is "save data loading failed" ever gonna get fixed?

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I encountered the error, "save data loading failed (header checksum illegal)". I see many others are still experiencing save\load issues.

It looks like the console version hasn't been patched in many months.

Have the devs abandoned support for the xbox version? If not, what is the a timeframe for the next patch?

Otherwise, I guess I, too, will abandon the game


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    Shortly after they released the PC patch about a month ago, they mentioned working on console patches. Nothing about when they expected release, or whether it would fix this issue.

    PC had gone a long time without patches too, so the release of the PC patch is promising. Unfortunately the pc patch broke some things, makes the whole process take longer.
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    I've been having the same exact problem I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but sadly that did not work have you found a fix for it?
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    Why is this game still selling at full price? I was excited about buying for Xbox........until I discovered through forums that apparently it riddled with critical game ending bugs! I'd give it flyer for $5, but no way at full price of $30. That would be like paying full price for a new car when you know the engine is blown! How can Microsoft even sell this in their store when it's that broken.
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