is "save data loading failed" ever gonna get fixed?

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I encountered the error, "save data loading failed (header checksum illegal)". I see many others are still experiencing save\load issues.

It looks like the console version hasn't been patched in many months.

Have the devs abandoned support for the xbox version? If not, what is the a timeframe for the next patch?

Otherwise, I guess I, too, will abandon the game


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    Shortly after they released the PC patch about a month ago, they mentioned working on console patches. Nothing about when they expected release, or whether it would fix this issue.

    PC had gone a long time without patches too, so the release of the PC patch is promising. Unfortunately the pc patch broke some things, makes the whole process take longer.
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    I've been having the same exact problem I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but sadly that did not work have you found a fix for it?
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    Oh my god, same issue, I accidentally shut off my xbox without saving, next thing I know when I try loading in I get the same error. 20 hour save gone to WASTE, I'm definitely not starting over so I guess I'll quit too
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    This is so ridiculous, I just wanted to sit down and play some Subnautica and work on my base, but I got the same error, can't even play my save that I have put so much of my time into.
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    What kind of useless development team is this? We've paid for a broken game and there is no acknowledgement or timeframe on when it will be fixed.

    I've lost my progress after putting a lot of hours into this game. Everyone experiencing this game breaking bug should be provided a refund unless the problem is fixed. I've reported the issue to Panic Button and they haven't even bothered responding. This is daylight robbery.
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    Even though it's likely not to succeed as it's well over 14 days since purchase, I've applied for a refund for subnautica on PS Store with reason being that it's a faulty game.
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    Literally played until 5 am last night base building and woke up the next day to play and my save was corrupted with "header checksum illegal" too. There goes 12 and a half hours of finally understanding the game and loving the it. FIX THIS NOW!! How is it that hard to listen to your community throughout a YEAR of these complaints???
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    i had over 180 hours on the game before this happened and i thought it was my xbox that was messed up. i reset it to factory settings and redownloaded everything. the only game that didn’t work was subnautica. i was really disappointed that i was going to have to start over. does anyone know if they’re ever going to fix this issue?
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    Basically came here to say the same thing. You guys released Subnautica in early access, with promises that you would finish it. Obviously you've forgotten about it and its MASSIVE bugs, and moved onto the next money grab, leaving us without a patch for a year now.

    If you want to earn a good reputation and not just piss it away, ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE AND ANSWER QUESTIONS!!! The last PS4 patch was a YEAR ago, and still the forums are flooded by game breaking bugs, with not a dev in sight! SHAMEFUL!!

    I'd love to play Below Zero, but I've lost all faith that you actually care about making a solid game, and would rather make as much cash as possible.

    That said I will NOT be buying Below Zero, *IF* it ever launches for console, until you show support for the community that has shown so much support and good faith to you!

    Good riddance to Unknown Worlds otherwise.
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    Game is litterally unplayable My first save dissappeard it had a game breaking bug that didn't allow you to repair the door to the prawn bay and now started over I got a similair error: Save data loading failed
    (E_FAIL - Unspecified error. Then it says something about multiplayer and RTAmanger.CreateAsync which I don't know what to do with and then yes or no. I can't acces the save file anymore and can't play the game once again
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    This sucks I just started playing subnautica in the past two days I've enjoyed it and I love the game until I go to save my progress and it doesn't work this sucks ass I've been grinding this game for two days straight disappointing to see this has been going on since november of 2019 and its july 2020
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    Hey where I can find it to play?
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