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    Also superior to make awful noise, price + size.

    Correct about price, incorrect about noise and size. Noise is totally dependent on the type of switch and size is up the manufacturer, size isn't affected by the switch type.
    Well about the key-cap size, couple funny photos
    and every switch have bad noise when/if you hit the bottom. Well in my opinion red switch with O ring is quite good (black even better) for noise wise.. That new logitech Romer G switch is interesting..
    Thought you meant size of the keyboard itself, fair enough, but I can't really think of a reason why keycap size would ever be a negative selling point...
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    I type a lot. I have used the Apple keyboards at work for several years out of necessity but have recently bought mechanical keyboards for work like I have for gaming at home. So much nicer for the end user, I can't go back to those horrible apple things.

    But I am biased, I have finally managed to get away from Crapple for my work and am happily running on Linux, which does everything, faster and cheaper (and so far more reliably) than the horde of awful apple machines I've had to put up with over the last 7 years.
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    I've just bought a Logitech G402, and I must admit I am loving it. A very smooth mouse :)
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    used a few gigabyte mice and a g100s that was dissapoint. Best mouse ive used so far is a deathadder, has the infrared sensor, 1gb poll rate, my best fps gaming was with that mouse. They arent very expensive, and they last a year or so. for 40 bucks i'd get one of those.
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