New to the NS community?



  • BadDeaconBadDeacon Members Join Date: 2008-11-14 Member: 65454Posts: 1

    I keep hearing about NS on a podcast I listen to, so I figured I would try it out and see if it is as fun as I have heard.

    Like the dude above me, I am from the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I play video games sometimes.

  • DrofontoastDrofontoast Members Join Date: 2008-11-24 Member: 65564Posts: 1
    Hey! I'm drof i come from England biggrin-fix.gif
    I found this mod on steam and it looked pretty interesting and amazing so i thought i'd download it.
    I causually play games whenever i have spare time on my hands. So err yea that's me tounge.gif
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    My name's Stillworks I'm from Ireland across the pond and currently in my last year of high school. I heard about NS through Geek Nights and decided to check it out. It sounded like fun and is. No let's just hope these rose tinted shades don't fall off. tounge.gif
  • Killer RicochetKiller Ricochet Members Join Date: 2008-12-03 Member: 65639Posts: 73
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    Hello, Unknown World!
    I knowed Natural Selection from a long time, but just last year I could really play the game online (but I donh't play anymore 'cause of my lag that annoys everyone). So, I joined to forum community to try to help making the NS2 one of the best games of ever (because potential it has, Max and Flayra prove what wonders perseverance can do). I don't like using to much abreviations, writing without captalization or ponctuation and "wrting evrthng shrt lik tat lolz". Since I am from Brazil, sorry me if I write something (or everything) wrong.
    So, I wish everything runs fine here.

    Edit: Ah, and I discovered NS by myself, while surfing through HL Mods.
  • ShadovnShadovn Members Join Date: 2008-12-14 Member: 65767Posts: 1
    My name is Niko and I come from Finland.
    I ran into this Half-Life mod in a Finnish game rewieving site, that reviewed this mod. The only complains were "too complex level design" and "sometimes there's really long matches", and it got 88 points out of 100 (this was version 1.02).
    I like the idea of team-work and the Commander-system, although I'm sure that I'll be better and more use as meatshield than as commander. (okay I've played Dawn of War and Total Anihilation)
    In this month (if I remember correctly) I bougth Half-Life 1 Anthology, and a couple of days later I remembered this mod.
    So I downloaded Natural Selection, but I haven't yet tried it. I think I'll try combat on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hope I'll see ya then!
    And Sorry if I made any spelling mistakes or such. It's 0:20 when I write this.

    Next player then, please!
  • DeathwindDeathwind Members Join Date: 2008-12-26 Member: 65876Posts: 1
    Why hello there!
    I've played NS a few times before, when I first got Half Life some few years ago, but haven't really dwelled on the forums (nor the game, heh).
    Known as Deathwind on some very small areas of the internet, from the west coast of America.
  • ZiggyoneZiggyone Members Join Date: 2009-01-10 Member: 66040Posts: 1
    Hi All!

    I ran into this mod searching for an "interface mod", and I gotta say, this looks sweet and something I so unexpected.

    I'm Infernal (aka serialelf on steam)

    I'm from the US.

    As stated above. biggrin-fix.gif

  • Armed_Target_DroneArmed_Target_Drone Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow Join Date: 2005-07-02 Member: 55130Posts: 2
    Wow, talk about abit of a blast from the past.

    I almost forgot all about NS untill I was poking through my old HL games and such and was like... I wonder what ever happend to...

    Nice to see that NS2 is still on track.

    Makes me want to reinstall NS and get back into it all again. As to me, well I'm now going on 28 and joining the Army. Probably wont have much time to play when NS2 comes out but I'm sure folk can still expect to see me kicking around here and there. Gotta help represent the Canadian contingient on the servers afterall biggrin-fix.gif
  • GnomeGnome Members Join Date: 2009-04-08 Member: 67103Posts: 4

    Who are you and where did you learn about NS2?:

    Hello guys you may call me Gnome, I just signed up and found this place by luck from a video on Youtube.
    I diddent know Natural selection 2 was work´t on before today but I must say that what I have seen so far is very cool.

    I love the game setting and would love to play this game. I have some ideas myself (who dosent, right wink-fix.gif ) that might show up in the suggestion thread later on for anyone interested. Iv carried a game design idea for years, just looking for a time when it would be possible to execute.

    NF2 comes pretty close to my dream game and I might use the NS2 engine to launch my own ideas as it seem to be highly modifiable and already have a lot of the things I like. Time will tell. smile-fix.gif

    Where are you from?:

    I´m from Sweden and are 29 years old. Iv done some code and mod work in the past for mainly the dinosaur engine of DN3D. I see myself as pretty creative kind and innovative person that love to bounce ideas and talk about game design.

    Looking forward to see you all on the forums.

