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    As an aspiring gorge, I was wondering how yall set up defense walls, IE, blocking the door to a hive or a corrodor. I set mine up as following :

    D = Defense Chamber
    O = Offense Chamber
    W = Web
    || = wall
    - = Just a spacer(empty area)



    Front(looking at my blocked doorway)

    (strategetically placed webs in front of this)

    I use this strategy, and for the 4 games I've played as gorge, It's worked well. I stack 2 offense chambers on etheir side, and only 1 in the center to make for an easy entrance for anyone trying to get in. It really sucks if your a carapace fade trying to get back to the hive and can't get back in sad.gif
    One thing I'm concerned about is the number of Dchambers I have up... I've always heard to put an equal amount of d chambers and ochambers in the same area, but that seems like a waste.. I try to put about 3/5 dchambers to ochambers in an area.

    One more thing.. Whats the range on healing for a dchamber? Also how much does it heal for and how much do d/ochambers have for hp?
    Thanks smile.gif

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    Best way to see the range on a d chamber is off course to go alien, go get hurt and come back to a D and see where it starts to heal you, but its a pretty fair distance. I reckon about 5 chamber widths but I'm not too sure.
    The only thing I might add to your wall is webbing across the top above the towers, to catch any jumping or jetpacking marines trying to get past. Also, one or two offensive at the back, covering the defensive towers will stop any marines jumping over/coming round the back and taking out your D towers without getting shot.
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    this is my tactics for going Gorge, and it works 90% of the time.

    Start off as a skulk and rush to another hive, find a shady spot and go gorge. By the time you evolve you should have a few res saved, place ONE OC in a position that can cover any entrances to the hive. You will be bitched at LOTS but stick with it. That OC can take the place of a skulk that outherwise would have had to play body guard to you and it acts as a buffer zone against any lone marine that would shoot your big fat wobbly arse up. save and get the res node. v1.04 can support 2 gorges off of one node, but that's crap. But one gorge CANNOT cover enough area alone so you need to get someone else to go gorge to get res nodes, while you place your 3 DC, giving lv 3 cara for your lil' skulks who will have been bitching for it cos you covered yourself first. For now do not worry about your start hive as all the team, when killed, will spawn there so there will be a pretty much constant flow of skulks there. By this time you should have OC going up in the new hive, there's no point spending 80 res on a hive that 2 marines can walk into, kill you, then shoot your hive up! when the def is good enough*(see note on placing OC/DC) start the hive. if the marines have moved into the other hive, the newly spawned cara'd fades can deal with it . now one of the two gorges defends 'home' hive, while the other makes his/her way to the next hive, placing OC along the way to make marines progress around the map a lil' harder.

    Placing OC/DC.

    the WoL is only good for blocking a door and stopping a marine on foot. making a group of OC/DC is pretty much pointless, it give a HMG marine just one target to open up on. He'll just fire blindly into the mass of chamber and get most of them. Now if you spread them out then there's lots of "spit" coming at the marine from different directions, it also means that if a location with OC/DC's gets seiged, the cannon will have to take out each chamber on its own cos they are spaced out enough to avoid most of the seiges splash damage. For instance anyone who's played with me on the map with sewer hive (forgotten the name) and i've gone gorge, check out the room the hive side of the pipe from sewer vest. (the one with balcony over look) i scatter the OC about and place DC among them to make many targets. I also hide OC behind crates and stuff, so an area a marine thinks is clear isn't so when the walk in the OC hits them from the sides/behind.

    anyone who has played with me should know my tactics

    agree/disagree? confused.gif
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    Yes, I think most players place their OCs the wrong way!

    Instead of using them exclusively to block the passages to your hives, use a good portion of your OCs in open spaces. They will cover a huge area in their firing radius; and also, note that when you have two or more turrets packed in one location, a HMG will inflict much more net damage - those shots that'd be off to the left or the right will hit the other chambers.

    Leave at least one or two chambers worth of space between OCs. DCs have really long ranges, and work through walls... use that to your advantage, as well. Of course, if you have a long tunnel, placing a bunch of chambers in a row one behind another will at least prevent the marines from advancing too quickly. In fact, build one or two towers in the entrances, but no more. this way, IF the enemy is bold enough to advance past them, they will either be weakened and can't face the spread-out chambers in the following room, or they will just ignore those in the tunnel (since there are so few) and rush into the room. However, they will get plastered, and are likely to fall prey to those chambers on their escape route they ignored.

    As for webs: note that you can't just web everything, you have a set maximum amount of webs. So, use them carefully, because eventually, you won't be able to put down more webs until someone removed your old ones (i.e. by welding them, or getting trapped).

    Webs are a KILLER in tight ventilation shafts (if you expect marines to crawl through it). Good example would be the Subspace Array Interface on whatever map it was on (ns_nancy?).

