Amazing Resource Usage

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Does anyone know why I'm getting up to 75-90% of my CPU clock used while running a full server on a combat map? I've tried a lot of things, and nothing seems to make it efficient. The only reason I'm asking this is that in posts both here, and on other forums, people say that most modern computers can run NS. Let me break down the situation here:

We are running a dedicated server on RedHat 9. We have 3 CS servers running, and one DoD server running - NOT OOCCUPIED when my samples were taken. Clock used before the NS server fills up is nothing all the way up to 3%. Once the NS server fills up, we get to 90% and MASSIVE lag spikes. Is there some way to make this efficient or am I just stuck?

[Edit] Oh yes, and I've tried going back to an older version of HLDS, but since that post is so old.... lol.[Edit]

System Specs.

P4 2.4 GHz 533MHz FSB
1GB of PC3200 RAM
Maxtor 60GB Drive IDE 133


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