of the ancient civilisation under hundred metre-deep oceans. the last tablet you find will tell you how to defeat it. I cannot think of a creative way to do so but I'm sure the developers can. among the awesome loot you can get from it, you can pull rare crystals off it's back and use them to build a machine that sends out a distress signal, which results in a ship being sent down to pick you up. They'll give you some cool endgame gear and then send you back down to the surface to complete your mission (Basically just unlocks some activities, sidequests, collectibles etc.)

    I think this is a really cool idea, and I hope the devs do too!
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    I love that blunderbuss idea.
  • tarektarek lebanon Join Date: 2015-04-10 Member: 203241Members
    ahhh 2 player Co-OP ... I would probably cry from happiness srsly
  • lavatubelavatube Honolulu, HI Join Date: 2015-03-27 Member: 202624Members
    It'd be interesting if the building of the Cyclops were a bit more piecemeal. Building it might go in stages:

    1. Build the hull: Lots of titanium and some glass. You end up with an empty, unpowered, vessel. You could insert a battery cell for emergency lighting.
    2. Build the engine: Power cells, titanium, etc. This powers the ship systems. Engine could be upgradable.
    3. Buildable Add-ons: Build navionics computer, storage lockers on lower deck, sea-moth mount, hull plating.

    Hydroplane add-on: This would allow the ship to skim across the surface of the water at high-speed. This would require hydroplaning fins to be installed on outside of ship, and an upgraded engine. When speeding up on surface you would have the option to deploy hydroplaning fins.

    Auto-nav: Nothing too complex, but something that would allow the ship to move without you being at the controls and would stop the ship if it encounters and obstruction.

    Scanners: Something to give a general idea of interesting points on the map for resources, artifacts.

    Captain's Log: One must chronicle adventures for posterity, right?

    Bulkheads: The ship has some doors/bulkheads, but they don't really seem to contain anything.

    Salvaging: Can you attach those floating critters to a sunken cyclops to refloat and repair it?
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    rooms maby like a experimental room or a docking room or a lab
  • Shovel_FighterShovel_Fighter UWE PT Team Join Date: 2015-03-22 Member: 202443Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow, Subnautica Playtester
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    T4ng10r wrote: »
    Caves should be dark.
    T4ng10r wrote: »
    I dream about situation when I casually walk from one to the other end of my deep underground base and suddenly in one of windows I see eye. Big, fishy dead, eye of some curious underwater predator. (...) this encounter would introduce lots of tensions and uncertainty.
    would be nice if the creatures in SN actually have something like curiosity or fear when encountering objects unfamiliar to there natural environment!
  • SPIRIN1224SPIRIN1224 Moon Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203469Members
    They should make a catch phrase for the game

    something like...

    You don't know whats out there until you get wet...

    SEA... Survival Exploration Ahhhhhh
  • ZergonuzZergonuz USA Join Date: 2015-04-08 Member: 203114Members
    would be nice if the creatures in SN actually have something like curiosity or fear when encountering objects unfamiliar to there natural environment!

    This is in the works! I was thinking the same thing and found a few posts for them working on it in their Trello site. Can't wait for it to be implemented!
  • DragunkodDragunkod home Join Date: 2015-04-16 Member: 203520Members
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    I'd like to see a couple of new things added to what the game already is to help the balance of surviving and make thriving more fun later on.
    1. a type of food or a way of cooking current food options that doesn't need salt. (cooker).
    2. to add some graphine rechargable cells instead of changing the current ones.
    3. a way to upgrade current tools to graphine rechargables versions.
    4. some sort of charger for said cells and new tools.
    5. geothermal genarators and a way to access the lava underneath the surface.
    6. some sort of accesable inventory on the side of the seamoth to help.
    7. I'd like to see lastly something similar to a harpoon gun connected to a rope to help bring up debris for when you add the new exploding ship update or better yet someting to help gather items from the wreckage on the sea moth.
  • VectricityVectricity California Join Date: 2015-04-17 Member: 203542Members
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    I suggest that a zeppelin be added to the game. Imagine looking down at an ocean world with patches of glowing light in a deep abyss. Or perhaps looking out at distant volcanoes and your crashed ship. And if that isn't enough, the practical purpose of having one would be to locate lost bases or ships/submarines (a boat would be quite nice to have now that I think about it...). And I'm pretty sure people would be curious as to what it'd be like to skydive from a zeppelin at say... 500 meters+ into the ocean. I'd love to hear feedback on this.

