Game deletes all my bases and vehicles (and other weird stuff)

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I play on PS4 and ever since the latest update I've started having a lot of bugs that've made the game unbeatable.

Recently I saved my game after finishing a base. I got the same error message that many other people had gotten but I ignored it since the game always saved anyway. However when I started again all my bases and vehicles were gone. Even the mobile vehicle bay and beacons I had put down were gone. I still had all the blue-prints, materials, and gear that I had on me when I last saved (ultra high-capacity tank, rebreather etc.) but I was essentially back to square one. I tried making a new base and saving/quitting again but this one vanished too. Everything I make disappears when I load the game again.

In addition to all this I've now got a blank white screenshot on the PDA that I can't delete and a bunch of plants are just floating in the middle of the shallows now. This is the second save file I've lost. The fist became un-winnable after the Quarantine Platform disappeared permanently and I couldn't disable the big gun (and then all the water vanished and the game crashed).

I've tried everything I can think of fix this from restarting the console and deleting and re-downloading the game. I really don't wanna give up on Subnautica but I'm at my wits end. Hoping this gets fixed so others don't lose everything too.

Sorry for the bad picture quality



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    Hello I have almost same problem. I tired to save the game but it was only saying cellscache/baked and some numbers I tried to save it many times I it wouldn't work so I decided to turn the game of without saving it told me I ll loose 1:30 hour of progress and I turn it off. When I came back my whole base all modules and all sources I had in were lost I only have my stuff in PDA. I lost so much please help me!
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