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    In other words, you need a smart tiny.gif
    that's RIGHT onoses have brains biggrin-fix.gif
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    As much as I agree that the current onos is much less of a tank, and more of a giant walker-fade/seige machine, it definietly has a place.

    Onoses become useful especially after 2 hives, but can be greatly useful before then, just not in a traditional sense.

    I have been on a team who controlled their second hive almost entirely because of an onos, just before DC, they need a lot of backup. The onos will always be able to take a lot of fire, but before DCs, they need to get rid of the opposing forces quickly, which they can't do.

    With the second hive, stomp and DCs make an onos an extremely formidable weapon, especially for use against heavies or taking another hive or outpost.

    So though it is not what many would think, the onos has its place, just unless the teams are very large, there is no place for more than 2. An onos is most effective with a large support team and least effective being a rambo (though drastically better after stomp).
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    skulk takes more skill than onos, so there arent really any "pro" onos. Onos is for people who cant dodge bullets.

    if you want to argue, read my post again and you will see my point.
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    I beg to differ. Onos are like Lerks 2.0. While they're still formidable assault aliens (not as much as they were or should be), they excell at support. Stomping to keep an entire team grounded while Skulks and Fades massacre them is more valuable than any amount of sporing and umbra. The ability to take out a turret while the entire Marine team is firing at you, then disappear and come back only to repeat this 15 seconds later is an enormous boon for the Aliens. A skilled Onos is as good at killing Jetpackers as Fades or Lerks, without the help of Web. The Onos who takes a heavy weapon out of the game for 33 seconds and continues to maul structures or other Marines is like two Fades. Why have Skulks and Fades bashing down RTs when an Onos does it in nearly 1/3rd the time?
    However, I think that we can all agree that the REAL issue at hand is this:
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    A good onos can destroy marines and structures well.
    A bad onos charges a few marines then dies.
    If you can't handle an onos,stay away. Treat it as a slower but more hp-based fade.
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    Onos pwnz. tounge.gif
    And if i play against Onoses, i get Shotgun lvl 3 and **** them. ^^
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