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Hey guys, I'm gonna write here some thoughts about how to improve at NS2. It reflects my own beliefs, from NS2 merc to NS2WC

I will first thank my amazing team mates and some other players that made me improve by playing with or against them: Marine-
Tane,Fana Skulk-Alcalde Fade-Valk Lerk-Eissfeldt,laama.

I'll add stuff when i feel like it, and try to categorize them.

Is what i am doing usefull to the victory?
This question sums up the competitive mentality for me. Whatever you are doing at any time, is it improving the odds for your team
to take the match? Whenever I am left without orders or a goal this is what goes through my mind. Questioning myself forces me to
be creative and to find opportunities.

Marine gameplay:

A.Personal skill

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather
have those because we acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. Aristote

I will mostly be using quake terms to define the different skills a marine needs in NS2. These are the basics. In any highly
competitive sports, players spend half their time training those wich permits them to be proficient in their role.
A boxer doesn't prepare by fighting every days, a soccer player doesn't play a full match everyday to prepare a championship.
High level competitors hone their basics by the means of drills, wich then become reflexes.

That's why you will see some teams overperforming in PCWs, thinking they are improving in all aspects(in fact mostly on their
strats) and when comes the real thing they choke. Even though their strats are good, their basics are not. To be more precise,
their players become accustomed to doing the same things, taking the same rooms and routes every rounds so once they get out
strated they have to change their gameplan BUT their players do not have strong enough basics to adapt on the spot.

In quake, it's somewhat accepted that 3 main skills define a player, aim, movement, brain.
As a player you will never reach the same level in all of those. This is the first important step to improvement, what are your
weaknesses? Train accordingly.

1 Aim

Being able to put your crosshair on your opponent by various ways (tracking, twitching, waiting, strafing) is aiming.
Your most important tool is your mouse and 1st characteristic it's shape. Close 2nd it's sensor.

This first drill that I learned from an interview of SK Toxjq in Quake 4 (arguably one of the best aimer in the quake serie) is
pretty simple but very effective to bring up your aim fast.

Drill: "special combat"
Get access to a server console
Console commands
sv_cheats 1
Bind U marine
Bind I skulk
Bind O lerk
Bind P fade
Damage 0,3 to 1
Speed 1 to 1,5

Pick a team mate and just fight eachovers. Respawn as soon as one is killed. Change locations on the map after 20ish kills. Do it
for 60 kills then switch sides. It should take 30/40 minutes to complete. Be creative: lmg/skulk-lerk-fade sg/skulk-lerk-fade
Once you are confident with your aim add speed by 0.1
Dont over train, this is very hard on the wrist, it's constant aiming and dodging.

1.1 Strafe aim and twitch aim

In NS2 as in Quake you can track by strafing in the same direction your opponent is going, a side stepping marine nearly goes as
fast as a running skulk. This skill is situational.
As a player you should be able to mix mousing and strafing, high sensers benefit from strafing aim.

My favorite way to train my strafing aim is Quakelive. Join a CA server (mod with all weapons and full stack in 10 rounds) and
abuse the lightning gun, try to track with your keyboard and gently correct with your mouse.

Twitch aiming is about memory, less about rythm than tracking (if you are not doing a "waiting" shot). CS:GO aim training map is
pretty good to memorize your sens perfectly. You can use spots on a wall too, just aim one after the other faster and faster.

1.2 Positioning

The most talked about skill. NS2 is all about positioning (c) Fana. Well he is right and positioning is one of the most important
skill in any FPS game. I put it in aiming because good aiming permits you to hit from any angle, but good positioning makes these
angles easier.
Knowing the maps perfectly is the first step. As a marine you should know all the hotspots, where skulks are more likely to engage
and the counter positions to these.

Another thing I feel not enough people talk about is the speed routes, where aliens gain most momentum, I'll explain more later.
Basically when you start mastering positions, fighting becomes fun, less hard aiming and less nearly lost battles.
Peaking (underrated in NS2) is a subskill of positioning.