  • marauderbearmarauderbear Members, Constellation Join Date: 2004-03-18 Member: 27413Posts: 4
    Name: Jeremy

    From Milwaukee, WI

    Heard of the game: shortly after it was released, actually. I played for a little while, but I got away from online gaming for a while and have just recently started looking at it again. I'm currently playing around with WhichBots in a non-serious kind of way, but I'm thinking I might get back into this game soon.

    Hope to see you all in the game!
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  • WindTalker-RSWindTalker-RS Members Join Date: 2009-06-14 Member: 67830Posts: 1
    Well...let's take spend some time with me... smile-fix.gif I'm new here but pretty veteran in this game smile-fix.gif I heard about this game about 5-6 years ago from my friend. And we used to play in his internet caffe. BUT NOW i bought steam and after i downloaded game there was something like SETUP HAS NOT DETECTED A VALID STEAM INSTALL :S What to do??? Help pls
  • ThansalThansal The New Scum Members, Constellation Join Date: 2002-08-22 Member: 1215Posts: 10,571 Advanced user
    QUOTE (WindTalker-RS @ Jun 14 2009, 08:34 AM) »
    Well...let's take spend some time with me... smile-fix.gif I'm new here but pretty veteran in this game smile-fix.gif I heard about this game about 5-6 years ago from my friend. And we used to play in his internet caffe. BUT NOW i bought steam and after i downloaded game there was something like SETUP HAS NOT DETECTED A VALID STEAM INSTALL :S What to do??? Help pls

    you need to buy, install, and run Half Life.
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  • [I AM] MarshmallowOfHell[I AM] MarshmallowOfHell Members Join Date: 2009-06-26 Member: 67947Posts: 1
    Hey, I'm Oliver (I go by MarshmallowOfHell, [I AM] is my clan tag), and I'm a pretty avid gamer. I play a TON of Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike: Source, Garry's Mod, Day of Defeat: Source, Half Life, Portal, etc. etc. Valve makes most of my favorite games :). And I plan on pre-ordering the Premium NS2 as soon as I have the funds.

    Who are you? ^see above.

    Where are you from? The United States of America.

    How did you learn about Natural Selection? From a friend, and the clan I'm in. Shortly after discovering it, I decided to pre-order NS2 (as soon as I have the funds that is!)

    Hooray! :D
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  • orphansorphans Members Join Date: 2007-03-06 Member: 60256Posts: 1
    Oh man... I've been playing Natural Selection for a while, and I think I used to have an older account name (but never posted with it and forgot about it) so I registered this one! (and promptly forgot about it until today... 2 years later), so hello everyone!

    Not sure if anyone remembers who I was, haven't actually been able to play for a while due to computer issues and family issues but, IGN back in the day was "Spacehamster" I believe, nowadays it's "Orphanskitty!!"

    Names Maxwell, heard about NS through google, typing in half life mods way back in the day (still miss babblers) and tried to get a few friends into it and my brother. Brother got motion sickness from playing so... don't think he liked it much.

    I'm from the US east coast ( :\ ) annnd, I have no coding or scripting ability at all though I wish I did know even the basics. However, I'm pretty good at finding glitches and bugs in games as... I tend to do the dumb things that normal people don't do, so I usually get stuck on something strange like a lamp post in games (or the dog in Fable 2 ... )

    So, pleased to meet all of you officially, though how much I actually come onto forums will be another question.
  • SpuddySpuddy Members Join Date: 2009-07-07 Member: 68076Posts: 3
    Hey there! I'm actually an old-timer, but I haven't played in years --- so I might as well be new anyway. In preparation for NS 2, I'll be sharpening my fade skills in order to become "that annoying fade" once again. :)

    The name's also Spuddy on Steam. Catch (or swipe) you all later!
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    Hi there! I'm a fat, little boy, liking cheese... Naah... Don't worry... I'm not fat... Cheese ain't that unhealthy... Anyway, my name is Philip (I'd prefer if you call me Phill). I heard about Natural Selection 2 on moddb, and since I wanna play all the awesome games which ain't released yet, I want to play whatever game reminds of most: Natural Selection. I don't own Half Life, but I intend to buy it very soon, so I have a little question... Does this mod also run on the famous Sourse engine? (Can I run the mod over Half Life: Source as well as Half Life?). Source makes everything better, so I'd rather buy that, but if NS doesn't work on that, I wont even give it a second thought. By the way, I live in Denmark and I speak danish... Amazing... I BE THY LORD, MASTER, RULER, KING, EMPEORER(wtf), UBARAHSUMDOOD OF CHEEEEEEESE! Bow before me or I breathe on you!!
  • convenientconvenient Members Join Date: 2009-09-16 Member: 68802Posts: 2
    Hello boys and girls ! I'm new here, I'll enjoy your discussions.
  • MadtrixrMadtrixr Members Join Date: 2009-10-29 Member: 69166Posts: 1
    Mu name's Nick, I'm from Fresno, CA. I saw NS in the mods section on Steam, so I figured I would give it a shot, It sounds cool, and at this point, it's probably really good.
  • brcaswellbrcaswell Members Join Date: 2009-10-30 Member: 69181Posts: 46 Fully active user
    QUOTE (Spyder_Monkey @ Apr 28 2002, 08:31 AM) »
    Who are you?

