Base wear and tear over time

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After a while your base will start to get dirty, then rust will form causing the hull to loose integrity in which you must either cut it off via lazer cutter or by slowly chipping it away with your survival knife or thermoblade. If left for too long the rust can weaken the hull so much it becomes a rupture that you repair with a repair tool. The deeper you are the faster and more commonly rust grows. the inactive lava zone and the lava lakes are the only places this doesnt occur. Green brine will speed up the procces by 2X and blue brine will slow the procces by 2X.


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    I'd like the idea of old rusted bases appearing like time capsules. Similar to the degasi bases but from other people's playthroughs. Just the buildings mind you, no gear you can use and only able to destruct them too titanium
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    Well, rust would be strange for a base made of titanium, but some funghi growing (similar to the texture of Maida's base) would be cool. Would require some extra texture layer though to override the base color chosen by the player.
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    I like the idea of the outside of your base getting overgrown with plant life, algae, etc. That would be a cool idea
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    Now I like this idea, a lot. As already mentioned rust wouldn't work as only Iron rusts, but barnacles, algae, fungi, small plants all growing over it and even the occasional small crack if maintenance has been neglected for some time that left unchecked could start leaking. I really like this idea, as long as it's balanced so I'm not cleaning the entire hull every few hours.

    Great idea.
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    The question is how to implement it. Players could just deconstruct and rebuild certain parts. That's why I would start with a purely cosmetic feature. Maybe as a special base color (like a camouflage, gradient or special texture option); as a new compartment variant (you could cycling between normal, glass or a worn-out variant by pressing 'F'); fix wall/ceiling upgrades (like outside wall planters); or as special items (similar to spotlights or exterior plant shelves).

    Only once the devs found out what really works, they should consider to make it an automatic game mechanic. Because I might not like it on observatories or it might require to keep track of another useless status / number.
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    Crusty textures would form as the base loses integrity over time?
    So the crusty textures would revert to brand new when you repair the base?
    Sounds like this is a good basic idea.
    Should be easy to to implement as all your doing is adding a texture override based on items h.p.'s. The code doesn't even have to remember as the base code already tracks integrity for damage and flooding.
    You would have to add damage over time to trigger the change.
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    i like the rust :D
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