NSL Draft Tournament, Season 15, Admin Changes & More!

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Full newspost at https://www.ensl.org/articles/1093


We wanted to thank everyone who played in the phone my DRAFT tournament this past weekend! The finalists are still deliberating whether they are playing next week so stay tuned for updates!

Jackson casted some of the Draft Tournament games on the NSL Twitch, here’s the full replay if you missed it. You may find some other players’ points of views out there: CommanderKeen, Mega and Starcetereus for instance.

If you enjoyed this tournament, don’t forget we still run Gathers, it’s time to make them roll again! We’re thinking of adding ns2_derelict_fixed (the author currently working on the map also made Summit [pSyk on Discord]) in the Gather map pool; it might be worth a look, maybe it can even become a competitive map with your help. If you have any feedback, you can drop a comment here or anywhere you see fit.


Season 15 signups are now open! The season will officially begin around the 18th of March which leaves you three weeks to get your team ready (if you don’t know how to create a team or join a contest, click here). As for this season format, nothing is set in stone yet, the admin team is still discussing it so feel free to share your feedback on the forums or on Discord. Depending on the amount of teams that sign up, we may either go for a divisional format (i.e. what we had in the past) or an improved ladder format (last season system requires some adjustments). We will post an update here once we know more.
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