Translation web page suggestion

romi1996romi1996 Ha Noi Join Date: 2017-12-21 Member: 234531Members
Maybe the translation should add some more function to work more effective.

1. Sorting new translation throughout a bunch of accepted translations.
  • Show accepted translations only (So if someone added new translation the Administrator can trace back quicker)
  • Or show list of added translated string (except administrator translated string)
2. Date-time translation added to the string (that will help the administrator to compare if the newly added string is outdated or not)


  • SationasSationas LieVaTu Join Date: 2019-01-16 Member: 248823Members
    Imo what's missing is categorization. Like HUD elements (menu, settings, etc) in one category, items - in another and so on. It would be more translator friendly interface.
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