[BUG/PC][VIDEOS] Major physics glitch when loading a saved game when inside Seamoth or PRAWN suit.

WaterBatmanWaterBatman UK Join Date: 2019-01-11 Member: 248543Members
I would like to bring attention to a considerable physics glitch that I and some friends have experienced while playing the latest version of Subnautica. By latest I mean a fully patched game as of 23rd Jan 2020. We all play on PC using the Epic Games version although I don't think that last bit really matters.

I have attached videos below, but basically, if you get into your PRAWN or Seamoth and save your game. When you close Subnautica and then load up your saved game again, the physics of said Seamoth or PRAWN goes crazy.

We have all tested this on a brand new Creative save (for troubleshooting purposes) and have spawned in said vehicles using the console to save time. There are no mods involved here, totally vanilla game. However I first discovered this bug in my latest Survival playthrough so its not unique to Survival mode or to spawning the vehicles, I just did this to save time for testing purposes.

Seamoth Glitch Video

Prawn Suit Glitch Video

Prawn Suit Glitch Video Two (Much MUCH worse when inside the PCF) (*Spoilers*)

As you can see these issues are quite major bugs, especially the PRAWN suit variants. They have been introduced to the game via one of the recent updates. I hope the devs can find a fix for these very soon.


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