    Oh, and consider adding some kind of creature based on an orthocerida. Those things are cool.
  • WHITEWIZARDWHITEWIZARD Australia Join Date: 2015-04-13 Member: 203393Members
    Bugzapper wrote: »
    WhiteWizard... Great post, mate.

    I think that the Terraformer smoothing functionality would be extremely useful, particularly when it comes to building massive undersea structures such as submarine pens or even terraformed fortifications that could cover the most vulnerable areas of underwater bases. I'll be tinkering with these ideas sometime soon to see whether the 'Hard Shell' construction method causes any graphics or gameplay glitches. Still need to find a suitable patch of terrain to start terraforming what is essentially an artificial hollow mountain with its base somewhere around the 300 metre mark. I've always wanted a secret lair hidden inside an (inactive) volcano.

    Must be that recessive 'Dr. Evil' gene kicking in.

    Haha believe it or not I've already tried the submarine pen cave. I built a base into a reef wall and then dug a huge trench and then cave for the sub. However, the terraformer in it's current state left floating chunks of terrain in areas. Not to mention the texturing and roughness looked god awful. There's also currently an issue where removing terrain ignores the plants and reef so you end up with those just floating there in no mans land as well.

    Also extended the base around a reef mountain and created a seamoth docking bay with supply boxes and stuff stacked too. That was a lot easier to execute!

    I don't understand how some people think there's nothing left to do in the game at this point in time. Just need a little imagination. :)
  • JonasGrantJonasGrant Canada Join Date: 2015-04-15 Member: 203484Members
    Has anyone here read "The Lost World" by Michael Crighton? Well, I would suggest items similar to what the expedition had;
    -A powerful electrical current sent through the hull of vehicles and bases when large animals attack.
    -Gas grenades, though these were already suggested in here, as were tranq guns. (I would not suggest tranq guns, actually, as the chemistry of alien creatures would be so different from what we know, drugs could easily have the opposite effect)
    -Sound guns, a machine that emits a high-frequency sound, disorienting animals and causing them mild to severe discomfort.
    -Shark cage, a light composite structure you can carry with you and hide in when needed.
    -Recorder/Speaker, allowing you to record, say Peepers or Reefbacks and use that sound to attract predators towards the speaker. Preferably as you are swimming away from it. Or record a reaper and scare of smaller predators with it.

    None of it seems to be much needed, really, but I just felt like putting it out there.
  • AkilaxAkilax Europe Join Date: 2015-04-17 Member: 203555Members
    What I would like to see included is a map editor.

    With that added the community could make the huge map many want by themselves and the developers could have contests for the community to have the best chunks added to the official map.
  • Deekin12Deekin12 Colorado Join Date: 2015-04-17 Member: 203558Members
    I think a couple of interesting ideas to make the world feel a little more "alive" could be something like these.

    1: Waves, if this is planet has water covering 100% of the surface than i believe there should be a wave system in place. Taking what i saw from the movie "Interstellar" and from what I've seen here on earth waves can get huge, so i think an occasional massive wave would be an interesting, and terrifying sight. Like if you're standing on top of your escape pod and see a mountainous wave in the distance it would instill fear in you. i think things like that would create a more believable world, or a more fleshed out one, because i think a world should encompass as many emotions as possible.

    2: A dynamic weather system would also be nice, I've seen others suggest this. but i think that the weather system could tie into the wave system, through air pushing the surface of the water to create those waves or even the occasional colossal wave. it may even create a way for Maelstroms to appear which would be very interesting to me, it would make the world feel more dangerous.

