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Speaking of the Seamoth, the modded improvements make absolute sense. Giving us an arm with which to pick up from the outside for instance. It has always been a huge immersion breaker that we go down to depths which would crush us were it not for the protection of our vehicle......then we pop out to gather up resources. At the very least we need an explanation as to how we can survive the pressure in just a wetsuit. Otherwise, make this the norm for the vehicle, just as it is in the real world. We can interact with scanners and grabbers, etc.

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    Isn't the All-Environment Protection Suit expressly designed to protect against things like extreme water pressure?

    Considering how you're supposed to chuck this on immediately in the event of a starship hull breach, I wouldn't be surprised if this hermetically-sealed suit comes with some functions to protect against sudden shifts in the surrounding environment (i.e. explosive decompression from air being instantaneously vented from a large hull breach, the sudden change in pressure when exiting/entering subs at extreme depths, etc)?
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    The crush depth thing is a bit misleading, if I remember right. @0x6A7232 's got a link to a post that elaborates on that further:

    Basically the sub's more at danger from the depths than you are, and Subnautica doesn't really have the depths required to actually crush you like it crushes the seamoth. It's things like decompression from rising too quickly that's the dangerous part, and something that's not simulated (or explained) in the game unless you switch on the [nitrogen] command.

    With that being said grabbers would be kind of cool to have.
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