Prawn School. For everyone that doesn't use it because it is SLOW (50-100+meters per second slow?)

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After hundreds of hours of testing and building and testing and building and testing I finally figured out how to not get caught.

My goal is to help you be comfortable moving slightly faster than you're used to. If you can manage that even just a little bit, you'll find that you can evade a lot of threats that would otherwise complicate your day.

Cuz I be scared, this helps me play a game that terrifies me.

Credentials - - - - - Why you should maybe listen to what I have to say ?

To get started, let me share what I've learned :

If you're a visual learner and prefer to not read any "knowledge" then I encourage you to first watch my video below entitled The Science
Honestly, I imagine you'll have a hard time recreating without a boring wall of text to help explain.
Not a fan of waste my time explanation videos. While i have created a tut video of some of these concepts I've found it to be far more effective to show it in vid and explain in a post.
That being said, none of the videos in this article have a narrative, most have music. Some are silent. Nearly all are less than 2mins long.

1. Map your descend key!

This is perhaps the most powerful and useful mechanic you can apply when using your prawn suit. I cannot stress this enough
The idea is that if you get familiar with traveling down while using your grappling arm you can create a slingshot!!
Gravity is reliable. you can always count on falling. Extending the motion of falling by also descending can create enough momentum to allow you to pull away from a point you are STILL attached to.

2. If you are walking, and you are attached to ANYTHING with a hook, you will begin to accelerate! Especially if you do some forward while strafing action. [If you're standing on a walk-able surface, jump! you'll soar]

3. There is no limit to the speed you can attain by traveling away from destination & slingshotting back to it.

4. When you fire your hooks, they have perfect accuracy, and travel at a fixed speed.

Additionally, the **TRUE** length that your hook can travel is relative to **The distance from the "hook" and your prawn suit**

Know this, it is incredibly powerful... ( I understand that's kind of vague. Please observe an exaggerated example in my video "the science" below)

5. When you exit your prawn suit you are deposited to the right of the suit. So, if you are thinking about jumping out of it and you are moving... spin2win.

Will save you some hp.

6. There is an extremely powerful technique that gives you the ability to jump over 150 straight up at will.

Basically, anytime your prawn suit has engaged a grappling point above it and you allow your self to simultaneously fall with gravity LISTEN for the sound of the suit touching the ground or stepping.
that is the moment that you maintain your grapple and stop descending, and start holding your jet thrusters.
The trick to understanding when to release the grapple point so you don't collide with it is best illustrated in the video Shotgun (shown below)

7. The art of deflection, when you are in the prawn and you know you're gonna collide with something you can change the angle you hit it with and be deflected instead of stopped.

You can use this to great effect on the ocean floor to reel-in and jump at the top of a hill or mound.

The reeling gives you forward momentum while transferring the horizontal speed into vertical lift, lets watch it in action in the concept.

The Concept

The Science

Hope that these videos are pivotal in changing the way you perceive the prawn. It's become the only way I play now.

The above techniques are the foundation for really opening up the pacing of your gameplay and your aggression.

Read as = prawn suit can one shot every non leviathan creature in the game with 2x grappling arms.

Because you're heavy
^^^Extremely short vid

If that's a hassle then use your Shotgun

Okay. So, there's a lot for you to work on.

Finally, as a bonus I'll share some examples of how there is no limit to what you can attain doing these things.
_______ These leave the realm of Fairness and are Extremely exaggerated examples.

Absurd speed test

No Limits baby! ( this video is great for showing WHEN to release, and how using descent can drastically alter your trajectories ) outstanding stuff

Milestone Superjump 6+ months in the making

Spoilers for those of you that want to see an epic battle, I have that as well.
This one was me blaring death metal trying not to cry, i discovered the heavy quartz is very powerful but annoying to manage.
if you're curious, check it out here : An ocean of regret

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