    Name: Brett
    SteamCommunity: [lol, I've had the nsplayer id since the day Steam Community came online]
    InGame: GearBox (not the mod developer), RaGe, MrGearBox
    QUOTE (Spyder_Monkey @ Apr 28 2002, 08:31 AM) »
    Where are you from?

    QUOTE (Spyder_Monkey @ Apr 28 2002, 08:31 AM) »
    How did you learn about Natural Selection?

    Brother discovered it and introduced it to me back in 2004, I've been playing ever since.. so I'm not new to the game.. just these forums.
  • Lerk HunterLerk Hunter Members Join Date: 2010-01-09 Member: 70017Posts: 2
    not a new player but yeah new to the forums haha. names Lerk Hunter. if you've been around ns for a while you might have seen me around.
    played since NS was in the open beta. love the game. been on and off for a while now =p looking forward to NS2!

    and I'm from WA.
  • The Reaper0The Reaper0 Members Join Date: 2010-01-26 Member: 70325Posts: 1
    Who are you?
    I'm The Reaper0 and Hi!:D

    Where are you from?

    How did you learn about Natural Selection?
    A friend told me.
  • kodamannkodamann Members Join Date: 2008-10-14 Member: 65199Posts: 2
    Hey, i'm koda, i forgot i had an account on here....i remember playing this mod a year or two ago and i wasn't the best at the i'm giving it another chance and i must say it's actually a bit challenging :P so if some people could maybe add my steam (komrade kodamann) and give me a few pointers, that would be swell :D (yes i have read all the guides and such)
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    Who are you?
    Where are you from?
    How did you learn about Natural Selection?

    Why aren't there severs showing up? I want to play! and I can't make servers either
  • SekerSeker Members Join Date: 2007-03-06 Member: 60259Posts: 369
    There are plenty of servers (about ~100).

    Are you sure you downloaded the latest natural selection (3.2 ?) and steam ?
  • GriimGriim Members Join Date: 2010-03-12 Member: 70930Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    QUOTE (Seker @ Mar 12 2010, 10:03 PM) »
    There are plenty of servers (about ~100).

    Are you sure you downloaded the latest natural selection (3.2 ?) and steam ?

    Yeah, I got the problem now, I think it's because I'm reusing a CD-KEY because my computer got a virus before D:
    Does that mean I have to buy it again? and I also I can't click on the Hazard Course on any custom game and I can't click on new game either!
    Post edited by Unknown User on
  • SekerSeker Members Join Date: 2007-03-06 Member: 60259Posts: 369
    That shouldn't be a problem.

    Did you actually use steam ? lol (
    There you can input your CD-Key.
  • GriimGriim Members Join Date: 2010-03-12 Member: 70930Posts: 3
    QUOTE (Seker @ Mar 14 2010, 07:14 AM) »
    That shouldn't be a problem.

    Did you actually use steam ? lol (
    There you can input your CD-Key.

    Yeah but it doesn't detect steam
  • spellman23spellman23 NS1 Theorycraft Expert Members Join Date: 2007-05-17 Member: 60920Posts: 3,365
    Start Steam. Log In. There's an option to Register Game. Use it and enter your CD key for HL1.

    It's not HL detecting Steam, it's registering HL with Steam so that Steam will download it.
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    "Who are you?"
    Hi. I'm Tim. Pleased to meet'cha, eh!

    "Where are you from?"
    I'm Canadian, born and raised. Southern Ontario to be a little more specific, but I won't get any more than that.

    "How did you learn about Natural Selection?"
    What is this, an interrogation?


    Nah, just kidding. It kept popping up as one of my Steam friends kept opening it, so I figured I might as well check it out. And after playing a few rounds - and having my ass handed to me in the process - I decided I might come to the community and say hi, maybe get a few pointers while I'm at it.
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  • LoweLowe Members Join Date: 2010-07-22 Member: 72661Posts: 10
    Hey all, I'm Lowe!

    I used to play the original Natural Selection back in the day with a clan called Prodigal Gamers (-pGc- tag).

    Anyway, I thought Natural Selection 1 was (IS) the best mod ever made for any game and I've been really excited to get my hands on its sequel. I even bought Zen of Soduku to help fund the cause :) You'll definitely be seeing me in black marine armor come Monday, and I can't wait to help out in any way I can to make NS2 even better than the first.

    Can't wait to play with you all!
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