[Sub Zero 15125] Player collision making game nearly unplayable

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Since I started exploring the new and improved Glacial Basin area, I've been having a strange bug that has been progressively getting worse to the point where I can hardly play.

My player model is being squashed along one world axis and stretched in another. Unfortunately it's not just visual: it seems to have affected my character's collision bounds, leaving me completely unable to fit through tight spaces including the corridors of my own base. In addition, it makes it difficult to interact with certain things, nearly impossible to read the PDA, and causes my Sea Truck to jerk around violently due to phantom forces when I walk around inside.

Dying has not helped.

I reported it using the in-game F8 menu, but it doesn't seem like anyone else is having this issue, and it has not been fixed with the most recent update (Spy Pengling). I'm seriously considering starting over, but... well, I'd rather not.

I've attached some images. Hopefully the spoiler tag actually works, otherwise this is going to be a large post.

Thanks for looking into this!


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    A few more screenshots. I am unable enter my base proper because I cannot fit inside the entrance to a multipurpose room; I can get inside a hatch and watch through the moonpool corridor, but I can't actually go from one module to another.

    Not shown in the second screenshot: the first-person image of my diving mask is also severely warped, stretching and squishing with the rest of my body.

    Not shown in the third screenshot: beacon positions on the HUD don't quite match up with their locations in the world. More specifically, it appears in the correct place if you look directly at the beacon, but the icon lags behind the mouse. Furthermore, beacon icons never go beyond the edge of the screen; it's as if the game were trying to project spherical information onto the flat area of my HUD.

    Lastly: I just tried uninstalling the game to no avail, so it seems to be a problem with my save file. Is it possible for me to upload the save here?
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    Does a fresh save start with this problem? (no guarantee that it wouldn't get the problem later, just helps eliminate possibilities)

    What happens if you delete the options file? (For regular Subnautica, this was options.bin in SavedGames\options\, probably similar setup in Below Zero.)

    Just to make sure your uninstall removed everything, did you:
    restart computer before uninstall?
    check folders were empty after uninstall, except saves?

    How to clear your Cache, by 0x6A7232.
    How to use console commands. (Currently PC only, sorry)
    Stuck, and just want to most recent base/Cyclops? Use "Warpme" command. Want to get out of the ceiling? Press F1 and note your camera postion. First number is North/South, second number is up/down, and third is East/West. Reduce the 2nd number by 10, then use "warp x y z" (where x, y, and z are the position you want to be).
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    Thanks for trying to work through this with me.

    * Started a new save, no problem there. Old save still broken.
    * Deleting Options file had no effect
    * Uninstalled again, making sure it removed everything (except save) and restarted computer. No luck.

    Still stretchy.
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    I've been playing a new save file and haven't had any problems -- until the second time I deployed my Spy Pengling. My character model is fine, but the Pengling's is stretched, although in this case it seems to along its local axis instead of a global one. No trouble moving around or interacting with things, fortunately.
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