Miss Terraforming? Well looky what I just found on NexusMods... (very sorry console peeps :'( )

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Back in all its glory: https://www.nexusmods.com/subnautica/mods/504

QModManager 4.0.1

Vortex Mod Installer (lets you download and keep mods in a central location and enable / disable without removing them, as well as optionally keeping them up to date).

*This is the current version of the Terraforming Ability mod, v1.1.0, which is fixed to work with August 2020 version of Subnautica:
This mod re-adds a terraforming fuctionality to the game officially removed by devs in later versions of game. It was removed because as they stated it degrades performance significantly. This mod is build on top of new terrain streamers which already improves world streaming performance. Because of that performance degradation was not noticed with this mod installed and after doing a couple of actual terraforming and reloading them from save.

Be noticed, that it is basically designed for doing terrain adjustments, not creating new "deep" caves/mines or something, although it's free to do so. Because of that creating that much details in terrain would cost more performance.

  • Saves/loads modified terrain to/from saves. Saves only those terrain areas which was modified, reducing save size bloating, into new "CompiledOctreesCache" folder in your save folders.
  • Allows "partially" burying habitat modules into terrain. Mod automatically modifies terrain around them after finishing construction so habitat modules does not "overlap" with the terrain.
  • Repulsion cannon now can remove small portions of terrain when "shooting" pulses at those spots in terrain.
  • "Obsolute" terraformer tool (obtainable using console commands only, i.e. "item terraformer") now actually works, which removes/adds portions of terrain.
  • "dig #" console command also now actually works which allows to perform spherical removal of terrain at player location as a sphere center within provided radius as a first parameter of command, ex. "dig 5".

N.B. Please be noticed, that as how new world streaming now works terrain modification is not immediate like was is very older versions of game. It's not immediate because after terrain modification it needs to rebuild meshes from save files first to render them in the game, which is CPU intensive task, causing the game to "freeze" otherwise. To prevent that freezing it uses new terrain streamers to allow rebuild in their worker threads instead, which does not impact main thread where game "renders". For convenience mod shows message which indicates, that meshes rebuilding is in progress and it hides once new terrain meshes is finally visible in the game. There is still some other potential freezing could occur but that's usually noticeable when doing large terrain edits.

  1. Install QModsManager.
  2. Put mod contents into "QMods" folder of game directory.

Remove this mod folder in QMods folder. Optionally delete "CompiledOctreesCache" folder in your save folders if they are created to save space.

Known issues:
  1. Terraforming is not immediate. (see first notice above)
  2. Sometimes automatic terrain modifications around some base modules (multipurpose room, moonpool, some connectors) is not exactly accurate/overlaps.
    It uses bounding boxes previously added by devs to base modules which are themselves not exactly accurate. If some terrain is happened to "overlap" outside or even interior of modules then repulsion cannon can help to remove overlapping terrain parts manually.
  3. Game freezes while doing large terrain edit at a time with terraformer tool or "dig #" console command.
    That normal for a pre-build phase for save files which unfortunately does not have multithreading implemented by game devs (because obvious reasons). Try to do small terrain edits if you are not okay with freezing.
  4. Sometimes after terrain modifications it leaves "invisible" ground/wall, preventing further edits.
    That happens when new terrain edits is issued while meshes building of previous terrain edits is in progress (should be rebuilding message visible). That was already prevented in repulsion cannon and terraformer but not "dig #" command. While meshes rebuilding is in progress terrain edits caused by repulsion cannon is being discarded and terraformer functionality is blocked until meshes rebuilding is finished (rebuilding message is not visible anymore). Try to save/reload a game.

There is a file "config.json" at this mod root directory which allows to configure the following:
  • rebuildMessages (defaults to "true") - shows terrain rebuilding message while terrain rebuilding is in progress.
  • habitantModulesPartialBurying (defaults to "true") - allows habitat burying into terrain and adjusts overlapping terrain around them.
  • terrainImpactWithPropulsionCannon (defaults to "true") - causes the repulsion cannon to remove small portion of terrain after "shooting" pulse at that spot of terrain.

Questions? Problems?
See "Posts" section of this mod page to see if there is already answers, otherwise please create a post. Same with problems/issues not stated there.

Please be noticed that creating too much details in terrain could cost more performance as there comes more detailed data to render, like with too many habitats/modules. It's basically designed for doing terrain adjustments, not creating new caves/mines or something which creates new details to render, although creating caves/mines is permitted/free to do so.

There is a possibility I could missed something so I advise to create a backup from existing save before saving a game with this mod installed and enabled. Please let me know if any issue happens.

Source code: https://github.com/repkins/subnautica-terraforming-mod








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