    Unless you and your team are very sure what they are doing, build a MOVEMENT chamber after the second hive (and several of those, of course, well-distributed so your aliens will be much more responsive to threats for the hives). No matter how cool the sensory chamber is with cloaking, Movement benefits you much more (unless you have a team you are familiar with and who has a killer strat for 2nd Hive sensory .... I haven't seen one so far)...
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    QUOTE (b00ted @ Nov 16 2002, 09:07 PM)
    Use cloak,webs and babblers for easy kills, and I mean EASY kills.

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    Dunno if some1 said these, but...
    1. I think the best way to get a hive early in the game, is to gorge ASAP, then get the res nodes near the hive OR get the res along the way to the next hive.
    2. As for OC and DC I agree with spacing them out, but if u like WoL, try building them just around corners- it surprises the marine. Later on use webs to stop marines before the corner so that they are faced with OC while webbed. biggrin.gif
    3. Often aliens have trouble with jp flyin over defenses, Web the space above the OC/DC so the jp'ers fall and meet their doom.
    4. Give space between OC and DC this way, if the marines attempt to jump the wall they would be trapped in between:

    lDC DC DCl
    lOC OC OCl '-' is space or webbing to stop jp
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    Gorge is a fun and skillfull way to play kaharaa
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    and I would add my gorge tips but I'm in class and i can't spend alot of time typing
    webs are very good
    wol is only good for blocking entrances
    scatter your OC's around areas, don't clump them unless your blocking a door
    and redemption is good if you don't want to take the resource hit of having to come back and evolve again
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    um i think the MAIN point of a wol is actually SCARING rambo marines with hmg from entering that area? its pretty demoralising to see 3 ocs and 2 dcs in a hallway en route to the hive, even if you have a jp and can easily fly over. i agree that wols dont stop a dedicated marine group moving though. more of a psychological thing ya know? sort of like saying "ok this is my area your not getting it without a fight. so back off"


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    It is good to get a gorg up as quickly as possible in the game so that res is diverted to him as quickly as possible. Also, know the map you are playing and where the rts are for this is likely indispensible to you. The biggest tip I have to offer is that in most games gorgs tend to stick around res nods they want to take initially. This is a unnecessary risk as you are waiting for res to come in and you are putting yourself in danger of getting killed. Many times gorgs will get "murdered" while waiting to get the first nod up. Many games are won and lost due to the gorg getting killed initially. So to prevent that all you have to do is just stick in the hive until you get say around 15 or 16 res, you will get res on the way so as when you reach the rt point you can just lay it down. Also, your comrades will be dying here and there so when one respawns ask him to check the rt point you wish to take as you are nearing the 22 magic number. Getting the first nod is always your first key step to getting things going...

    I personally use the one rt, def cham, rt, def cham, def cham, rt... Level one carp may be weak but it does allow your skulks to survive normally far enough to get one bite or to make them use quite a bit of ammo for others to go in.

    Webbing I noticed as well is more effective if you go from ground to ceiling as marines tend to try to fly over webbing. If you design it right the ground to ceiling web will cover alot more area instead of going from wall to wall over oc chams. Especially for viaduct in ns_nothing. Although web does not reach from ground to the over hanging bridge you can web from the over hang into the ground in case the jps like to float infront of the hive to take it down or attempt to fly in. If you use the ground to ceiling web with conjunction with just a few wall to wall web you can make it quite difficult for jps to manuver in for the hive. As a jp it is easier to go up than from side to side so by going from ground to ceiling you take out his ability to try to go over the web because now he must manuver side to side to avoid it(not one of the jps strongest points, I assure you...). This was learned from a painful lesson when a marine flew over the webbing in the narrow corridors over the wall to wall webbing which appeared to have no gaps between, the marine managed to fly through a tiny little hole for the hive. After that I started to web from the "ground up" and either they have to weld it or get stuck in it to fly past it. On a special note... A ground to ceiling web looks cooler... Try it out it looks cool with all the webs going from top to bottom(bottom to top).
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    can any1 suggest a good build order?
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    I dont know if this is a known tactic, but as a skulk you can crawl ON TOP of the hive and then evolve into a gorge, from there you can build chambers ON TOP of the hive, although the chambers sometimes fall through the hive abd sometimes they sit.
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    No no no! Do not build an oc before a res point - A single OC is useless against 2 rines let alone 4-5...

    The smartest thing is to sit in the hive and save for 22 res before waddling off to the nearest safe rt with an escort...

    It is the job of the skulks to make sure the hives arnt taken in early game - not the job of the gorge.

