Trouble with FPS

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I used to play the game some years back, and I recently got a new computer. I thought I'd get fairly a fairly decent FPS on high settings, but it seems very fixed and stable at 20 fps, with an 8th gen i7, a GTX 1060 and 16 gig of ram (and works fine with things like Subnautica). I have the latest Nvidia drivers (430.39).

Does anyone have any ideas as to why i might be getting such a low FPS? Lowering the graphics settings made utterly no difference at all, nor did raising them back.


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    Sounds like something broke down... like the GPU is working in "safemode" ... while others might say make a probably, maybe use "r_stats" in console first and check what "waiting for" has a number.
    It is the CPU unless there is waiting for you know what the actual bottleneck is
    How much FPS do you have in other games?
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    I also have ping problems. But for me it's a problem with the internet.
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    Judging by the assembly, there should be no problems. Are you only having problems with this game or all games?
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