Problems around the Ion Cube Fabricator

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Videos and Saved Games are uploaded as single ZIP file here (154 MiB):

It seems that saves made in energy field protected areas (without water) are corrupted (but not always). I am not tested, that all similiar areas are affected, or only areas joined by Archs to the Primary Containment Facility.
Subnautica 2020-01-12 03-31-05-59_h264_q20.mkv
Subnautica 2020-01-12 03-32-18-60_h264_q20.mkv (leaving prawnsuit immediate after loading)

In Ion Cube Fabricator area (cca. area enlighted by green light aroun Ion Cube Fabricator) the Prawn Suit is prone to stuck. Saving when stucked generates corrupted saves (slot0002_IonCubeFabricator_BadSave.7z). Grappling Arm required to get out.
slot0002_LostRiver_at_Arch_RecoveredSave.7z (returning from this place to the Ion Cube Fabricator should trigger the bug)
Subnautica 2020-01-13 00-56-45-12_h264_q20.mkv

May be these 2 bugs have a common source, because after recovering from the bad save (getting out from the Prawn Suit immediately after loading) Prawn Suit will not stuck (until exiting from the oxigenated area and reloading?).

Tested builds (Epic Games versions):
61951 - OK (old engine)
63461 - Buggy (new engine)
63668 - Buggy (new engine)

Getting out from the Seamoth or Prawn Suit should be prohibited while docking in progress. You can stuck in the Cyclops while you are docking and pressing the E button on the keyboard.

PS: Sorry, my english is bad.
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