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I have played this game now, in excess of 6500 hours, I have enjoyed it, but ever since the update it has issues. The latest one is SERIOUS! I have totally lost 5 games now (Save, Quit, Reload will not Salvage game), when I hit the Thermal Plant. My PRAWN Suit fails to function and I end up DEAD and back at Lifepod, not even my base. I wonder if anyone else has run into this problem? Unknown Worlds needs to fix this. I haven't been unable to complete my games. Not happy!


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    I hope that was a typo and instead you meant 650 hours.

    Post this in the bug reporting section, it might be a serious bug.
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    That is my issue as well. Outside or inside Thermal plant in ILZ and prawn suit stalls, falls thru world over and over, I die, lose everything from inventory I just gathered or found inside. Second time today I am now outside thermal plant on the walls, prawn suit appears to be inside a wall, I can't swim or move up at all and oxygen does not deplete. Can't continue. Someone needs to really fix this!
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    Im playing the game for couple of hours and I have trouble with mobile yard. It doesn't work. Just floats on the surface.Im playing on the MacBook. Thank for your help
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    @Puca05 did you equip the mobile yard and deploy below the surface?

    For the Prawn suit issues, make sure to send an F8 report.
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