A common mistake beginners do is to think too much on maximizing their damage output and not the intake. This works against
unorganised aliens that rush you frontly even from the end of a corridor, but in a match if you position too simply you will get
crushed by a well synchronized rush.
As I said you must take in account your enemy momentum. Competitive skulks reach high speeds, if you position only to maximize you
damage output aiming is easier but reaching you too. You need to make compromises between output and intake.
Use the map to your advantage, do not overcomplicate angles but keep in mind your enemy's abilities.

A marine fighting a pack should always be able to kill at least 1 skulk, more if he totally outpositions them.
If you fail in a fight and don't deal much damage don't blame your aim like a rooky. Ask yourself if you add a good position, good
angle and if you managed to break their momentum.

Drill: "special combat 2"
You can train this with 2 or more team mates. Ask them to rush you in different positions around the maps. Be creative, use
corners, peaks, railings, barriers, stairs, open spaces... to break their momentum. Surprise them. Remember it's all about giving
yourself a easier time fighting and them a harder time.

2 Movement

2.1 Checking corners

The main problem as a solo marine is skulks ambushing you. Again map knowledge of hotspots is important. Do not check every
corners it's a loss of time, just be extra cautious in those areas. This skill is more about experience.

2.2 Baiting the ambush

Everyone knows this trick, get to the doorway, turn 90 degrees and strafe jump back. You don't need to be parasited to do it, you
can bait with the sound.

2.3 Baiting the rush

The French Fleeing Sprint, a pretty good move to do in the early game. once you scouted a rush incoming (sound, view) bait it to
another marine, while doing so ask for someone to rotate on the map to a good position. Exemple you are solo north tunnel, hear 3
skulks getting in position, poke them, dont reload, ask a rotate on hub, rush hub with the axe.

2.4 RT clearing

Don't overdo it, I see too many players trying to outdodge the skulk. Just fake strafe one side then long strafe opposite side.
You can pre-fire him if the rt isn't low.

2.5 Dodging

Incredible dodging can make you survive badly started engagements. As a general rule, if you are not reloading don't jump. Mid
strafes left right against skulks. A good opening is fast strafes to strafe jump then mid strafes. These kind of dodges are easier
for your comm to med than a spastic jumping all around.
Another very fun opening against a wallhoping skulk if to close the distance at the last second and crouch under him.

Against lerks use the geometry at your advantage. they can go in a hemi sphere around you, deny some of it with walls and objects.
I like to fast strafe then long strafe on the right so their mouse hits their keyboard or screen.

2.6 Sneaking/Sound tricking

My favorite movement skill to abuse again and again. This one is of course all about sound.You can bypass enemy lifeforms to
ambush them, sound trick your enemy by runnig away then sneaking back etc... To be efficient at it you need to know momentum
routes, have map awareness, and know spawn timings. DON'T be ashamed to sneak, with experience you will learn when it's more

Drill: Most of these will improve with PCWs. For dodging do some "special combat" with low damage and learn to avoid getting
bursted by skulks.

3 Brain

3.1 Scouting

Scouting in the early game is the most important task. In NS2 it's more about sound than view. Listening instead of watching makes
you unparasitable too. You can pre shoot skulks getting in position for the para with sound scouting.
We crushed countless early rushes just by sound.
By scouting well, your pressure and cappers will be more confident.
Don't be effraid to call positions by sound, even if you are not sure.

3.2 Reading

People may confuse this with scouting. The basic difference is you do it with nearly no direct info. It's experience and game
sense, if you don't use your PCW hours to train this it will never improve.
I often say PCWs are not good training because players dont train the good things in them. They focus too much on their mechanical
skills and their execution. I can name a hundred players with great execution, few with great game sense.
That's why to me, doing 1V1 combat frees your mind of the brain game, then in PCWs you can get in this state where your execution
(aim, movements) feels unconscious. This permits your mind to focus on your own and your enemy's next step.

3.3 Deceipt

One of the important unhonorable skills. It is more at your advantage to be under estimated than over estimated. Do not train at
the same level you want to perform in a match. Remember those over performing teams? Before many important matches we lose a bunch
of PCWs, with people thinking they figured us out. Winning is not a training goal, you don't play to win trainings, you train to
improve and to win tournaments.
Winning PCWs is nothing, you only proved yourself once you reach the final.
As a general rule focus 80% in PCWs + group stages and 100% in semi-finals + finals.
Dont always try hard, you will burn out.

