Subnautica: Beyond

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Alright so I had an awesome idea for a new subnautica game: Subnautica: Beyond. It would combine the maps of the existing games and would have some cool new vehicles! Sorry I ran out of time so tell me if you want to know more! Alright first off are the vehicles. This game has all the vehicles from both games and some new additions: The Remotely Operated Vessel for Exploration Reasons, or R.O.V.E.R., is a remote controlled small vehicle that can be docked at a vehicle with the ROVER docking bay upgrade module or a remote vehicle bay (detailed later). It has 2 arm module slots, 4 normal module slots, and one master slot that can fit any vehicle upgrade, like the cyclops shield. There is also the Reefdive, a huge sub, and the Multipurpose All-environment Capsule, or M.A.C., the first flying vehicle that functions similarly to the Seatruck. The parts of the Reefdive must be built separately and include the bridge, aquariums, habitation, generators, observatory, moonpools, cyclops moonpool, and seatruck module storage/scanners. They would be relatively cheap for this size of a sub but due to the complexity each survival player would only build one. More details soon to come!


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