    On a side note - this guide needs a bit of updating in light of changes to mainstream NS tactics.
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    I got a question. If you stack ocs, will the ocs below be able to shoot? and is it through if you build 8 dc under the hive only 3 will heal it?
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    With the pudgy.gif it all depends on how your team is doing. I usually get 1 rt, then 3 D chambers, unless your team is owning the marines with no problem, then i go for the 2nd rt before the D chambers. Always make sure that when you decide to put up the first D chamber, for god sake put up 3 of them, lvl 1 carapace is crap. lvl 2 isnt that bad, but lvl 3 = skulk pwnage. People have been talking about sens first or mov first, screw that crap. although it may be fun, as skulks (which is generally all you have with 1st hive) you need that cara. NEED! i dont wanna run quicker to my death, i wanna have enough armor to get to the shooting marine and kill em. Also, redemption is vital to a gorge. After you have 3 res, save for 2nd hive. NO off chambers, that's dumb. Just save get the 2nd hive started. after 2nd hive is about half-way built, get a 2nd gorge. one start securing 1st hive, other start securing 2nd hive. You should be well off after that. of corse things can go wrong, like tech rush, ect. it all boils down to, be aware of what's going on in the game, and be aware of how much your team is being killed ect. as someone pointed out earlier, build 2 def behind 2 off towers, good thing to do. If you can, put the def out of sight of the off towers, like right around the corner. i know when i'm marine, i aim for def towers first, that way it's easier to kill the off towers. Off towers with no defense behind them = bye bye O tower.
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    babblers+ adrenaline = FUN in marine start smile.gif)) especially i f u have a 2nd gorge with u webbing up the IP's etc....
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    When i gorge on *public* servers, i go immediately for rt's. depending on team status/comntrol of areas, i will build 3-5 rt's and then build 3 d chambers at once, at teh location of the hive which i plan to save up for next. by teh tiem teh chambers build, u should have almost enough res for the hive. TRhis is generally a bad strategy fro tourny mode servers/games and scrims adn matches etc. It works great on pubs.
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    Yes Hells winter.

    I want to point out that good advice about the second gorge.

    A second gorge is EXTREMELY useful around the time when the second hive is going up.

    This is also around the time when everyone starts maxxing out at 33 resources, and someone might go gorge to lay down a RT or DC.

    Both are very acceptable.

    You would not believe the number of games tonight where people were bitching and bitching and whining and bitching about having two gorges.

    Even after the second hive was completely built!

    I tell ya.. they need a god damn honor system for this game like in AA so people would know when a newbie starts barking dumb **** orders and confuses the rest of the newbies.

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    QUOTE (zoda @ Nov 16 2002, 02:05 AM)
    sorry to show you up with this, but I think the guide here: http://nstactics.lanvancouver.com/gorge_tactics.html

    is much better. I learned a lot from it.

    That link doesn't work... confused.gif
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    Work with other people. Split tasks. If you see a gorge building, assist then go to your own RT/hive. If you're a gorge and you've just blown 35 points building a second hive, ask your friends to make 2-3 towers with their RTs as a speedy defence.

    As a gorge, Sensory towers and Offensive towers are your best friends. Your teammates rely on them and they're what you'll be building most of in the game. Sprinkle in Def towers at choke points. Don't place your offense towers in bendy corridors or in pits. Put them in LOS of doors and at a long enough distance to get lots of hits. Don't blow 50 - 60 res on pointless construction. If the hive and RTs are secure, go to the action and build def and sens towers for your mates. Don't fall into the trap of spending res for the sake of spending.

    Finally, as courtesy to all gorges - PLEASE don't run to a gorge with soldiers behind you. They'll shoot you, bullets will hit the gorge or his towers, everything will appear and the whole lot will get toasted. YOU will get away with a respawn or redeem.... the gorge has to blow 50 rps rebuilding what got snafu'd...

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    This thread should be dewebbed, and the "Combined Comprehensive Guide" thread should be put up in its place.
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    This is going to royally confuse some people if it stays stickied.

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    Yes, all these 1.4 guides need to fade away from the boards to make room for 2.0 guides. I mean, half of this thread is about BABBLERS!! They don't even exist anymore!!
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    I hope u all know that this whole guide is out of date. It is clearly for <2.0. I think u should update it pal.
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    unsticky it and let it die... and let it give rise to a newer and more POWERFUL gorge guide...
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    Well, in 2.01e there are no babblers anymore, right?

    My tip is to make a gorge gang and go bilebombing some RTs or spraying bacteria on the Marines.

    Happy gorging! pudgy.gif
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    If not, plz give one reason to keep this thread...
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    siege.gifsiege.gifpudgy.gifpudgy.gifpudgy.gif how do you make some coolio tounge.gif Ub3|2 l3eT Towers, where the OCS are in a small circle and the dcs are in the middle of the small circle
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    True that true that, maybe someone would be kind enough to put up a real good guide with gorge. aSomeone will realize that will make it a pin up sticky
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