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    Babblers self destruct after 14 seconds and cause damage to structures and marines within range. Often if you fire your babblers too close to the target they will get killed before they have a chance to do any harm. If you stay quite a distance away, then fire your babblers, it should take them 14 seconds to reach their target, then they explode. Its all a matter of timing.
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    If you find an undefended marine resource tower:

    You can:

    1) Call you friends. spit and heal will take forever to kill it.

    2) Build defenses around it. Oh, dear. Why are the OCs shooting the tower?
    This not only defends you, it attacks the tower too. and you have your defenses in place for the node.

    catch: OCs can't aim worth crap. sometimes you can build OCs around a structure and they ALL are missing the target. tounge.gif

    If you find a turret forest that does NOT have seige guns:
    Build OCs to kill the turret forest. This way, if the marines come to get rid to the aliens attacking the turrets, you have ample time to get out of there, or call for backup while OCs keep them busy. Expect sieges to come up when marines do though. This has been posted somewhere else, I think.
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    For a start, it forces gorges to fight, which is the last thing you want to happen. Forcing gorges to waste resources on defending the resource towers. Secondly, forces the whole team to defend the resource towers, when they should be concentrating on rushing the marine base.

    Why should they rush the mainbase? If they have a couple of skilled marines in their team, it's suicide. Maps like NS_Eclipse and NS_Nancy is suicidemaps for rushing. It's alot better to have a gorge take the messhall, and defend it with all the skulkers you got. The messhall has quite alot of hiding places, and if the marines storm in, they are in for a though fight.
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    QUOTE (Tomten @ Nov 29 2002, 10:47 PM)
    Why should they rush the mainbase? If they have a couple of skilled marines in their team, it's suicide. Maps like NS_Eclipse and NS_Nancy is suicidemaps for rushing. It's alot better to have a gorge take the messhall, and defend it with all the skulkers you got. The messhall has quite alot of hiding places, and if the marines storm in, they are in for a though fight.

    Actually I partly agree, it does depend on the map, often whoever takes the messhall usually has control of the map, but thats because the messhall is easy to defend, once you have a few defence chambers in there it makes it easier for skulks to attack then recover, attack then recover..

    Slowing marine expansion is the first important thing, not necessary rushing all the time but ambushing too. Then getting the second hive up.
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    I found the guide abit confusing. But thank you for at least attempting to create a gorge guide
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    i normally have a horrible score but oh well.. i duncare...

    if i really play offensive.. i get pretty much CS like scores tounge.gif hha .. 30-5 etc..

    gorge is fun..

    i have a few tips


    to prevent being stuck.. simply tap the back key as u build.. i seem to have not gotten stuck for a long time.. smile.gif heheh ...


    even tho ur a gorge... and ur easy prey.. dun be afraid to run off by urself in the beginning of teh game.. building those OCs and DCs is important... because it often secures the hive... ie.. forgot wut map.. but the hives are fusion reactor.. sat comm and nucelear wasthandling... i normally run there rite away... make a resource tower and then make a few OCs...


    cloaking is a must.. but u nroamlly dun get that till the end of the game cuz ppl make taht the 3rd attribute
    adren is good.. healing spray etc

    i go REGEN.. why? beacuse normally when ur running around.. ur not ALWAYS next to a d chamber.. and im quite sure spray doesn't heal urself tounge.gif .. its safer taht way....

    im a n00b at the gorge.. i'll probably be flamed... *sigh*
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    I hope that many gorges will read this, as I often find the same mistake leads to the defeat of kharaa over and over again.

    Theres a map with lots of elevators on it, I can't remember the name right now, at the bottom of each elevator is the basement that connects to the hive location. There are 3 elevators on this map. The best defence for this location, is to block the elevators by stacking chambers on top of each other so the lift can't go down.

    I've seen plenty of gorges spend tons of resources on defence chambers and offence chambers around the hive, but once the marines can get down there, all they need to do is set up seiges, and game over. The best defence is prevention. Blocking those elevators to stop them coming down in the first place, will help you stall for time.

