Variety of plant seeds in Below Zero has been essentially halved from Subnautica??

draconicalvaradraconicalvara USA Join Date: 2021-06-17 Member: 271384Members
Question that I didn't get answered on reddit OR discord so I'm cross-posting here:

Does anyone know why there are so few plants you can grow in Below Zero as opposed to the base Subnautica? Half the seeds in the game are old Subnautica seeds, and most of the new plants you can grow are "exploitable" as opposed to simply decoration. First Subnautica game, you could grow just about everything! Not to mention, you can no longer acquire seeds of some plants that were in the first game and have migrated to this game! You can't scan these ones, either. This is very sad for me, as recreating biomes in alien containment and growing gardens in the water were one of my favorite activities in the original Subnautica. (I am playing on my computer, so related: has anyone made a mod yet that expands the seed selection in Below Zero to more plants?)

And yes, I counted: 12 growable underwater plants and 7 growable land plants in Below Zero. 26 growable underwater plants and 11 growable land plants in Subnautica. The number of total underwater plant species does not seem to have changed much between games. Number of land species seems a little larger in Below Zero.
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