3.4 Psychology

Another important skill to have in the highest stages of competition. You can win a match before playing it. You can lie about
your strats, act rusty in PCWs (deceipt), occasionally troll your opponents (not like a COD kid,use well timed smileys and
comments against carry players).
Some people will be put off by this kind of mentality, well guess what? People will use this shit against you your whole life.
Sometimes the end justifies the means. To be honest i would not be gaming if my opponent wouldn't EZ me when they SG flash my
fade. It's hilarious. Drama will build up your mental strength, use it to starve for improvement. Don't be that pussy staying
silent in the corner.

I can tell you at the lan a lot of players raped my lifeforms and trolled me about it in previous online games (I ofc did the
same). That doesn't remove any respect I have for them as persons (fucking Valk).
This is gaming, not knitting.

As a last word about this never make it personal. Only troll your opponent's skill and don't abuse it.

3.5 Rythm control/Faking/Poking Done

To continue

B. Group skills

1. Aim

1.1 Target focus

Focusing lifeforms can change an engagement's outcome. But contrary to popular belief you should focus the skulks (then lerks) in group fights.
Doing so will greatly diminish alien's PVE ability. Indeed, fades are broken and won't deal any structure damage. That's why PGs are OP in the mid and early late game.
The onos is a special case because of his low evasive capabilities.

The feeling before an alien rush is one of the best in the game. Tension builds up as adrenaline rushes your brain. At this point it's easy to forget basics.

Stay focused. In the split second your enemies take to rush the room, analyse their movement patterns.
Kill the ones rushing YOU. Defend yourself first (in some positions this won't be true).
Bad marines will over cover each others and get bursted of it it.
Don't get lured in focusing the air (lerk, fade) while the ground (skulks) will be the main DPS dealers.

1.2 Weapon choice

Once shotguns come out prefer lmg+sg squads. This is especially good the first 9 minutes against lerks.
The SG kills the skulks and baits the lerk to over spike/engage, while the lmg focuses him.

1.3 PVE to finish

1.4 Positioning

Group positioning should follow basic patterns. Distance, angles, concealment.
The distance between each marines should be high enough so the pack can't engage you all at once.
The angles should permit everyone to deal damage, avoiding TK.
The concealment is an underused and underated group skill. It aims at breaking and using alien momentum against them.

If one marine isn't parasited he should try to position himself more concealed than the others, silently if possible.
Hiding near the speed route, he will let half the aliens get in and shoot the last ones.
This gives 2 advantages: Surprise/free damage* on the last aliens and momentum break on them.

*Remember positions are about damage output and intake. In any FPS you aim at dealing more damage than your opponent in a fight.

If you are the shotgunner don't pussy out hiding behind the lmgs. Take the entrance angle, do not position too simply. Break that angle so you can't be para'd nor spiked.

Overlapping (thx Tane's guide) is another way to cover a room, this time without being inside it. It's basically setting an ambush before that room.
It's hard to pull off but highly rewarding. If done well you will catch the rush by surprise. Again free damage best damage.
Exemple on pipe hive is sub, you clean nano with 3, send 2 directly to system, they sneak to get in position. rush down.

Americans like to flank with a skulk wich often delays their rush. Europeans are more often rushing all in with a gorge. Both are valid, but you should exploit this.
Your reading skill will tells you they are taking longer than needed, forcing too many parasites? Probably waiting for a flank. 2 solutions: 1 of you guys ambushes the flanker early while the others back off a bit, or rush the rush. The last one sounds dumb, but you will most likely surprise the skulks waiting for the flank. Don't forget to prefire the corners if you do so.

For the zerg rush, the concealed guy outside of the momentum route works wonder.

I won't give out our positions (mainly used in matches) but I can say that in most rooms you can hide 1 marine from the drifter scout with him keeping a descent angle.

