Rebirth of the PT_BR translation

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Alright, it's been some time since I've stopped by these forums (as well as in-game)... But only recently I noticed you guys are translating the game.
I did find the PT_BR translation thread. Two years old, currently inactive. Meh... So I'd rather start a new one, as I'm offering to translate the game completely. I've been working on string-based translation of games for some time now (OpenTTD and Warzone 2100 are my works, if you need references ;) ).

I did read, however, that the old PT_BR guidelines suggested not to translate main terms, as Marine, Hive, soforth... I tend to disagree with that. As you can see on latest released games, even multiplayer-based ones, absolutely all terms are translated, even those created specifically for the game (see GTAV, AC Series, Destiny, for example - WASTED becomes SE F*DE* [for non-portuguese speakers, that's a cuss word, my bad).

Proper Nouns, as is the case of the aliens' classes and the Exosuit, should not be translated, of course.

Anagrams, however are a somewhat gray issue, since SOME have actual translations, some are simply read as they are, albeit with portuguese pronunciation. On NS2's case, since ARC is not a real anagram, it should stay ARC. MAC should also stay MAC, however its full name is to be translated into portuguese.

I will add my translations to the current strings. If any other translators would like to discuss the work, please feel free to!

Edit: Done about 1/3 of the strings. Will finish tomorrow.


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    To some points imho it's ok to translate names like "commander station" and similar names. But what is imho ways more important is consistency inside one translation. I don't want to see translations where one building ends up being called by three or more different terms ;)

    Please still have a look at the official guidelines:
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    Yes, of course.

    Skulk, Blink, Shade, they all have translations in portuguese, but they'd make no sense, really... Exosuit could be translated to what literally means "Armoured Exoskeleton", but Exo is just quick and clean. Hive types, however, can be translated as their translated names do convey their actual purpose. Crag Hive, for example becomes something like "Rocky Hive" - quickly identifying it as a defensive structure.

    Back to translating now :smile:

    EDIT: I can't even fathom why there are so many string with the words Commander and Cyst untranslated... Commander is Comandante, and Cyst is Cisto. Easy as pie...

    Commander = Comandante
    Command Station = Estação de Comando
    Node = Nodo (yes, Nodo (/nódo/) is a word in Brazilian Portuguese
    Cysts = Cistos
    Upgrades = Melhorias
    Marines = Soldados
    Medpack = Medpack (no change)
    HUD = HUD (neither here)
    Minigun = Minigun
    Railgun = Rauilgun
    Frontiersmen = Tropa de Fronteira (took some creative liberty on this one)
    Nerve gas = Gás neurotóxico
    Infantry Portal = Portal de Infantaria
    Phase Gate = Portal de Fase
    To Snipe = Espreitar (Yes, this is the actual translation for "snipe")
    Deaths = Perdas
    Kills = Mortes (unfortunately Kills and Deaths, in portuguese, are the same, so I went for "Losses" on Deaths)
    Sentry = Sentinela
    Welder = Soldador
    Shotgun = Espingarda (and not "escopeta", which is an European Portuguese word, I believe)
    Flamethrower = Lança-chamas
    Grenade Launcher = Lançador de Granadas
    Cluster = Cluster

    EDIT3: That's it for now... 16 pages remaining though.

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    I had the same questions about translating game terms..
    Eventually I went ahead to translate them but put the english name in between ( ).
    That will hopefully make it clear for both sides.

    It does however make it much harder for consistency checking. As Ghoul said, you have to make sure you dont end up with 2 names. So using english in one and translated in another sentence tends to be pretty bad in my experience.
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    It's really interesting to see how you guys decided to deal with this. Personally I decided to follow the guidelines and not translate certain words such as Command Station.
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    I will give a example of how I am doing it in the dutch translation at the moment. Its as close to guidelines as I can make it.

    Problem: Not translating may make the sentense incomprehensible for folk who know not a shred of english. Translating will break consistency with other languages.
    "Speler verzoekt Voedingsstof Nevel (Nutrient Mist)"
    You will see 'Voedingsstof Nevel' is completely not similar from the words nutrient mist. But its the translation. To make it compatible I put the original behind it.

    I've been using the dutch translation since I started for testing purposes. The dutch sentences read reasonably well with it, while it gives good english pointers to the original terms, staying in guidelines. :)
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