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    I am wondering how I may be notified whenever a new post has been made.
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    First; Where can i buy NS2?
    Second; Is it at-all possible to use the retail version of Half-Life with steam so that i don't have to spend $10 for a game i already own in order to play NS1?
    Third; Hi i'm Johnny :) i heard about this game and i descided to go look for it right on the day of the alpha release!

    looking forward to playing it.
  • tschumanntschumann Australia Join Date: 2010-05-26 Member: 71862Members
    You can put your Half-Life retail CD key into Steam to get Half-Life from Steam.
  • Sir Mad HatterSir Mad Hatter Join Date: 2010-10-02 Member: 74272Members
    Used to play this years ago, stopped playing when life started getting busy with university. I got nostalgic for the good old days while trading war stories with friends, thought I'd give it another bash.
  • That_Annoying_KidThat_Annoying_Kid Sire of Titles Join Date: 2003-03-01 Member: 14175Members, Constellation
    welcome back!

    All you need to do is play more ns_ !

    I get nostalgic for ns and I haven't even left
  • parqparq Join Date: 2010-12-23 Member: 75878Members
    Very new to Natural Selection and I'm a complete noob. Found out about it from some friends and am loving the concept.
    I have pre ordered NS2, but am still learning the ropes through the original NS (when the servers are full).
    Hey all! Can't wait for the full release.
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    Hello NS,
    I'm Amber, an army wife. Just recently had a daughter also. :)
    I'm from Wisconsin and I live in Washington now.
    I've played natural selection before when I was 12-13, I enjoyed playing it.
    It's been awhile since I've had game play on the computer and just now starting back up. :D
    Anymore questions just ask!

  • TekJTekJ Join Date: 2011-08-13 Member: 116212Members
    My name is Thibaut, I'm 25 and I come from Lille in France.
    I am very happy to be here today, I hope to make a place in the community. Sorry for my English which must be rotten. I attended today with my acquisition of a beta and I already met a lot of concern (my computer is not really new), but before I complain, I will try to find information about my problems .
    To meet the rules I discovered Natural Selection there for some time now, I played the first time when he was not on Steam. I really hope the deceloppement goes well, and wishes good luck to all the main actor of this beautiful experience.

  • sic29sic29 Join Date: 2012-02-08 Member: 144300Members
    hi guys

    my name is sic29. i found out about ns2 only yesterday by reading some gaming magazine's website - sounded awesome :)
    right now i'm trying hard to get the hole gameplay going and it's really been fun so far.
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    Hi I am new to Natural Selection 2 though I have watched nearly every video and I am trying to preorder the game with my $50 visa debit gift card so I can jump into the game but everytime I try to actually buy it the site comes back saying they cant verify the card and I was wondering if there was a way to use the debit card to purchase it another way if i could call the actual company or something along those lines. Any help would be appreciated as I really want to join in on all the fun of this game!!!
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    I am sad.Clown. I'm not usually sad that often to warrant the use of it in my name, but I thought it sounds nice. Plus, it's a joke from Rocko's Modern Life.

    I heard about NS a long time ago, I never played it myself but I had a friend who was very fond of it. After getting quite tired of TF2 I started to look around for a new game to play and I remembered hearing about there being a NSII beta. So, I pre-ordered. I played my first game last night and had tons of fun. Today I'll be reading the wiki and all the info I can. I look forward to seeing the completion of this project.
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    Guys this the the NS1 forum, for the old half-life mod.

    If you click Unknown Worlds Forums, it takes you to the root forums. The top forums are for Natural Selection 2.

    Welcome to the community by the way :)
  • Rawbone_sawRawbone_saw Join Date: 2012-04-22 Member: 150910Members
    Hi guys :D name's Rawbone_saw, thought I'd make an account on the fourms while the mod downloads.

    I've been into PC gaming for a while, running on a refurbished laptop, so I'm always looking for something with low specs and an awesome community :D I came across some Natural Selection II trailers and figured the first one was worth looking into!

    I'm into lots of stuff! I love to gawk at the natural world, and scifi is a big part of my media interests, so natural selection seems like an ideal game to me. I also dabble in some TF2, Killingfloor, and Guild Wars from time to time.

    You'll probably see me hopelessly flailing around, desperately trying to adapt to a new gaming environment on a server near you! Be sure to never give me an easy time, I relish a challenge.

    And I'm not too hip on mods so I'll probably be combing the FAQs religiously.

    Glad to be here, catch ya later!
  • happykillmore88happykillmore88 Join Date: 2012-07-15 Member: 154143Members
    Who are you?

    Where are you from?
    Central Florida

    How did you learn about Natural Selection?
    I found it along time ago looking for hl mods that were free. I played it a lot like 6-7 years ago then forgot about it. Found it again along with natural selection 2 and wanted to see if people still play it.

    If you guys have scheduled matches please forward me a link to a thread or something.
  • GiftandGiftand Join Date: 2012-07-16 Member: 154164Members

    I'm Giftand. From South Africa. I found out about NS a few years back but could never actually play it as South Africa comes with a mouth full of lag. Got decent net now though so I cant wait to finally give it a go again. I expect youl see me around and find yourself shouting NOOB! at me. :D
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    Welcome guys. NS1 doesn't get too much attention anymore, but there's still a few players around on the servers. Enjoy!
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    edited August 2012
    Hello! I am Haruko. I live in the USA. After hearing about Natural Selection 2 from Mr Totalbiscuit, i decided to give it a looksy. And because of my bad computer situation, i will only be able to play the original. Seems like it could be fun.
  • xanadoxanado Join Date: 2012-08-04 Member: 154738Members
    It's been years since I have played since Half-Life started and would love to get back on with my son and daughters.
    Good luck!
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    Wow, my old account is still good on these forums. Awesome! Hey everyone! I saw the pre-order for Natural Selection 2 on steam the other day. I LOVE natural selection! I haven't played in the longest time, but I'm extremely excited for NS2! I've got it ordered and I can't wait to start playing again! Too bad I missed out on the beta, but I will be playing the original up until the launch!
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    Hello everyone! I pre-ordered NS2 in 2011 but I have finally decided that my computer is too bad to play it, so I will wait until I get money for a new computer, in the meantime, I can play ol' NS! :)
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    Hello. I'm going to start off my introduction by saying... I'm a terrible, terrible player. I was atrocious at NS. I got NS2 quite a while ago, and earned the free copy these lovely developers decided to give out. But I got it hoping, someday to learn to play a game that manages to put together two of my all-time favorite genres. When you see the name Ceteral, you be better off just switching to the other team for a while. lol
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    hello! loving the game! just want to say hi. (yes, reading FAQ now)
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