2. Movement

2.1 Progressing

Basic patterns are needed again. Distance, angles, reactivity.
Keep a safe distance and don't move in a line.
The first marine leads by his movements and doesn't stand in the middle. Don't over communicate.
The second marine must be reactive, if the leader goes to the left of the corridor, himself goes to the right. Both can deal damage at any time.
You will see bad marines breaking these basics alot, touching each other's ass, leader standing in the middle and spamming each others with useless infos.

Do not double check every corner, it's hilarious when I call 2 marines pressuring me from the map center as a gorge, and they reach my RT 10 seconds later. It gives alien time to assess and respond accordingly to the threat.

Never by pass the leader if not asked to. This is the thing i hate the most when I play gathers or mixes. People fucking running in front of you breaking all the basics in a second.

Follow the leader's calls, if he asks you to make noise he is probably sneaking to pick an ambush. If he asks you the contrary, he probably is trying to bait a rush/lerk to out position it self.

2.2 Trapping

The best way to kill higher lifeforms. Again mostly about out positioning your opponent. The concealed marine in a static fight has this role too: blocking the escape route. Countless exemples can be found in our NS2WC matches. Flash those fades.

Most humans will react to surprise by using direct solutions, fastest way to their hive.
Always try to pre-position a player on this way before a big fight. This guy has to know his basics and sneak to get in position.

2.3 Zoning/Mines/rotating

Usefull but overrated in NS2. There are other ways to defend your territory, like mines and rotations.
Most teams will send solo skulks behind your lines, some will lerk assist them to crush one side. The last one is countered by agrresive marine play.

The comm shouldn't have to micro his marine's placements, if your team is able to zone/rotate by itself, he can focus on his basics (meds, out-strating, res management...).

Well placed mines give you the ability to cover multiple RTs with only one rotating player.
For this map awareness is very important.
Exemple on tram: 1 guy pokes ore from repair, 1 guy cuts North tunnel, 3 guys pressure mezza. North gets killed.
A marine in mezza, should start rotating as soon as north is in difficulty and take hub until the spawner comes back.

A good website (thx Grissi) for working on your zoning/rotations is
Define the hotspots where you should always have a rotation/zoner, and then name yourself fnatic.MSi cArn

The rotating player with a mine can stop a 5 skulk rush by himself if he stops their momentum. I love doing it and pulled it off multiple times in different matches. Remember to never shoot the first skulk when you have a momentum breaking position.

Put your mines so lerks have to out-position themselves to kill them, a very good exemple of this is Daamz baiting a lerk in season three finals just outside his hive and surprise stomped him.

3. Brain
3.1 Calling to do


  • fanaticfanatic This post has been edited. Join Date: 2003-07-23 Member: 18377Members, Constellation, Squad Five Blue
    edited February 2014
    Good points and nice writeup. I've never had the patience to write one of these "how to get good" guides, but if I ever decided to make one, it would be very similar to this.

    One very interesting point, which is often overlooked, is what you say about the importance of practice matches, and the un-importance of practice match results. Teams being overly confident because of promising practice match results and getting punished for it when it mattered was a recurring theme throughout the ten years I played NS1 and 2. The first season of ENSL is a very good example of how little practice match results mean. In 2005, Knife (the team I was playing for at the time) faced Lessthanthree in the final of ENSL's inaugural season. Knife had never lost to Lessthanthree before that match, not in officials and not in practice. Yet when match day came, Lessthanthree won 3-1. Was Knife a better team? I think so. Does it matter? Not at all. Lessthanthree were the champions. That's all that matters.

    The only thing I don't agree with is the part about trolling. I have a lot of understanding for the "do whatever it takes to win as long as it's legal" mentality in serious competition, but my opinion is that you lose more than you gain by trash talking. You lose respect from your opponents, you lose respect from the audience and ultimately you lose respect for yourself. Believe in what you do, not what you say.
  • OnosFactoryOnosFactory New Zealand Join Date: 2008-07-16 Member: 64637Members
    Thank you so much, in General Discussion too, wonderful!

