Should not voting be counted as a no vote



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    Well then you have a lot to learn.
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    d0ped0g wrote: »
    I'm not sure it would be prudent to get a room with a horse.

    Just sayin' :P

    It's an iron horse, they can't move that much. So you should be save ;)
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    Not voting is just that, not voting. Elections are decided by those who take part, not those who stay at home. From what depths of boredom do these ridiculous topics arise?
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    Can we just make a simple server option to trigger between different voting options? That way server providers can choose their own preference and UWE can choose what they wish for their own official servers. They could also choose to include non-participant mitigating features like the ones I have suggested (e.g. afk, stuff with spec/rr, newbie friendly devices). Obviously this could be achieved with mods, but to make it a little easier for server admins, a proper feature for this to be done independently of mods would be nice. It's clear that everybody has their own idea of fairness, so the fair thing to do is to leave it up to the server operators.

    It's just a little disappointing that this topic is likely going to eventuate in implementation of a voting system that is inferior to what we have got even now - and any discussion about this has been stifled through constant derails. Whilst the poll voters can be said to be considering the proposed purely democratic system in a vacuum, any initial approval for the 'compromise' system should be considered to be done in a vacuum as well (due to the disadvantages only coming to light later in the thread).

    If we can't have server operators choosing their preference, then the next best thing would be to create a new thread with all the relevant information on advantages/disadvantages laid out clearly and concisely with a poll/survey to properly assess everybody's preferences. This way it cannot be criticised for being done 'in a vacuum' and will legitimize the results a little more. This, or that, is my preference. Criticisms against the due-to-be-implemented system are obviously falling on deaf/apathetic ears. So anything's better than allowing this thread to eventuate in a debatably broken system to be kneejerked into live under the pretence that it is a desirable compromise.
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    Ghosthree3 wrote: »
    Well then you have a lot to learn.

    Maybe from Cathrine the Great... :x
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    ... or Mr. Hands :P
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    So.... when's this changing? ;)
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