    There are 4 resource nodes in the basements of this map, its well worth the resource points to block the lifts. The chambers should be built to the height of the ceiling of the entry point from the elevator shaft so the marines cannot jump out while the elevator is not fully down.

    Just as a side point, as a skulk you can use the same strategy to reclaim parts of the basement level, assuming they haven't set up phase gates, you can go down into the basement, send the elevator back up, evolve into a gorge, then block the shaft, maybe set up a few offence to take out their turrets, evolve back into a skulk and chew up the turret factory. That gives you more time to eat before reinforcements arrive.
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    Getting stuck when building

    I have on occasion been able to get unstuck from a tower/resource node by straff jumping to the right. What I mean is hold down the strafe right key and keep jumping. You sometimes catch the edge of the tower and jump quickly again out of the tower/resource node. I also wiggle the mouse around, but that usually because I'm **obscenity** off.

    Save having to kill yourself or build a movement chamber.

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    What pisses me off most, is gorges who pin you down with their buildings. Like there was this one time I was attacking the marine base as a Fade, and this gorge thought it would be a good idea to set up offence chambers behind me!!! Apart from blocking off my escape route a few times, he managed to pin me down with an offence chamber and I was stuck, I couldn't blink out of it, and a marine walked around a corner, and probably thought, 'hmmm, must be xmas already', and then he casually blew me to bits with his LMG.

    Maybe I would have been less stressed out if the gorge had decided to build something useful like defence chambers for recharging instead.

    So gorges, do not stick your teammates down by building structures on top of them. They won't be able to protect you if they can't move.
    I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture, and kill them. I wanted to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed kill. - 'Joker' Full Metal Jacket
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    When you get stuck build movement tower and use it.
    It saves time, definitely faster than repawn+evolve
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    Support gorge:
    Webs are a vital part of the support gorge's role, especially when they've got HA and a heavy weap, basically sit behind yoru fade buddie and put up webs, then if anyone tries to chase the fade down they end up webbed right next to an angry fade.

    Also if people have started firing at the fade come round the corner and web the people sa they shoot him, there's an art to this but it will almost certainly get you serious kudos from the fade players as all the targets infront of him suddenly become unable to fire, adrenaline is a must for this one.

    Goes without saying that you can heal them in combat thus allowing the fades to use carapice and become even more deadly, throw a lurk into the mix and you're an incincible wall of doom unless they get a nade launcher.

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    Not something I'd recommend as adreline is more useful but if you ever end up as a gorge with celerity it's funny stuff. You can actually do very well with web + spit + celerity.
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    Good tactics!

    I like to web in front of offense towers as much as possible, at least those near our hives. Sometimes elevators, doorways etc. I read from another forum that if you build 3 sensory towers its suppose to "hide" structures behind them so that siege cannons cant fire at them...im not sure if this is true, going to try it today maybe.

    By the way, which do you prefer..building Offense towers in a row & defense towers behind them or stack offense towers & defense towers behind them?.
    One not so "good" for marines at least is to block elevators with offense towers..some people use it tounge.gif. Like me..but hey its part of the game. smile.gif
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    Mystical Magical Gorge Rush:

    Have your whole team go gorge except one skulk, preferably with adreniline and carcapace, though usually you want to do this right away. This should be done with a large team.

    Why? Madness you say?

    Health spray. Not only does it heal you, it hurts them. Run in a huge pack with the skulk in the middle, health spray anytime your taking fire, EN MASSE.

    You'll heal faster than the LMG's can kill you. Move your pack toward the marines, spray them to death, have your lone skulk eat their Infantry portals.