    Mostly, just jelly of your classical Greek name spelling ... so much cooler than those Roman scum :)
  • ZalamaelZalamael Join Date: 2013-08-18 Member: 186949Members
    Awesome guide mate. My only pick up would be to rename:

    3.4 Diplomacy


    3.4 Psychology

    Diplomacy is the ability to ignore other peoples personality defects in order to deal with them, whereas psychology is the art of using their personality defects against them (to deal with them in a different way).

    Art of War translations are a good read for anyone wanting to understand the fundamentals :)

  • SupaDupaNoodleSupaDupaNoodle Join Date: 2003-01-12 Member: 12232Members
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    Thanks for this! Can you write an alien version?
  • herakl3sherakl3s Join Date: 2010-12-22 Member: 75852Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    Ye psychology is more fitting indeed :)
    I'll try to do aliens later, I still have to do Group skills for marines (and there is alot in ns2) and add more on personnal skill. :)
  • nezznezz Join Date: 2012-12-11 Member: 174712Members
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    herakl3s wrote: »
    Do not train at
    the same level you want to perform in a match. Remember those over performing teams? Before many important matches we lose a bunch
    of PCWs, with people thinking they figured us out. Winning is not a training goal, you don't play to win trainings, you train to
    improve and to win tournaments.
    Winning PCWs is nothing, you only proved yourself once you reach the final.

    1,000% agree here. I almost ALWAYS mention this in my casts. When it's a semi, or final, or just two good teams playing each other in the division, there is always someone in chat saying "Well, team A has been losing against team B in PCWs for the last two weeks, so team B is definitely better." (or something along those lines). If I catch that I usually say something. How teams play in practices or PCWs don't show what they can really do. We don't know what type of strats or play they were trying out; or member rotations they were using, etc.
  • ObraxisObraxis Subnautica Animator & Generalist, NS2 Person Join Date: 2004-07-24 Member: 30071Super Administrators, Forum Admins, NS1 Playtester, Forum Moderators, NS2 Developer, Constellation, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Silver, WC 2013 - Supporter, Subnautica Developer, Pistachionauts
    Superb post herakl3s. Thanks for taking the time to write this up! :)
  • herakl3sherakl3s Join Date: 2010-12-22 Member: 75852Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    I'll try finishing group skills this week and may start alien next.
  • SupaDupaNoodleSupaDupaNoodle Join Date: 2003-01-12 Member: 12232Members
    Thanks again for taking the time to do this for us. Much appreciated!!!
  • GrissiGrissi Join Date: 2003-08-28 Member: 20314Members, Constellation, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Shadow
    Nice post, always wanted to write something like this up but never got into it. Really good effort.
  • Omega_K2Omega_K2 Join Date: 2011-12-25 Member: 139013Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    Best tip: use 3.4 to get banned from turnaments for bad sportmanship and attitude. In general that section, it implies that anything is okay as long you do it in order to win, so might as well cheat, use nasty exploits or poison people's food in a tournament. It's not a war you're trying to win here.

    I'd just hope for an appropinate degree of sportsmanship and appropinate handling of incidents from the entities that hold a competition. There is a reason that ENSL state that only the team leader may talk during a match, we don't really need to go down a public CS, COD-esque route to semi-macro "LOL NUB" in pub chat after every single kill; in fairness you mentioned that, but by attacking people in either way, you're going to start drama and it's not good for the community as a whole. I'd not endorse that kind behaviour.
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    Omega_K2 wrote: »
    Best tip: use 3.4 to get banned from turnaments for bad sportmanship and attitude. In general that section, it implies that anything is okay as long you do it in order to win, so might as well cheat, use nasty exploits or poison people's food in a tournament. It's not a war you're trying to win here.

    let's make every competitive scene carebear! right? i think a great example of what he's talking about is quake. i'm sure all the top players have a mutual respect towards eachother, but that doesn't stop them from using their binds when something funny/embarrassing happens in attempt to psych out the opponent.

    if you can't handle (as herakles says) somebody typing raped/ez/pz/lol after they destroy your lifeform early on in a competitive game, you need to grow a bit of a thicker skin. i think the fighting game scene is the best when it comes to this, as you can't compete in it without having a thick skin and being able to take a joke.

    now, there is a limit to it until it becomes unsportsmanlike or just obnoxious, see the tribes community.
  • herakl3sherakl3s Join Date: 2010-12-22 Member: 75852Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    First I totally respect your point of view, as much as Fana's. But let's be real, a little drama is not bad for the community, for exemple the casters hyping the french / finnish matches as some kind of classico like in football.
    I find it super fun and it pumps us up, we always expect to meet the fins in any tournaments.
    We troll each others in PCWs with some lols and shit, but still, i like every single one of them, they are all awesome persons.

