[Sub Zero 15125] Player collision making game nearly unplayable



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    I personally noticed that the bytes are the same in both my files (bad and good) that contain "Oxygen". The only difference i spotted was that it said "Replanish_" before "Oxygen" in the one of the five "Oxygen" that where in the bad file. Also for me the "Oxygen" bytes was exact the same in both files (good and bad) in perticular was:4F 78 79 67 65 6E. Though i dont know nothing of programming and what those bytes symbolize, im sure that me myself and alot of others are uncapable of interupt that much with the game's files. Hopefully it seems we get closer to the solution no matter how hard it is to apply it after.
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    I have reverse engineered the save files and could fix my camera again, yay!
    To anyone who would like to fix his save file:

    1) Start a new game, go outside of the complex and save the game
    2) Close the game
    3) Find a hex viewer/editor online (there are a bunch)
    4) Click on the open file or drag and drop your files (step 5 is to find your save file)
    5) In the file open dialog, go to your save game location (For steam it is Steam\steamapps\common\SubnauticaZero\SNAppData\SavedGames)
    6) Open the "scene-objects.bin" file from your save file (The "corrupted" save slot) and also the "scene-objects.bin" from the just newly saved slot
    7) Search for "Oxygen" and use the occurrence which is preceded with 06 (ASCII ACK)
    8) Now copy the bytes before "Oxygen" from the good save file and overwrite the bytes before "Oxygen" in the bad save file
    *note* you might need to actually type in the 32 bytes yourself I recommend opening 2 pages and just copying side by side if you are typing it in, you may need to add a byte or 2. I had to add 1
    9) Save, Quit and Launch the game

    This will fix the issue, granted you will spawn where ever it is that you decided to save, but it shouldn't be an issue.

    I am new to fixing my code. Do I need to change out every area that says 'Oxygen'?
  • LizMcG20LizMcG20 AlaskaMembers Join Date: 2020-02-18 Member: 258037Posts: 2 Freshly registered user
    If I just add the two files, can someone help me fix them?
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    Hi, I made this account just to comment here. Thanks for all of your guys possible solutions but i really dont wanna lose my data and the steps that Umbra_Victus were kinda confusing and i wasnt able to replicate it. Did anyone find any other solution and if not, can someone who go the steps above to work help explain it in a bit more detail. Thanks in advance guys
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