    Congratulations on winning the game with a cheese tactic!
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    QUOTE (JackPoT OwNeR @ Nov 22 2002, 01:29 PM)
    What would you guys suggest for skulks? Like any good attack techniques? Because, it's really hard to attack if you are very far away from the marine....Any good technique would be appreciated. skulk.gifasrifle.gif


    Assuming you are on the offense early on in the game, the gorges in kharaa team are allready trying to set up base, while skulks are finding it hard to spook marines since they allready set up their defenses....

    assuming also that marines arent total llamas and move at least in groups of 2 or 3...

    walk on walls/ceiling and attack on all sides. there was this game where marines grouping in a part of the vents, and well you know stuff about narrow corridors and marines having a little less aiming to do + more shooting time? well, i managed to clear the vents with a little help from me mates. while some of me mates were busy being chopped up by LMG fire, i was chomping their behinds, while they were shooting at my mates. cos they were a little unhappy about the backstab, but heck, i was unhappy about the siege they built in the vents, so i guess we were fair.

    about walking on ceiling/walls, they work too because most of the time marines will be thinking that skulks will be running about on the floor, so theres will they where their guns will be aiming. running on the ceiling will ensure that they will waste some time readjusting their aim. you know the more time they waste aiming at you, the more time you have to get those chomps in.

    skulks are often overlooked later on in the game, people prefering to become fades and onos. i prefer the skulk over them all. i like the spook effect they give me, AND the ability to walk on walls, and STAY on ceiling, unlike lerks who have to be constantly flying to stay on ceilings. skulks are excellent ambushers, and defenders.

    oh year, ensure that the base rushes are team effort early on, going in one by one is suicide.
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    never mind, its been said
    (the thing about getting stuck and movement chambers - good idea that)
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    jus wonderin... is it considered cheap to go gorge and then evolve to fade when u want to get resources quicker

    cuz gorges get resources a lot faster.. meaning quicker fades?? if each kharra did that 1 player or 2 players at a time.. would that work? jus wondering smile.gif
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    goin gorge to do nothing but suck up res (esp before the second hive is started) won't do much for your team

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    just a little thing have worked in several games. have 2 gorges early on and either go in different directions from the hive working towards another one. that way you are well spread and dont have the problem of building up to only one hive location and meeting marine. or go 2 gorges and stick together. one builds resnodes/hives and one defence/Upgrades. works great imho.

    Never have the 2nd gorge before you have at least 2 RT tough.
    Teamplay is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at!
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    This gorge guide ( or whatever the hell you think it is) does absolutely nothing. How often do gorges have babblers? Jesus christ...
    1 gorge: 1d/rt/2d/rt/rt/hive - and i dont even **obscenity** play it.
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    whoah there pal...wanna lay off the sugar cubes for me?
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    1 gorge: 1d/rt/2d/rt/rt/hive - and i dont even **obscenity** play it

    and that isn't even right.

    I usually do rt/rt/1d/rt/hive/2oc/2d
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    first off: if you 'dont even play the game' what makes you think you know the perfect strategy?

    Strategy based on a game i played the other day (with a 60 ping 60! ive never pinged that well in ns before...)

    Phase 1 (before marines expand) - When to build the gorge is most often decided using number of kharaa players. If there are fewer alien players, every skulk should rush the base maniacally. Group and rush. You should be able to hinder the marines tech and res advancement long enough for every skulk to have 33 res. Thats when each skulk should, on their way to the marine base, change to a gorge, drop a res node, build it until you have 4 res, and change back to skulk. One person build, instead, a d chamber and stay gorge(hive right away). S/he will be it for the game. If it is a big server with many players, there should be one gorge right away (rem: 3s =1g on res) Anyways, these res nodes scattered and undefended serve a purpose...

    Phase 2 (marines attack!) - marines, whichever direction they go, will most likely encounter one of your resource nodes. hivesight is your friend. Since you have spent all the resources on nodes and upgrades for your skulks: use your skulks! If you see a res node under attack, say something about it, and go for it. This and parasite should let you keep track of the marines quite well. For the rest of the game, if any skulk has 33 res and isnt saving for something, gorge, cap a node, skulk. That way, even losing occasional res nodes, you will still end up on the positive. (note: people will argue a waste of res (39 + temp drain on gorge res) but if the node is up for only a few minutes, it will make up for itself, and then some.)

    shoot i gotta go to work...

    anyways, if marines have bases, and they most likely will, have gorge build dcs (like 5 tounge.gif) just outside siege distance of that base and have fade them out with carapace, the 5 dcs will keep them good and healed if they can fade well (blinkin and stuff)

    it doesnt usually go much longer than that... and the aliens are all having a hearty chuckle and friendly conversation on the voice comm.