    The most watched events all come with some hype.

    My best exemple, and turts exactly saw where i come from, is the Russian player Cooller in Quake.
    He has been probably the most hyped player in late Quake 3 and some quakelive, not because he won everything (ok his brain game is just incredible) but because of his broken english taunts, smileys and psychological games.

    The games give you the means to use these. I'm not saying (again) to insult people personnally like kids, I'm saying i expect people to lol me, or ez me when they dominate me. And because of this i fuc**** lol at it when it happens.

    Now I'm gonna say you something (you probably won't care but still), if at any time in your gaming days there is a match you absolutely want to win, and you lose control or under perform because someone trolled you a little bit, remember this post.
    Everything in life is a game, play with the cards available.
  • ZinkeyZinkey Join Date: 2013-06-25 Member: 185694Members, NS2 Playtester, Reinforced - Onos, WC 2013 - Shadow, Subnautica Playtester
    Awesome post @herakl3s‌, looking forward to reading the rest. Thanks
  • KungFuJVKungFuJV Join Date: 2003-04-03 Member: 15167Members
    Turts said it well. In the fighting game community there is so much trash talk from the amateur to professional players. These players still respect each other, but it helps build hype and generate a more personal incentive to play well.
  • RoobubbaRoobubba Who you gonna call? Join Date: 2003-01-06 Member: 11930Members, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Shadow
    Having spent my first 1000h getting to grips with the game, whetting my appetite for competitive NS2, and getting some basic marine and lifeform skills, I'm looking to spend my second 1000h honing those comp skills.
    This is an awesome guide for someone like me who is aspiring to be good, has most of the knowledge, but not yet enough of the experience putting that knowledge into practice.
    Thanks, Herakl3s!
  • AurOn2AurOn2 COOKIES! FREEDOM, AND BISCUITS! Australia Join Date: 2012-01-13 Member: 140224Members, Forum Moderators, NS2 Playtester, Forum staff
    wait you only had 1000h ?!
    Took me 1500h to L2p.
    now i need 1500h more to l2complay.
  • NeokenNeoken Bruges, Belgium Join Date: 2004-03-20 Member: 27447Members, NS2 Playtester, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Silver, Subnautica Playtester
    This guide just keeps getting better and better. Good stuff. :)
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    edited March 2014
    also i think you misspelled topic, should say king =)
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    I missed this somehow and am bringing it back for anyone who missed it also. Great guide! I would love to see the alien version.
  • herakl3sherakl3s Join Date: 2010-12-22 Member: 75852Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    Yeah i need to finish this but i have lots of stuff to do irl atm :_(
    Anyway i'm getting my new flat near my work soon and i'll be on my main setup the whole week not only on weekends.
    Shit gonna get srs@mylife
  • d4rkAlfd4rkAlf Sweden Join Date: 2013-11-12 Member: 189309Members, Squad Five Blue, Reinforced - Shadow
    Hey @herakl3s I just wanted to thank you for this marvellous guide and send off a wish that you one day will finish it!
  • SupaDupaNoodleSupaDupaNoodle Join Date: 2003-01-12 Member: 12232Members
    Wow thanks so much for this guide!
  • Cannon_FodderAUSCannon_FodderAUS Brisbane, AU Join Date: 2013-06-23 Member: 185664Members, Squad Five Blue, Squad Five Silver, Reinforced - Shadow
    wow, that is OP. Great strat. I will think about this more in my pub play.
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    j/k, nice roundup of skills and strat. thank you :)
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