Is it playable now? (31/01/2019)

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As per title, I've got Subnautica during XBOX ONE early access and stopped playing it because of horrible graphical lag, visual artifacts- like giant black boxes and floating stuff loading in before islands- bugs where research items and resources would disappear from the world, and so on and so forth.

I wanted to wait until all of this got possibly fixed and the achievements were live in order to play the game in a serious manner from start to finish. Once it got released as 1.0 I saw with disappointment that it was a "1.0" in name alone, a lot of these issues still being a factor, but that at the same time the bug fixing of the release version was handed off to Panic Button, so I had high hopes for some actual progress to come in that sense. Now Unknown Worlds is making noises about Sub Zero coming to XBOX ONE early access, and I wonder what people think about the current state of Subnautica on console.

Is it playable? Should I wait another 6 months and hope for the best?


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    It is very playable now, don't delay any further!
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    I'm actually very much looking forward to Sub Zero, the recent improvements they patched helped with performance and frame rate a lot on the base game. They had already been much better before that though to the point i had finished it twice already!
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    Yeah, I fell in love with the concept of the game and the atmosphere, but a lot of game breaking bugs, and even the slight but persistent annoyances, turned me off from playing it at all. I kind of gave up on the game (and Unknown Worlds) for a long time, seeing release after release still being plagued by the same old bugs.

    I would be totally on board with Below Zero if they deliver with the promises made for the baseline Subnautica. I know the PC version is good, but at the time I bought into the console release, as my old PC could not handle it. Turned out the console couldn't handle it as well, but if what you say is true, they must have optimized it.

    I mean, you do get a console exactly because you don't want to worry about performance!
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    I have only played on PS4, but I have been keeping an eye on the XBox forum, as it seems a significant number of the bugs are shared between both console versions (you just have to look at how similar the patch changelogs are...)
    I had a great experience playing Subnautica on PS4, but the truth is that current PS4 versions are far from being perfect and polished.
    Considering your initial post, and what I saw in the forums for the XBox version (for instance, have a look at this), I'd rather advise you... to wait for a patch or two (1 month).
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    It's /better/. Is it playable? That's probably up to your definition of what is playable. Can you now at least make it all the way through the game? Probably. At least, assuming your save file doesn't get corrupted. Even still, you're certainly going to be fighting some bugs along the way to do it, though. Performance in the Lost River and Lava Zones is still pretty bad. But like I said, those zones are at least improved enough to physically make it through, for the most part.

    Just save often. And then save again.

    Unless your save file corrupts. Then stop saving.

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    I finished the game. It is playable, however I have lost a few hours to saves failing, so I would only suggest playing for like an hour a day, saving and quitting. All my lost time came about after saving more than once per play session.
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    Very playable. You have an occasional hiccup every now and again. Mostly from loading the next area.

    But, I've played since preview as well. Horrible FPS, muddy textures, the works. Game is very fun to play now.

    My only issue is.. I have no idea where I was in the story. And it seems a couple things reset. really don't want to restart bc I've made a crap ton of progress..
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    As long as I can't trust a game regarding my savegame I won't play it, especially with huge openworld sandbox games like Subnautica.
    Reliable saving should be a number one priority to game developers, you can't sell a game to play it for lots of hours and have the risk of losing it all because your savegame corrupted.
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