    3: Truly massive deep sea creatures, I think you guys are working on this but if not i think it would be very cool. for example; you're exploring the deep with your Seamoth and hear this loud and deep rumble, you head towards the source out of curiosity and come across a enormous creature hundreds of meters long, or even kilometers in length. i think this would create a reason for deep sea excursions. it's something I've been looking for in a game because i would be terrified to see that in person, so a game is a perfect place to experience this phenomenon.

    4. intelligent creatures: maybe there could be smart creatures in this game or even sentient beings that have civilizations with which you could interact with late game, i think others have suggested this but it might add a new layer of depth to the game.

    i truly love this game and everything the you guys are doing with it, and this game has so much potential, i understand that adding more to the game creates problems, but i think it makes it more enjoyable for the players.
    this game has allowed me to experience somethings that i have always wanted to experience in life but can't due to the world we live in.
  • drill558drill558 Join Date: 2015-04-16 Member: 203499Members
    Most of the ideas i have are more tech stuff to add to exploration and bases rather than dealing with predators and hostilities.

    1. Biological scanner tool for the player and environmental scanners for Seamoth and Cyclops. I can't count how many posts or comments I have made about this. This would help justify having an in-game database for creatures and environments while encouraging exploration and rewarding players for interacting with the world. You could find out the nutrient count for smaller fish, learn what materials are in what environments, learn what rewards the tranfuser (if implemented) could offer, ect. I keep bringing up again and again that this game shouldn't require the player to go to the wiki to know about the world. It spoils the fun for those who want to find out more by interaction.

    2. Enhance seabases so they have a purpose. Once the player has a Cyclops, there's no reason for the seabases to exist. You can just place everything in the Cyclops which also feels much "roomier". I suggest:

    A. a docking/recharge station for the Cyclops that allows the seabase to serve some purpose other than a temporary home.

    B. a larger rotunda/saucer style room for the seabases to serve as something of a lobby/central hub so the player has room to put in anything they
    might want/need in a much more organized/decorative way.

    C. a small airlock room with the hatch in the floor to give seabases a more classic scifi style to it.

    D. Better window placement so the player doesn't feel the need to use the nonexistant crouch button to view the environment from inside the base.

    E. The ability to weld struts to add reinforcement to "floating" base components so the player wont have to compromise design vs. integrity as much.

    3. The Abyss. Anyone who knows anything about the ocean knows this is one of the most terrifying places in the ocean and is home to all manners of bioluminescent nightmare fuel. I would love to see an entire ecosystem where possibly even the mighty Emperor would fear to tread, complete with abyssal giants worthy of Lovecraftian design and the constant fear of the inky blackness and what could be hiding in it. I see plenty of opportunities for experimenting with creature design and tricking the eyes with light shows. Imagine to separate lights chasing each other in the distance only to find upon cloer inspection it is one creature with massive eyestalks so far from its body they are practically entennae.

    4. Robot Buddy. A small submarine-like robot buddy with a blue LED face, white and yellow color scheme, and small clamps to help gather resources, explore, distract hostile fish. It will follow the player to any depth so long as it is in the water and can be commanded with a small computer fixed to the players arm. If commanded to go somewhere it will follow a small laser pointer that the player controls. It can distract enemies by attracting a hostiles attention and fleeing in circles. Outside a self destruct which can be order by the player, it has no automatic defensive measures and can be damaged or destroyed if severely damaged. Upon destruction it creates a small explosion with radius and damage similar to crash fish. It can be dragged away by stalkers (this will not destroy it if minimal to no damage stsained before hand) and eaten by reapers. It can be repaired with the welder and can hold a cargo of 12.

    Commands it can follow are : Return (to player), Go to (laser), Harvest (nearby materials), Carry (see invintory), Self Destrust, Engage (distracts enemy), Fish (attempts to catch requested small fish by chasing)

    Components required: 1 adv wiring kit, 1 computer chip, 3 titanium, 1 powercell, 1 glass

    Why should we have the robot buddy? No real reason. I just want one :D
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