NS2 Ranked System

killionaire1175killionaire1175 Join Date: 2013-05-31 Member: 185422Members
I want to start a petition for a ranked system similar to the one CS:GO. In CS:GO there is a "casual mode" (join a server) and a "competitive mode" (ranked mode based on the skill of the player). There are a total of 15 ranks. You raise ranks by winning games and lose ranks by losing or abondoning games. You may also get temporarily banned (30 mins- 1 week depending on how often you quit) for abandoning a match. In my opinion, joining a server doesn't really give me purpose in playing the game and NS2stats doesn't do justice for me. I feel that adding this would make the game a lot more competitive. I haven't played the game as much as most of the people here have, but I would probably play it a lot more if this was added. I understand that it may not work because the game requires a commander and some people (such as myself) don't know how to play as commander or aren't very good at it, but I was hoping this community could give me some ideas on how it could work


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