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Submitted by Charlie on Tue, 2006-05-09 19:48.

<b>What is Sudoku and how do you play?</b>
Sudoku is a pattern-matching puzzle with one rule: place the numbers 1 through 9 such that there is only one of each in every row, column and 3x3 box. There are many strategies and rules of logic that come out of this very simple rule and are what make Sudoku such a compelling experience. For more information, check here.

<b>What is the Zen of Sudoku?</b>
The Zen of Sudoku removes the tedium and difficulty of Sudoku and focuses on the relaxing, satisfying aspects of it. It is designed to be the most pleasant way to play for both beginners and experienced Sudoku masters.

<b>What are the system requirements?</b>
You need a PC with mouse and keyboard running Windows, along with 32 megabytes of RAM and 50 megabytes free hard drive space. If you have an internet connection, you will be informed of product updates automatically, but that's not required.

If you have any concerns about whether the game works well enough on your system, just download the free trial and find out!

<b>I lost my activation code, didn't receive my activation code or would like a refund, can you help?</b>
Sure, just go <a href="http://csc.trymedia.com/csc/top_questions/contentid=f885b52fe1cc0886645d566b7b6df17a/affiliate=unknownworlds/index.html%22" target="_blank">here</a>.

<b>Will you release a Macintosh version?</b>
We've had many requests for a Macintosh version and it sure seems like upwards of 30% of the people that want to play are using a Macintosh. We will surely port Zen of Sudoku to the Macintosh if sales on the Windows version are good enough!

<b>I'd like to learn a bit more about how Zen of Sudoku was made. Got any suggestions?</b>
Zen of Sudoku was made by:
Charlie Cleveland - programming and design
Cory Strader - art
David John - music
Scott Haraldsen - sound

Check my blog entry here for some more background on the project. The website for the company behind Zen of Sudoku is <a href="http://www.charliecleveland.com/archives/2006/06/zen_of_sudoku.html#more" target="_blank">here</a>.

<b>Does the game support "pencil marks"?</b>
Yes - simply right-click.

<b>How about hints?</b>
Definitely. Not only will the game give you hints, but it will also give you detailed hint explanations so you'll learn even advanced Sudoku techniques!

<b>Is there a web version coming?</b>
There is in fact a free Flash version of Zen of Sudoku in development. I don't know when it will be ready though.

<b>How many puzzles are in the game?</b>
The game uses a special algorithm to generate its own unique puzzles so you can play forever without any repeats!

<b>Is there any spyware/adware/garbage in Zen of Sudoku?</b>
No! If your firewall complains when you run the game, don't worry. The game sends some data to the web server to know how many people are playing at any time and also to find out what game options people use and which difficulty levels are being played the most. This can be disabled by blocking Zen of Sudoku via your firewall and could be added as an option if needed.

<b>I want to help you promote the game. How can I do this?</b>
You can link to us with an affiliate code. Just promote us with 5-10 character unique "affiliate code" like like "googlecom", "mywebsitename", etc. You can then:

1. Promote the website like: "http://www.zenofsudoku.com?affiliate=affiliatecode"
2. Promote the download like: "http://www.zenofsudoku.com/download?affiliate=affiliatecode"
3. Promote the buy like: "http://www.zenofsudoku.com/buy?affiliate=affiliatecode"
4. Download the game from "http://www.zenofsudoku.com/download?affiliate=affiliatecode" and redistribute that executable yourself any way you like (CDs, your super-fast website, etc.). Just make sure to keep up to date as we release new versions so your users don't need to update right after they install.

Then if we see your affiliate code bringing in significant traffic or sales, we can talk about how best to compensate you. Thanks!
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