Post-release feedback - Unknown Worlds

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Post-release feedback - Unknown Worlds

Since the release of NS 3.0 we have received a lot of feedback, most of it very encouraging. We also have reports of a possible server performance issue. We are...

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  • saubnauticafansaubnauticafan Join Date: 2020-05-29 Member: 261480Members
    Hi! For a long time the game has been broken and unplayable (pop in all the time and lags) I was wondering if anything will be done to repair this big issue?
    It seems like on Subnautica below zero the pop ins aren’t that bad but in the first game... my god.
  • ausfp07ausfp07 Join Date: 2020-08-03 Member: 262973Members
    when i went into the pipe room in the primary containment facility i just fell straight through the floor and got stuck between it and the aquarium and couldn't get out. maybe just rendering issues as i was playing on an xbox one but it was still annoying
  • XxRafitosxXXxRafitosxX Join Date: 2021-05-22 Member: 270512Members
    please release a multiplayer mode, play with friends is too much funnier
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