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    Whoo, you people seem cold to one another... I use regeneration, cloaking, and adrenaline. It's a good combination, and I enjoy screwing around with marines when they're trying to build a new base. I held off three or four marines once with my babblers for a good minute or two, but then one of the marines nailed me with his machine gun. They were trying to build a new resource tower, but they were distracted by me. Too bad they succeeded...
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    I've mastered my game of Gorge quite well, but I always find 3 scenarios happening in a game

    1) (love this one) I'm gorge, build 2 RT's, then a second gorge joins, and we both go to separate hives and have 3 hives in a short time.

    2) I'm gorge, noone else knows how to play. 1) secure your main hive, build D chamber first so that your guys don't die as fast (but still die constantly) in this case you just try to stay alive until your skulks get tired of rushing their base. Once that happens you should have a few RT's and a couple d chambers, move onto the selected hive to save/build. Usually around this time a second gorge helps to cap a resource or 2 (and then switches back to skulk)

    3) your skulks rule, you are gorge, run around having as much fun as possible building every RT on the map and 2 hives, run up to the base with you 4-5 fades and heal/build d chambers, and watch your lerk use umbra to keep you fairly safe. Without the seige there you can build 2-3 OT's and 3 DT's inside their base for a nice finish. pudgy.gif
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    ok, no one thus far has said this.....
    christ, you have NO idea how many times its saved my fat waddleing **** ^_^
    but I do like to play gorge, and I am damn good at it too
    I usually get rt, def, rt, 2 more def, hive, then o tower wall.
    Back in the beginning of the 1.04 patch, I could make walls so fat, not even 2 sieges could get through ^_^
    I am gonna try to make a demo of my gorging, just to show how I do it.....
    but I might wait untill 1.04 goes public dunno
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    Im suprised that noone mentioned that when building lots of chambers, you should place them all first (buildings build themselves at a reduced speed) then go back and finish them off, this way you get your towers built quicker.
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    its funny when aliens have 3 hives and marines dont have got ha yeat,go to gorge and own the marines with babblers(i got 22 kills on streak)
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    Someone else has mentioned it already, but I feel it ought to be reiterated: get redemption. Why? Well, it's pretty simple with redemption (assuming it works) you stay alive longer and keep the resources. You shouldn't have to worry about doing hit-and-run attacks (regeneration) or charging the enemy (carapace) so redemption should be perfectly good for what a gorge needs to be doing. I know it's been a great help since I started using it.

    Also, on the issue of webs. Put them on the floor. By this I mean ON the floor... shoot the little glob directly onto the floor. Follow this up with another shot diagonally on the other side of the hallway. Do maybe 3 of these. It should look like /\/\/ keep the spacing appropriate for how much space you need to cover. Marines will likely not see it and webbing is cumulative so while they may only be out for 3 sec or so from one web 4 webs has them out for 12 secs. Many marines will attempt to slog through webbing if they hit it accidentally... this really makes them pay and unless they pay close attention to the floor they're likely to miss it. I might occasionally put a web up by the ceiling (especially in Computer Core) but only if I'm having problems with jetpackers flying in over the chambers. Too many gorges use webs badly... if nothing else try this, I'm sure you won't go back.
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    There's some really great tip's there. But what you have to rember is. Not every NS server is the same.
    Some will only alow 12 people max on a server at a time this means 6 on marines and 6 on alines. If this happens you don't need to gorg esepecialy at 1st. Rc's are slow enough then. Wate until the gorg has 3 rc towers up and 3 defence towers up before anouther gorg joined. By that time your rc's are up and you can save for the hjive really quick. pudgy.gifpudgy.gifpudgy.gifpudgy.gifpudgy.gifpudgy.gif
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